UAS Government: A Global Nation of Sovereign States

Project Reviews / 12.07.2020

The United Allied States is a sovereign and independent state that will operate entirely on blockchain technology. Although the exact location of the new nation is not known, there are speculations that it will include several African countries and others across the globe.

UAS will be governed by principles to facilitate economic growth and wealth creation. As the freest place on earth, some of the essential principles are individual freedom, respect for human life, and free enterprise. According to a congressman of the UAS, the government will use history’s decision to develop a unique opportunity for a united and prosperous nation. 

The state will have a president who will enforce federal law, sign foreign treaties, and direct foreign and domestic policies.

Expansion Through Mutually Beneficial Collaboration

UAS’ vision is to establish a worldwide sovereign nation of states, each offering unparalleled freedom and prosperity for its residents. The UAS aims to impact the lives of its citizens, allies, partners, and the entire African Continent by building the American dream in Africa and the whole world.

To achieve this vision, UAS will establish special sovereign economic zones across the globe. These zones will provide critical resources to their partner nations and will act as permanent states. UAS and its allies will sign a treaty that will allow the state to offer foreign companies. Investors and its citizens a territory to develop costly infrastructure that would otherwise be high risk. 

Through the collaboration, states in economic hardship and political instability will benefit from well-paying jobs, resources, and infrastructure that would otherwise be impossible to achieve. Thus, UAS will better the lives of its citizens and those of its allies’ citizens. 

World’s Most Efficient Government

UAS will be the first sovereign state to have all its systems running on a blockchain. Earlier this month, UAS announced that Apollo Fintech would be its official technology partner. As the official IT partner, Apollo is tasked with designing and maintaining all the government systems.

Apollo is a leading developer of government utility solutions, and all the UAS government departments will be interconnected through the blockchain. UAS will utilize all Apollo Fintech products, including the government bank platform, tax system, and commodity exchange. Additionally, UAS citizens will be able to use APL currency, Apollo’s token, in their daily life.

The National Currency Platform will serve as the base for all the other products. On the other hand, the Tax System will be the central system connecting nearly all the other government departments.

UAS will be a pro-business jurisdiction. Therefore, citizens will enjoy a 0% personal income tax, while companies will get a 0% corporate income tax. Thus, the minimal regulations in place will ensure a free-market economy exists in the state. 

Thanks to the use of an unhackable and immutable ledger on Apollo’s blockchain, citizens will be able to access all their documents in one place.

The UAS use case is the first of its kind, and Apollo will be the first to build software to support a government’s entirety. There’s no doubt that this is an ambitious project, and its success will lift Apollo’s value to great heights. 

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