Top 3 Cryptos Below 5 Dollars Worth Investing In

Handy Tips / 17.07.2021

Today, there are over 8k crypto-assets listed in Coincheck, and the numbers are increasing every year. Unfortunately, some of those assets perform poorly in the markets, and others are even considered failed projects. Out of those, there are Defi coins, stablecoin, and cryptos, each with unique functions.

Coins/cryptos are the most common assets in the cryptocurrency space, and their reliability often depends on the services their host blockchain provides. Others like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Binance coins have very high values of $33k, $2k, and $300, respectively. Others are yet to go past the dollar mark.

For more pointers, this guide will discuss three popular coins whose values are below $5. It explores their future investment prospects and why they are good assets.

  • ADA (Cardano)

Cardano is probably the crypto-asset with the best prospects currently. Ever since the market bull run of Ethereum and Bitcoin, Cardano has benefited vastly from the market changes. It launched crypto in 2017 to help in the digitization of finance and bank the unbanked. Its network leverages the proof of stake consensus mechanism but has upgraded its system to a more robust Ouroboros system.

Even more, Cardano’s involvement in philanthropic activities in regions like Africa put the coin at a good spot in the top-performing list of cryptos. In addition, the network provides weekly updates on its development, including working on the network’s decentralization in its entirety.

One of the biggest updates that Cardano is awaiting is the introduction of its smart contract systems that are going to parallel Ethereum. Once the smart contract system launches, the prices of the Cardano coin could increase vastly both in the short and long term.

Cardano’s (ADA) current valuation is around $1.33, and according to CoinMarketCap, this token has been performing exceptionally well recently. In addition, some expert financial analysts have predicted that the prices of Cardano could reach $2 by the end of 2021 and could hit $10 by 2025. Keeping all that in mind, this asset, therefore, can be considered an excellent investment option.

Once the Cardano network introduces its Defi networking system, the prices of the ADA will surge, and the demand will also go to the peak, effectively increasing the price.

  • ALGO (Algorand)

Algorand is another coin with excellent prospects and should therefore be considered well as an investment asset. The network was created in 2017 with a self-sustainable and highly advanced blockchain network, solving the trouble of scalability, speed, and transaction costs increase. Furthermore, Algorand leverages a specialized pure proof of stake system, where every ALGO online is a vote and can participate in the next block.

The decentralized network provides a vast array of applications implanting security and efficiency. As of December 2021, the Algorand network had expanded vastly, reaching a daily transaction capacity of nearly 1 million.

ALGO and the native coin hosted by Algorand is currently valued at $0.84 and has seen lots of volatility issues since its launch. However, Algorand, like Cardano, has been doing extensive upgrades in the recent past, which will put them on the map for the best crypto assets available for investing.

Recently Algorand introduced a new upgrade to TEAL, its first layer smart contract language, to bolster its efficiency. Even more, the Algorand network has been getting support recently, with platforms like Arington Capital investing over $100 million in funds for ALGO betting.

The support, upgrades, and efficiency of the Algorand network make the ALGO coin have excellent prospects. Some predict that in 2025, Algorands price could close to $4.

  • XTZ (Tezos)

Tezos is another network that introduced a pool of opportunities for the average investors to acquire the best returns. However, the network was primarily designed for smart contracts, smart technologies, and design, therefore a big competitor of Ethereum.

Its blockchain considers its smart contracts smarter than normal ones, therefore boosting their value and reliability. As a result, XTZ has been performing well in the markets.

Currently, Tezos is upgrading its network, leveraging a self-sustained governance mechanism that allows the community to vote to upgrade the system. Recently, they introduced two upgrades, Granada and Teztnet.

Granada focuses on reducing the gas charges, adding liquidity baking, and improving Tezos’ finality. The Introduction of Granada, which was announced in June, will help reduce gas costs in the platform by nearly 50% while halving the block time from 60 to 30 seconds.

Another recent upgrade is the introduction of Teztnets, a tool that will help involve network participants in streamlining testing upgrades. The upgrades on the platform will help vastly in improving the prices of the XTZ token from the current value. Therefore, this coin’s price will extensively increase with time as these upgrades continue to involve the community.

XTZ is currently valued at around $2.9, and the charts for this coin show how much volatility the coin has. There are varying expert predictions on the asset, predicting a rise in value to $9 in 2025.


From the three mentioned cryptos analyzed in this guide, you can easily invest in each since their current value is below $5. Cardano, for instance, is among the crypto coins with the best prospect. Moreover, due to the upcoming upgrades, Cardano has been and will remain a highly lucrative asset.

Tezos has also been making excellent upgrades in the recent past and continuously upgrades to improve services. Algorand is a network that offers efficiency and stands out as a currency with good prospects.

Although there are other currencies like XRP and Dogecoin that are currently performing well, there are no severe advancements in XRP worth a mention. Likewise, Dogecoin is a memecoin with no real-world use cases, thus not worth a serious look into.

Adam is an outgoing young lad who likes adventures and discovering new things. Despite his boring life, he loves writing about cryptocurrencies and exploring what blockchain technology can do for the coming digital world where all adventures will be virtual.