Waffle Exchange: The BSC-Based Ecosystem Transforming DEX Services

Project Reviews / 16.04.2021

The last year has been incredible for the decentralized finance (DeFi) market, with multiple innovative protocols emerging to enhance the cryptocurrency trading experience.

Among the leading innovations emerging in DeFi are decentralized exchanges (DEXs). These are blockchain-based crypto trading platforms that facilitate the easy swapping of tokens while allowing investors to maintain control of their digital assets.

The most notable DEX platform on the Binance Smart Chain is PancakeSwap, a dessert-themed protocol allowing crypto investors to access liquidity.

However, the issue with most DEX platforms is that they often fail to provide enough liquidity, especially for smaller tokens. This deficiency in liquidity makes it difficult for traders to enter and exit larger positions without considerable slippage. 

Another problem faced by most decentralized exchanges is the lengthy purchasing process that makes things harder for crypto traders.

The good news is that Waffle Exchange, a BSC-based Defi platform, has launched top decentralized services that provide enhanced liquidity and the best rates across multidex exchanges in a single platform. 

Let’s look at this innovative platform’s remarkable features to simplify DeFi investment for the entire crypto community.

The Waffle DEX Aggregator

One of the top Waffle exchange products is its DEX aggregator, which allows users to access the best swap rates that they can’t find on a single DEX in the shortest time possible. This offering reduces the tussle that DeFi investors face while manually searching across multiple decentralized exchanges to find the best token prices.

The aggregator is designed to provide the best crypto prices across all BSC decentralized exchanges. It works by redefining and easing the process of buying BSC tokens across multidex exchanges by providing the best prices in one platform. 

Users can easily view the DEX with the best price at any particular time, bringing efficiency to token swapping on BSC-based decentralized exchanges.

The decentralized aggregator automatically sources liquidity from 3 DEXs; JulSwap, PancakeSwap, BakerySwap. Crypto investors can select the token they wish to purchase and view the DEX with the best price for that particular asset, allowing them to take advantage of better token swap rates. 

The aggregator also provides a direct link for opening a trade, making it very convenient for DeFi investors to buy tokens at any time.

The user-friendly aggregator interface and system are built to offer the utmost convenience and simplicity. Moreover, users are guaranteed privacy on the platform since they do not have to go through the lengthy KYC procedures instilled by other centralized exchanges; fees are also very low since the exchange is built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

Waffle Exchange Implants Trust, Security, and Reliability

The Waffle Exchange has a world of features that make it stand out in the crowded DEX ecosystem. Users on Waffle can now enjoy the exchange option named RSET, which is already a working product. 

RSET enables the entire community to use Waffle products right away and increases use cases for the Waffle native token ($WAF). The exchange also offers the fastest limit orders and guarantees users enhanced scalability, reliability, and convenience.

To ensure top security across its ecosystem, the Waffle team recently submitted their protocol for a thorough review by CTDSec, a trusted and experienced smart contracts auditor. 

The process did not flag any security or reliability flaws in the smart contract’s design and implementation. The auditors concluded that Waffle was safe to deploy since it has followed relevant cybersecurity practices. 

To further instill trust in DeFi investors, the Waffle team freely shared their detailed audit report to the public as proof that their smart contract was ready for public use.

As a non-custodial platform, Waffle prioritizes the security of its user’s funds by executing all trades within one transaction from a user’s BSC-based wallet. Since traders never give the exchange custody over their digital assets, they are safe from potential loss resulting from hackers or embezzlement/accidental mishandling by the DEX operators.

Introducing The Waffle Farming Contracts

The Waffle team has just launched the farming contracts for its protocol, which CRTSec has audited. The new option will make it easy for crypto investors to earn passive income via yield farming by locking liquidity in staking pools. 

The platform deploys a governance model that allows the community to determine the specific parameters to each staking pool, including swap fees, price impact fees, and the decay period. The factory governance enables users to set the parameters shared by all pools, such as referral/governance rewards, default swap fees, and the default decay period.

Waffle provides a deflationary system that burns 1% of the total token supply in all TX, increasing the tokens’ value every day. The $WAF token helps run the community-based ecosystem and is also used for governance.

The innovative DeFi project also provides an initial liquidity offering (ILO) for BSC projects to foster the DeFi ecosystem’s growth.

The $WAF Token Presale Will Be Live Today!

The presale round of the $WAF token is scheduled for Friday 16th April at 18:00 UTC. The event will open public access to the native token; it seeks to reach the intended hard cap of 1500 BNB in the shortest time possible. 

Listing of the token on PancakeSwap & RSET Exchange will be done immediately after the presale is sold out. Interested investors will be able to procure 6,666 $WAF tokens for 1 BNB during the presale. The maximum contribution is capped at 3 BNB to offer more folks the opportunity to own some waffles!

After the public sale, the token’s value will be 4800 $WAF per BNB during the listing. Waffle DEX operators plan to lock 50% liquidity as security for presale investors.

In the now concluded private sale round hosted on the Pinpoint Capital Launchpad, Waffle sold 500 BNB to early-bird investors in just 30 seconds. The fact that the sale was sold out so quickly proves that high demand already exists in the market for Waffle’s services and final product. 

Presale instructions will get posted on @waffleexchangeannouncement. Join the upcoming Waffle Exchange presale to enjoy the features and benefits of a highly reliable, scalable, and secure ecosystem.

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