Wormhole Finance – The First Trade to Farm DeFi Protocol

Project Reviews / 23.11.2020

Decentralized Finance has expanded the various sources of earning in the crypto space. This has been plagued with many rugs pulls, causing innocent investors to lose their hard-earned money. However, amidst this dirt of DeFi is a gem called WormHole Finance, a decentralized finance platform with numerous forms of farming opportunities to traders, hodlers, and liquidity providers.

Wormhole Finance has put together a wide range of Farming events such as Horizon, Singularity, Space, and Asteroid that will constantly increase the token liquidity in the crypto’s harshest conditions market.

Features of WormHole Finance

The following features describe in detail the mechanisms put in place by the team to ensure the growth of the Wormhole project. In addition to this, the value of $WHOLE in the long run while awarding its users with substantial profits. These features have been put in place to shuffle traders within the farming and airdrop slot from time to time.

Trade to Farm

Providing liquidity is one of the common methods of farming in the DeFi space. This process can be a bit complex for crypto starters; hence it has been made simple by trading a minimum of 50 WHOLE Tokens to earn you a farming slot. This slot makes you eligible to receive 4% of fees as airdrops from the next 5 transactions after yours. Buyers and sellers are eligible for the farming slot. However, the Wormhole Finance protocol has been designed to reward buyers more than sellers. You can constantly keep your slot as you buy more tokens to secure your position. This tokenemic increases the tokens’ demand, which further increases the WHOLE token value on the exchanges. The community decides whether to increase the minimum number of tokens required to gain a slot or increase it via the first two events explained below. 

Event Horizon

As a project that upholds the fundamentals of DeFi, community members have the chance to decide to decrease the collateral tokens for farming and airdrop slots. Lowering the collateral amount opens up the slots to join and earn from the farming and airdrop slot. While other DeFi protocols are breeding grounds for whales to amass wealth, WormHole Finance gives everyone, even small investors, the opportunity to also earn rewards. 


Though this might sound contradictory to the Horizon Event, it makes absolute sense to give room for long-term investors for the protocol’s sustainability. In this case, the community decides to increase the collateral tokens to partake in the farming and airdrop slot. This incentivizes hodlers and also motivates other users to purchase more than they sell. This helps users during Horizon events, as they get a slot even with their little allocation. This ends up as a win-win for both small and large investors in the community. This is one of the unique characteristics that distinguish Whole Finance from other projects developed to the only compound to large investors’ gains.

Space Farming

Another way of boosting the liquidity of $WHOLE on the platform is to sell 500 tokens accumulated as Developers fee and buyback tokens on the market. This is a team’s philanthropic decision to reward its traders and hodlers, providing liquidity to the platform. Because of this, 1% of each transaction is burnt, further decreasing the supply of $WHOLE in the long run. While other developers are earning all protocol fees, this project’s team has decided to give it back to the community. This is to reward users for their support of the game-changing concept introduced by WormHole Finance. 

Asteroid Farming

Just as the name goes, this is a big opportunity for farmers to earn from the protocol within 2 hours. Each cycle lasts for 10 minutes, where 5 farmers are chosen and locked into the farming slot. During this period, they constantly receive airdrops till the cycle ends. This repeats itself automatically till the 2 hours have elapsed while changing participants from time to time. 

In Summary – WormHole Finance Review

Another untapped market of DeFi has been unveiled, and WormHole Finance is spearheading it. This is a neutral ground that has been provided for both small and large investors to earn in their periodic voting mechanisms. This project is still in its nascent stage, and you can be one of the early adopters of the amazing financial solutions they have unraveled in the DeFi space. Investors are always looking to put funds into tokens that have mechanisms to cushion the value of a token in times of extreme volatility, and that’s exactly what WholeFinance has put together with its Trade to Farm System and Special Events.  Anyone considering a fundamental analysis of this project will surely agree on the possible yield of returns if invested in Whole Finance.

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