Trittium Financial Ecosystem – Offering The Crypto Community Financial Services Based on Flexible Terms

Project Reviews / 16.07.2019

Digital Currencies, though designed as a payment mode, has attained another function of being assets of investments. Running masternode is another form of investing in cryptocurrencies as pioneered by the DASH Ecosystem with the use of the Proof-of-Stake protocol. Several masternodes have been deployed into the cryptosphere by crypto enthusiasts as investment platforms, yet running a node is not as easy as you think it is.

Running a node on any blockchain network requires some technical know-how to set up the node to sync with the network you are part of. Forgetting that day in and day out, the cryptosphere is being flooded with greenhorns who have zero or little knowledge about hosting masternodes.

In an attempt to solve this problem, masternode hosting platforms have been developed to relieve crypto starters from the stress of getting all worked out with hosting masternodes. However, issues with transparency, scam platforms, delayed payout, exorbitant fees have been the grave concerns of investors. In the midst of all this chaos in the cryptosphere, there is one trusted masternode hosting platform that is making a remarkable impact on its investors’ lives. Trittium Nodes, a branch of the Trittium Financial Ecosystem, is a hosting masternode platform that enforces transparency, instant payout, a friendly user interface, maximum security upon the funds of its users who hosts their nodes on their platform.

Trittium Nodes Offers its Users Top Notch Masternode Hosting Services

Trittium nodes allow you to invest in about 110 cryptocurrencies and start earning from your investment right from the first day. There are no draconian rules in hosting your masternode with the Trittium platform, but only to ensure that your node is worth at least €10.00. There are no restrictions either on the number of masternodes that you can run. Besides, your masternodes are launched with new servers to avoid congestion on the network, which sometimes makes nodes miss their block rewards in cases when they are not fully synchronized to the network.  Users also can enable an automatic reinvestment where their rewards are added back to their principal amount of coins hence increasing their returns on investments. To further improve upon the security platform, Trittium supports the deploying of masternodes on Cold Wallets where users take custody of their collateral coins. Their block rewards are also sent unto their own wallets. Thinking this is impossible? Visit the Trittium Nodes platform, and in three simple steps, you can set your wallet up to earn.

What Makes Trittium Node Hosting Platform Stands Out

The good name they say is better than riches, and that is exactly the brand that Trittium nodes have established for itself. The reputation it has gained over some time now has yielded into its platform supporting about a hundred and ten cryptocurrency coins and a community of over seven thousand members. Trittium is very transparent in all its terms and policies. The terms of agreement of hosting a node with Trittium Nodes are clearly spelled out without any hidden fees, and users are charged based on the service they require. Running into-shared masternodes cost €0.133 per day and accumulates as €4.00 per month. Users who wish to host their own masternodes are also charged €0.016 per day, which also amounts to €0.49 a month. Users are entitled to 24/7 customer support, and also Trittium takes care of all masternode repairs, including change of blockchain, wallet updates, etc. for no extra added fees.

Host your masternodes with the Trittium platform with chicken ease, as you don’t need to be technically inclined in doing this. All it takes is a few steps to get your node up and earn within that very day. Enough with the delays with other hosting platforms. With Trittium, you get paid 4 times in a day with fast processing of rewards too.

Achieved Milestones of Trittium Financial Ecosystem

The war between crypto and fiat seems to have no end, which posed a great obstacle in realizing one of the Trittium Financial Ecosystem’s core visions: granting peer-to-peer loans to its members. The horrible experience of numerous exit scams in the cryptosphere raised many concerns among the Trittium Community. Even though Trittium has been around for at least over a year, community members still felt the need for Trittium to get a license that approved them of their activities. Trittium prioritizes the needs of its community members. Hence this herculean task was embarked upon, but through the hardworking efforts of the team pioneered by Evgeny Kagan, Trittium has now acquired two licenses; FKR 000896 and FKR 000789. The license FKR 000896 allows them to offer their customers the services of exchanging cryptocurrencies against fiat currency with a maximum of $15k without the user being verified under KYC. On the other hand, FKR 000789 also grants them legal permissions as a masternode hosting and investment platform.

Proof-of-Consumption -Trittium’s way of giving back to its Masternode Holders

Trittium Financial Ecosystem never ceases to amaze the crypto community as it has successfully switched to a new yet incredible consensus mechanism: Proof-of-Consumption. Investors are rewarded with a percentage of the Trittium Financial Ecosystem  Crypto investors’ revenue deserve better and decent profits generating systems. Neither the Proof-of-Stake nor the Proof-of-Work can afford that, but with Proof-of-Consumption, crypto investors can earn from the project’s revenue. Trittium has been around for over a year now and wants to show great commitment with its masternode holders for the trust, belief, and efforts in making Trittium Financial Ecosystem a successful one.

To see to the realization of this, the Trittium blockchain network would reduce block rewards of masternode holders and give a predetermined percentage of the revenue that is generated through Trittium Loans, Trittium Masternode Hosting platform, etc. To keep things in equilibrium, Trittium has set a predetermined total supply of TRTT coins to be mined. Once this is done, Trittium would adopt a dividend blockchain to ensure investors receive a percentage of the Trittium Financial Ecosystem’s revenue. In case this is all glossy to be true, and yes, I do share your perception, this has never happened in the cryptosphere before. Trittium is the first project to adopt the Proof-of-Consumption protocol looking at the working products supporting the liquidity of the TRTT Coin.

Hosting a masternode with Trittium just got better, as masternode holders are seen as investors of the Trittium Financial Ecosystem hence the need to share the revenue generated from its activities. This revenue distribution is currently being tested with investors who host their nodes on the Trittium Nodes platform. Work is being done to extend it to all Trittium Masternode holders. Revenue generated would be converted into TRTT Coins and distributed as follows: 50% goes to the development and maintenance of the Trittium Financial Ecosystem, 25% of it also goes to investors, and the remaining 25% is burned to maintain the predetermined coined supply mentioned above.

It is essential that crypto enthusiasts have access to their funds at any time, anywhere and whenever they want to have access to their account. Trittium has developed applications compatible with smart devices such as pc, notebooks, phones, etc.


Trittium Financial Ecosystem is your number one solution if you invest in cryptocurrencies, especially investing in masternodes. They offer collateral loans, relieves crypto investors the stress of having to host their masternodes. Currently, plans are in place to make it possible for users to exchange their cryptocurrency against fiat currency. The high liquidity of a native coin is the key to its sustenance on the cryptocurrency market. This comes from working products supporting the coin against the volatile winds of cryptocurrencies. Trittium Coin has all these in place and is actively working to secure investors’ funds while making profits.

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