Wagerr Seeks to Transform the Cryptocurrency Sports Betting Arena

Project Reviews / 05.02.2021

Wagerr is an online sports betting platform that provides users with a variety of unique functions. The network is both private and secure. The platform has received attention lately because it allows anyone to place unlimited bets, with no maximum, anonymously, 24/7. 

According to company documentation, Wagerr is the world’s first Decentralized Web Sportsbook betting Dapp. The network relies on a permissionless blockchain-based sportsbook to streamline the entire betting process and provide users with unique features not available anywhere else. For example, all payouts are guaranteed as payouts and are executed by the blockchain.

All bets, transactions, payouts, and refunds are recorded publicly on the blockchain which can be verified on the Wagerr block explorer. This is a stark contrast to centralized platforms where you have very little transparency. For years, centralized online sports betting sites have operated in an opaque setting with extremely high fees that cost bettors significantly.

Wagerr – Low Juice Equals Bigger Profits

Recognizing the current need for reasonable options in the market, Wagerr’s developers decided on a very low fee structure. According to the company’s website, the network has the lowest juice offered globally among all major sports betting websites. 

Developers purposely placed these fees 40% below the industry average to help entice new users and to provide a chance for investors to earn more compared to the competition. This strategy appears to be working well. The network has already paid out $25,000,000+ in payouts to its user base.

Secure an ROI without Betting

Wager also introduces some ways for users to earn a passive income without betting. One of the core features of the network is a technology known as oracles. Oracles are off-chain sensors that have the ability to communicate data to and from the blockchain. Oracles can be operated by anyone, allowing anyone to own part of the Wagerr network.

Oracles Talk to the Blockchain

In the Wagerr ecosystem, Oracles are tasked with monitoring the current status of sports games globally. The network receives over 500,000 updates from these network participants. Best of all, anyone can become a Wagerr oracle and earn rewards in the form of the network’s native token – WGR. Wagerr’s protocol is set up to distribute a portion of all the winning bets to the Oracles via the juice.

Running a Wagerr Oracle is easy and can help to offset any losses or even boost your betting capital. Oracles operate like mini sportsbooks. There are currently over 2900 oracles feeding information to the Wagerr network at this time. This data helps to guarantee that the platform’s results are always accurate.

Wagerr Token – WGR Makes it All Possible

The WGR token plays a crucial role in nearly all the critical functionality of the platform. Primarily, you can use this token to make bets and pay fees. You also receive all rewards in WGR. Wisely, the developers introduced a deflationary protocol to ensure that the issuance of WGR token rewards wouldn’t hurt the value of the token in the future. Specifically, Wagerr burns 50% of all the fees it collects. 

Since these fees are paid in WGR, it offsets the rewards and reduces the total supply of the token. Deflationary protocols have become more popular over the last year because they provide investors with more confidence in the future value of a particular token. Notably, Wagerr’s deflationary system is simple yet effective. 

Protect Your Identity on Wagerr

Major betters understand the importance of keeping your identity safe. The internet is filled with hackers, thieves, and other nefarious actors who would love to get their hands on your hard-earned winnings. Wagerr is the first global betting dapp that allows you to make anonymous bets. 

The ability to make private bets, combined with the fact that there are no limits on Wagerr, makes it ideal for whale investors. Wagerr never asks for any of your documentation to enjoy all of its services. You can bet as much as you like and as many times as you want. The autonomous nature of the network means that there is no one to tell you that you can’t bet the way you want.

Censorship Resistant

The decentralized design of Wagerr makes it extremely censorship-resistant. Decentralized networks are nearly impossible to shut down. Blockchain networks take this security a step further and provide users with an automated network that will never freeze their funds regardless of their location, nationality, or winnings.

Wagerr – An Inclusive Betting Platform

Wagerr allows you to place bets on all your favorite sports events from the convenience of your PC or any Android or Apple mobile device, or even browser with its brand new web-based sportsbook. You can bet on your favorite teams no matter where you are in the world. The network currently supports betting on Soccer, football, basketball, ice hockey, baseball, rugby, MMA, golf, tennis, and even esports. 

It’s All About the UX

The Wagerr mobile app includes both the betting Dapp and a WGR wallet. You can fund this wallet by purchasing WGR directly from the platform. The platform allows you to purchase WGR using fiat currency via a bank transfer or debit card. Best of all, the network keeps true to its decentralized roots by accepting many top cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin

Wagerr and Win with this New Age Betting Platform

When you look at all of the options Wagerr brings to the table, it’s easy to see why it’s gaining in popularity. The mobile Dapp is well designed. You can navigate and execute all the core betting functionalities in a few clicks, and the entire network is fully transparent for user protection. 

It’s easy to picture Wagerr reaching new heights in 2021 as more betters become aware of all the benefits this platform brings to the table. For now, those interested users can use their sportsbook here.

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