Upcoming Agharta Hard Fork will Make ETC and ETH Compatible

News / 27.12.2019

A hard fork on the Ethereum Classic network is forthcoming. It is known as Agharta hard fork and it is going to consist of Ethereum Constantinople fork features. The hard fork is likewise intended to achieve complete compatibility between ETC with ETH.

According to a press release available with Cointelegraph on December 26, ETC Labs provided a confirmation of its agenda to achieve complete compatibility between Ethereum Classic and Ethereum. It was noted that the forthcoming Agharta update will bring about backward compatibility. According to Terry Culver:

“Ethereum Classic Labs is one of the first incubators to support innovative projects on the Ethereum Classic Blockchain. The compatibility between the ETC network and the ETH network will accelerate development of the Ethereum Classic community and ecosystem.”

Both Ethereum Classic and Ethereum come from similar root; making them compatible will enhance development processes and reduce disruption, says ETC Labs.

James Wo likewise noted that the forthcoming Agharta update shows that ETC Labs is interested in compatibility. ETC Labs believe that the strength of the community determines whether or not public blockchains will succeed.

This month, Stevan Lohja announced the agreement between Ethereum Classic core developers and some ecosystem stakeholders concerning a target block number for mainnet activation and a testnet review period for better guarantee.

Likewise, in this month, Lohja announced the rebranding of ETC Labs Core to ETC Core. It was aimed at enhancing the firm’s ability to differentiate itself from ETC Labs.


Featured image courtesy of Shutterstock. Source Cryptopress.

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