YOP Review – Yield Optimization Platform and Protocol

Project Reviews / 14.01.2021

Bitcoin’s sudden rally this year surprisingly caught the attention of the world. This means that the adoption of crypto and blockchain technology is increasing day by day. As the years go by, adoption continues to grow slowly but continuously. Another sector of the crypto space booming for about a year is DeFi (Decentralized Finance), and YOP, after a considerable amount of in-depth research, decided to develop an application that would enhance the user experience in DeFi. 

YOP is an all-in-one yOptimization platform focusing on making it very easy for everyone to access yield markets. The team strives to directly give users control, full custody, deep understanding, and malleability in one application.

Because cryptocurrencies are booming and are here to stay, considering all the recent developments from traditional institutions, many frictions are slowing down its adoption. User experience is complex and unfriendly. There is numerous tech jargon that is used. It is difficult and sometimes impossible for the non-technical person to understand what is being communicated. A lot of these crypto teams don’t build upon solid products and valid concepts. YOP believes that there’s a clear market opportunity for a beautifully designed app to bring cross-network products together, giving the masses a chance to experience the best of Decentralized Finance with ease.

The Vision of YOP

This project plans to integrate leading blockchain networks such as Ethereum, Polkadot, Binance, EOS, Solana, NEAR, NEO, and others. This can be in the form of $YFI, $XOR, $SRM, $FLM, and many more. YOP’s role is to build a simple, elegant digital experience and grow a community of active app users. As a chain agnostic endeavor, the team will partner with multiple projects across the industry to serve as the hub of yield protocols. One of their goals is to be agile and flexible at all times, listen to the crypto community’s needs, and steer YOP in a direction that benefits yield farmers.

YOP Making Crypto Understandable For People

Yield Optimisation Platform is a yield farming application that takes the pain of searching for credible defi protocols and optimizes them for users. This project is designed to make it very easy for all users to interact with the leading crypto products in the decentralized finance world. The team is developing a complete solution for anyone willing to enter the DeFi markets. With YOP, everyone interested in crypto forms part of the key influencer in designing the platform’s experience. It’s lovely to see the community engaged in this journey to develop. Hence they recently launched the YOP Diplomat DAO Program.

YOP’s Premium Mobile App

YOP has got a premium mobile application that focuses on the best UX/UI. YOP has five key features in the mobile app for IOS and Android.

  • Farmers Market
  • Swap Dex
  • Wallet
  • Smart Market Data
  • My YOP: Personalised dashboard

YOP connects users to the farm markets. There is Live aggregation, pricing, and an inclusive community. The application allows users to share their progress with others on the platform without any difficulty. YOP gives users a wide range of prices to select from. Users have the chance to choose the best market rates and that which is most liquidated. There are varieties of rewards users can benefit from. 

There are already apps out there trying to help the world solve these problems. But these current applications do not provide a holistic solution. None of these applications can be compared to YOP’s premium user experience. Wallets of these existing applications are too basic, and the market data apps have no value-added benefits. None have the all-in-one solution like what YOP presents. 

Network Integration

The team may partner with these projects in the nearest future in their quest to offer services across several blockchain networks. They have already partnered with Polkadot and decided to use their launchpad for their Token Generation Event, currently in the whitelisting stage with a scheduled Uniswap listing to take place on 15th January 2021 at exactly 4 pm UTC. 

Ethereum | Polkadot | Binance | EOS | Solana | NEAR | NEO

In Summary – YOP – DeFi for everyone

The team has made it one of their major priorities to solve the main problems in the DeFi space with two solutions, Optimization platform, and yOptimization protocol. With the Yield Optimization Platform, viable features will be developed to make crypto and the DeFi world more interesting and easier for crypto starters. YOP envisions to be the number one center for easy access to DeFi Markets giving its users the ability to get informed. Trade to earn $YOP while using the application.

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