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Project Reviews / 23.08.2019

Horse Racing has evolved as an industry itself with events happening all over the globe. While horse race betting is happening most of the time offline, at the real race events, the evolution of smart contracts built on blockchain are now opening up a brand new market by bringing the race tracks right into players’ houses, or even better: onto their Internet-connected devices (PC, laptop and even mobile). We recently came across TronHorses, which envisions leveraging this opportunity and achieving exactly this.

How Does TronHorses Work?

Horse race betting on the platform will happen in 2 formats:

  • Online Horse Race: This will be a round the clock event, where 8 horses will run a race every 5 minutes, with a 1 minute break for instant payout settlements. Players will be able to bet on win or place bids on the horse(s) of their choice. The wager will happen using TRX, which the users can either deposit on the platform or even purchase using various currencies on the platform itself. The winner payouts will also be paid in TRX instantaneously. Furthermore, to ensure there is always a race about to start, whenever a user visits the portal there will be four locations to choose from which will start the races at differential timing. In addition, these locations will have different minimum TRX bet amounts (10/100/1000/2500). The platform thus makes it very simple for players from various domains to easily understand and start playing from their very first visit.
  • Live Horse Race: In the future, the platform will also conduct gambling of real life horse racing events across the globe. This is expected to attract a huge global audience as until this date, most of the horseracing fans are restricted to participate in events, which are geographically near them.

Token Economics

The native token for the platform is WINNA, which is a TRC20 protocol token capable of running smart contracts and expandable to ERC20 protocol. The purpose of WINNA token is to create a spread of ownership where investors and players co-own the platform along with the founders. Holding WINNA tokens will entitle users to daily profit share from the dividend pool generated on the platform. As the count of user increase, this pool is expected to get bigger, thus giving a lifetime residual cash flow to the WINNA holders.

The total supply of WINNA tokens is only 100 million, which is substantially less when compared to the 99 billion total supply of TRX. WINNA tokens can currently be acquired via PreSale/Crowdfunding and mining once the platform goes live:

  • PreSale andCrowdfunding: Early adopters can get their hands on 5 million tokens which will be released for PreSale on August 26, 2019 and run for 30 days followed by crowdsale.
  • Mining: Every TRX bet on the platform will also earn WINNA tokens for the players. This will act as an added incentive for the players to raise their wager. In total 60 million WINNA will be available for mining, spread across 5 stages and each stage having 5 levels:
  • Stage 1: 20 million (4 million in each level)
  • Stage 2: 15 million (3 million in each level)
  • Stage 3: 10 million (2 million in each level)
  • Stage 4: 10 million (2 million in each level)
  • Stage 5: 5 million (1 million in each level)

The mining difficulty increases as we progress from lower levels to higher levels and as the stages progress. The mining structure thus is designed to incentivize early adopters and players. With a current user base of 3.5 million who use and understand the world of DAPPS, it provides a nice target audience for TronHorses platform.


While the TronHorses WINNA token PreSale will go live on August 26, 2019, you can already bookmark the link to buy as soon as the Presale starts. The buying process is very simple: just click on the site and login through your TronLink extension. Post login, just enter the quantity you wish to buy and click the ‘Buy Now’ button. Alternatively, you can also purchase by using your mobile apps like TronWallet or GuidChat in-built browsers, by following the aforementioned process.

The PreSale will run for 30 days or until 5 million tokens are sold out; whichever happens earlier. The PreSale price is pegged at 1:1 ratio with TRX i.e 1 TRX for 1 WINNA. Considering the limited supply and the potential daily dividend opportunity, this seems to be a reasonable price. After the PreSale, the price will be pegged at 1.5 TRX for 1 WINNA. The pre-sale is open for players all across the globe, except for countries having ICO restrictions like USA, China etc.

Cool Features: The platform additionally will have some cool features that will make the overall experience all the more fun and entertaining.

  • Horse Names: The racehorses will have names related to Tron ecosystem, like key people of TRON, projects running on TRON, Key partners etc. At a later stage, it may develop as an advertisement proposition too, where other projects launch horses in their name, in exchange for a horse-listing fee. The advertisement income also flows to the dividend pool shared with the track owners.
  • Stable Chat: This will be a fun chat room for players to hangout, build friendship and interact with fellow players.
  • Level-up Titles: Players will level up basis the quantity of WINNA mined and get appropriate titles like Apprentice Jockey, Senior Jockey, Trainer, Track owner etc.
  • Charity: The platform will also contribute to noticeable charities chosen by the community by conducting Charity races.
  • Multi-Language support :The platform supports multiple languages like English, Spanish, German, Chinese, French, Russian and Japanese.
  • Additional Income: The team has gone ahead and acquired many domains, based on global horse race derby and events. This will give them an added advantage of visibility in Google search and income through domain name sales. Further advertisement income opportunities will be created by allowing advertisers to have banner placements on the website.

Closing Thoughts

The team is currently building a great User Interface and is planning to deliver state of the art graphics for a great playing experience. The project is expected to go live in November. May your chosen horse ‘Break Maiden’ in your first race itself!

Useful Links

For further information on the TronHorses project, use the following links:

Debasish Das is from India, an engineering graduate and holds a postgraduate degree in management. He has 10 years of experience in the financial sector, having worked for one of the biggest MNC banking groups in the country. Currently he has business in e-commerce, insurance and consultancy. As an avid blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts he believes in investing in the future of technology, and feels this is going to make the world a single marketplace and also give the power from centralized banks and governments back to people.