Twitter CEO Discussing Bitcoin Adoption with Internet Pioneers from Africa and Hong-Kong

News / 21.02.2020

Regarding Bitcoin, the Founder of Twitter and Square Crypto, Jack Dorsey, is bold. He has been talking about the world’s largest cryptocurrency on Twitter and likewise working around it.

Dorsey had a conference call with two personalities to discuss Bitcoin. He provided a snapshot revealing the call with Dr. Nii Quaynor and Pindar Wong.

When it comes to the establishment and development of the internet, Dr. Nii Quaynor’s efforts in Africa has been notable as well as that of Pindar Wong in Hong Kong.

As a scientist and computer science engineer, Dr. Nii Quaynor is the first African to become a board member in ICANN. Further, his efforts towards the establishment of internet facilities on the continent span almost two decades.

Pindar Wong worked to bring licensed ISP services to Hong-Kong and he was successful. He was also an ICANN board member. At the moment, he heads VeriFi Ltd, a digital infrastructure firm for Financial Services in Hong Kong.

Previous reports have it that Dorsey is working towards bringing Bitcoin to Africa to foster the continent’s economy. If Bitcoin is adopted early, it might offer greater worldwide financial inclusion ahead.

Further, despite the development in Hong Kong, the city is riddled with administrative challenges with the Chinese Government. The aggressive protests and police retaliation in 2019 were not palatable in the region and worldwide.

The price of Bitcoin experienced upsurges as the people continue to demand independence from the Government. The founder of Twitter is now talking about how to adopt Bitcoin in the area. Africa needs growth while Hong Kong demands independence.

Another participant in the conference call was Steve Lee, a former Product Director at Google. Lee is with Square Crypto at the moment.

Featured image courtesy of Shutterstock. Source: Cryptopress.

Sudarshan M is a long time crypto-enthusiast. Pulled in by bitcoin early on, it did not take long for Sudarshan to divert all of his academic attention from business studies to blockchain by doing his Masters and eventually pursuing his PhD in the subject.