Top 3 Best Cryptocurrency Tracker Apps for iOS & Android

Beginner’s Guide / 19.12.2018

Thanks to the increasing interest and investment in the commercial space, the number of applications and websites used to track consumer portfolios’ effectiveness has increased. Great, but currently, there are over 200 different apps for tracking crypto portfolios on the App Store alone.

While choice and competition is usually a good thing, figuring out which Portfolio app has the right features for you can be a little confusing. While the benefits of the good ones are easy to see – from faster and more accurate trading information to better decision making – trying all of these apps is a waste of time, you could spend elsewhere. Here are our top 3 based on price, support, and coin information:


CoinStats is officially the new sheriff in crypto tracker town. These platforms are in wide use, including the web, iOS, Android, Mac OS, iOS, not to mention the Telegram bot and even the Apple Watch. The user interface has greatly improved, and functionality is improved every month. Also, the company has significantly expanded its coin coverage to 5,000 coins on more than 250 exchanges.

The Apple Watch functionality is another reason Coin Stats is worth downloading. It has all the automatic features for importing a wallet one would expect, plus a diverse news aggregator that tracks multiple sources, including Reddit and Twitter, for each coin.

Fast trading function, meaning you can now perform simple swap trades on the exchange directly from the app.

CoinStats Insights provides aggregate statistics on coin ownership and trading among the 500,000 CoinStats service users ($ 5 billion total).

Alarm settings with the ability to receive notifications not only based on price but also market and volume limits.

The Pro functionality ($ 5 per month or $ 40 per year) is a fantastic value considering the added features you get. These include unlimited exchanges and wallet synchronization; automatic signals that are useful when adding new or existing coins to quickly change the price by 10% +; more detailed portfolio analysis; priority support; Not to mention the order notification. If you have an open order, you can get notified immediately when your order gets filled.

Overall, CoinStats is doing an excellent job of delivering a specific product in a highly competitive market, introducing a new standard for portfolio trackers that no one else has matched.


  • Top drawer user interface and functions
  • Impressive news updates
  • Great integration exchange, including live trading


  • Some advanced features may take some time to learn.
  • Best features available only in Pro
  • It’s subscription-based, and the free version lets you manage a $ 5,000 portfolio.


With elegant, great design, and many features, the Delta app is a great feature if you are always on the go. Anyone who wants a portable crypto tracker that doesn’t interfere with aesthetics or interfere with mobile device compatibility features should give it a try. After all, this is a free application.

Delta is one of Blockfolio’s main competitors and is an iOS and Android app. Delta’s design is flawless, with a minimalist look and an attractive dark mode, which is useful for low light and visually impaired users. Delta also offers a wide variety of coins to choose from, with an additional 2,000 coins and connectivity to the seven most popular crypto exchanges.

Through the Delta platform, you can create watchlists for various cryptocurrencies that you don’t have in your portfolio, and you can view charts and graphs with just a few taps. While you cannot currently buy or sell coins directly through the Delta app, those who need a complete tracker will enjoy Delta’s focus on design and functionality.


  • Unlimited exchange of API links and direct prices limited to the Pro version
  • Pro version costs $ 60-80


Blockfolio – the self-proclaimed “World’s Most Popular Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Portfolio Management App” – is perhaps the most well-known of its kind on the market with 5 million users.

It is available for both iOS and Android for mobile devices, and with an average rating on the App Store of 4.7, it remains highly rated by its users. However, anyone looking for a desktop application will be disappointed.

Blockfolio’s graphical features aren’t all that extraordinary, and while it also supports 300 exchanges, it’s now standard. However, more than 8000 currencies were listed, which is an incredible amount.

Blockfolio’s notification feature is great, among other things, for those who want to receive instant notifications when they reach a certain price level. The News Aggregator section is a useful way to keep up with the latest developments. The new alerts feature provides instant updates from your portfolio team development team, although some of these notifications may be a little annoying.


  • Clear interface
  • News aggregator
  • Price-based alerts
  • 8000+ coins and 300+ crypto exchanges
  • Completely free
  • Coin charts and exchange books
  • Emphasis on privacy protection
  • Intuitive UI
  • Prompt alerts on price changes
  • Ample customization options
  • Handy communication tools


  • No desktop app
  • Signal messages can lack substance and become distracting


Unfortunately, not every crypto portfolio tracker is equally useful and safe. While each portfolio tracking tool has its niche for targeting specific segments of traders, any option you consider should share at least these three main characteristics: secure, clear layout, and a wide range of available coins and exchanges.

Trackers bring a calming and structured element to the chaotic crypto market. Choose the one that best fits your experience from all of the portfolio trackers presented. Besides, they all meet the parameters of the quality tracking tool.

However, it is important to remember that cryptocurrency is still a very volatile market, and you can lose money overnight. Be a smart investor and be careful before buying collateral. Always remember not to invest more than you can afford to lose.

Adam is an outgoing young lad who likes adventures and discovering new things. Despite his boring life, he loves writing about cryptocurrencies and exploring what blockchain technology can do for the coming digital world where all adventures will be virtual.