Transitioning the Art Industry into the Digital Asset World with ArtisiaToken

Project Reviews / 23.12.2020

The art sector stands out as one of the most lucrative accumulating a value worth $67 billion in 2018 alone. Ideally, art can represent diverse subjects that mainly aim at designing creations with infinite expressions.

As we move to a more advanced era, blockchain technology is on the frontline to turn tangible assets into tradable digital assets. Introducing ArtisiaToken into the crypto market will broadly elevate the industry’s reputation as it majorly focuses on digitizing art. Still, if the company offers tokenization of art on top of that project, it is certainly one of the best up and coming projects to be looked at.

ArtisiaToken is tackling everyday hurdles you occasionally see in the art space through practical, innovative approaches adopted by the ecosystem. Overall, ArtisiaToken is creating the most valuable art collection owned by the largest decentralized group of art and crypto lovers, giving back those masterpieces to all ARTZ holders.

An Overview of the Multi-featured Art Ecosystem

The art sector is a favorable industry to invest in as it continues to triumph through harsh economic constraints. ArtisiaToken began its journey in the crypto market as a payment token. The platform utilizes the blockchain network to tokenize physical valuables, including the right to own a piece of a contracted Art Collection. 

Through the ArtisiaToken platform, the Art Collection will be showcased to its audience with a digital, interactive, and virtual museum, with the potential to grow as an online social activity, especially now with the COVID pandemic. The current climate has created traction towards the platform attracting more buyers and sellers interested in the global market, allowing ArtisiaToken to integrate some key features that have placed it in its token class.

Partial Ownership Aspect

To onboard a considerable number of investors to the network, Artisia offers you the chance to own a portion of the whole Collection with an Index Token or a portion of artwork with some NFT (non-fungible tokens). Therefore, art enthusiasts can reap adequate profits while possessing a fraction of the asset according to each individual’s needs and interests.

An Authenticated Platform

Nowadays, counterfeit art pieces remain a significant challenge in the industry as fake collections circulate. Art enthusiasts on ArtisiaToken don’t need to worry anymore since the network employs specific mechanisms that will directly counter the issue of counterfeit art.

Artisia works for hand in hand with key players in the industry who provide an in-depth authentication procedure to establish if the art is a counterfeit asset. On the seller’s end, they must submit details supporting the ownership of certain art pieces. 

Among the credentials, ArtisiaToken requires to determine the item’s validity include: certifications, expert views, proof of ownership, valuations, and many more. All the proof documents will all come into play courtesy of the blockchain technology, which safeguards the virtual art market. 

An important aspect is that ArtisiaToken is hiring and partnering with third-party entities in charge of all the vetting for the artwork to ensure better the quality of the artwork contracted by the company.

Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR activities usually aim at doing good deeds and giving back to society. A company can decide to indulge itself with constructive societal responsibilities to benefit the people surrounding them. Therefore, Artisia seeks to achieve the same goal by collaborating with determined projects while positively impacting the general public.

Besides, the artistic ecosystem will set aside a percentage (%) of every ArtisiaToken transaction as financial aid for solution-oriented protocols. “Leave the world better than you found it” is the slogan Artisia embraces while unifying the public.

Eradicating Price Confinements

Most sellers prefer concealing an art’s price from buyers as 10% of the assets sell in auctions while 90% go through art vendors or galleries. However, on the bright side, ArtisiaToken reveals and tags each creation’s prices provided the user is a member of their ecosystem.

Featuring your creations in an auction depends on what kind of auction ground you choose for bidding on an art piece. For instance, auctioning in common houses such as Christie’s, Sotheby’s Phillips, etc. Costs and charges can go as high as 30 %. With the new Artisia’s model that will offer to create an auction amongst an exclusive internal network, the cost and fees for this sale will be only 5%.

Shifting from a Payment Token to a Security Token

As mentioned earlier, ArtisiaToken started operating as a digital payment asset. It can be used to buy and sell any commodity despite having some restrictions on its utilization. As time goes by, ArtisiaToken (ARTZ) will slowly shift to become a security token. 

Moreover, the ARTZ token is backed by art assets that the platform constantly adds. A security token differs from a utility token specifically on regulations since security tokens follow strict compliance procedures to combat problems like manipulation. 

Aside from earning a fraction of the art’s value, the ARTZ token facilitates the expansion of your investment portfolio. The process starts when an individual sells an art piece on ArtisiaToken in exchange for ARTZ tokens. The platform assembles a global collection of art pieces and tokenizes the art with ARTZ. 

Afterward, the token is distributed to the investor for conversion across different exchanges. Possessing the ARTZ token also gets you on board as a professional art collector.


Investing with ArtisiaToken gives you access to famous art pieces from the world’s most popular artists such as Picasso, Michelangelo, and Modigliani, Salvador Dalí, among others. During the third quarter of 2020, Artisia garnered $960 million worth of art, signifying the lucrative value art holds. Through ArtisiaToken, you can now interact with traders from all over the world inside its One-of-a-Kind virtual art museum.

Third-party art scouts are in place to monitor if the ownership rights are all in line, which, in the end, elevates the value of the art. Further involving the community for CSR measures is sure to attract mainstream investors and die-hard art lovers.

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