Top 10 Most Convenient Staking Pools and Masternode Platforms

Handy Tips / 15.11.2020

Crypto adoption is slowly taking over as more digital assets emerge. Trading volumes are also increasing as days go by while users opt to trade with the modern financial system. Further from that, venture capitalists have become more eager to secure an adequate income with cryptocurrencies.

The Advent of Proof of Stake (PoS) Currencies

Trading cryptocurrencies is both challenging and tedious, with many complexities involved. Since the introduction of Bitcoin in 2009, crypto mining has been the primary income source among crypto enthusiasts. However, crypto mining comes with many challenges, including excessive energy costs, vulnerability to cryptojacking, and centralization of the mining process. 

Nonetheless, the advent of Proof-of-Stake (PoS) digital currencies has created a means in which investors and crypto enthusiasts can profit off the crypto space without the technicalities involved in crypto trading. As such, staking pools enable investors to earn passive income by validating blocks and receiving rewards. Investors combine their staking power and share the block rewards proportionally according to the member’s contribution. 

Brief Overview of Nodes and Masternodes

In addition to staking, masternodes also enable investors to generate consistent income in the crypto space without much work. Masternodes, also referred to as full nodes, are superior nodes on a blockchain network that are offered more capabilities and privileges than regular nodes. Masternodes carry out several functions in a blockchain network, including validating transactions, updating the network, and providing an additional network security layer. 

While masternodes earn a substantial share of the network’s block reward, they require massive investments in coins to operate. Most people can’t afford to run a masternode. However, there are ways you can still invest in a masternode, such as running a shared masternode, joining a masternode pool, or staking via a third party staking platform. 

Understanding the meaning of nodes and masternodes will give you an in-depth insight into its significance to the cryptocurrency network.

Masternodes are servers that are responsible for running and monitoring the actions of a blockchain. Other than that, masternodes participate in the verification of blocks and transactions across an ecosystem. Therefore, the servers operate on the internet most of the time and link with other nodes to oversee some blockchain work. 

It is important to note that nodes and masternodes differ from each other as masternodes place some amount of money to qualify for their duties. The fee a user stakes to become a masternode ensures an authentic working environment in the blockchain network as any form of misconduct could lead to loss of the staked fee.

On the other hand, nodes engage in basic tasks, like creating new digital coins for a certain platform. However, several factors affect the amount of income an investor can secure, including the type of digital currency platform, payment durations, and many more.

Staking Pools and Masternode platforms offer convenient and affordable staking and masternode services, enabling investors to earn passively in the crypto space. Here are the top 10 staking and masternode platforms you ought to try.  

10 Best Masternodes and Staking Platforms

  • MyCointainer 

MyCointainer is perhaps the most comprehensive and beginner-friendly staking and masternode platform. MyCointainer is a simple one-in-all platform that allows users to choose the best PoS and masternode coins and get staking rewards from staking multiple crypto coins simultaneously. The platform also features advanced automatic Masternode staking for selected PoS coins. Users can choose to stake coins from a wide range of cryptocurrencies with new assets added every week.

MyCointainer doesn’t have an investment limit, and users can buy their staking coins directly exchanges using fiat currency. In addition to staking and masternode services, MyContainer offers users additional means of growing their investments, including power subscription plans, daily bonuses, airdrops, and giveaways. 

  • P2P Validator 

P2P Validator offers highly available & secure, non-custodial staking services. The platform helps investors compound their cryptocurrency investments by taking part in staking. Investors can stake a wide range of PoS coins, including XTZ, ATOM, and KAVA, and manage their whole staking portfolio from a single dashboard. The platform can be linked to a Ledger device where users can stake and claim directly from the hardware wallet. Users can also calculate and compare their income, see their projected earnings, and the expected annual yield as a gross percentage using the live buttons. 

P2P is ideal for large stakers with over $500k in the crypto stake. The platform offers the highest security, support, and governance insight to protect users’ assets and generate maximum returns.

  • Dokia Capital

Dokia Capital offers world-class crypto staking, where users delegate their assets safely on the platform and automatically start to earn staking rewards as the platform generates new blocks. Dokia Capital is non-custodial and does not control or manage users’ assets in any way. The platform features a dashboard that displays all the relevant data needed by users to make profitable decisions regarding their assets. 

Dokia Capital is reliable, secure, and guarantees 99.982% availability. The cumulative number of staked assets stands at $98,247,921, trading on a secure network that safeguards itself against layer 3 and 4 DDoS attacks.     

  • Staked 

Staked is another excellent staking platform that enables investors to earn returns from staking and DeFi while still fully controlling their private keys and funds throughout the staking and lending process. The platform has been a leading staking and lending partner for crypto exchanges, investment funds, wallet providers, custodians, and projects. Staked supports staking across 30+ assets with 15+ more coming soon. The staking platform employs custom software to optimize rewards based on the unique dynamics of each chain or protocol it supports. Staked is reliable, secure with broad asset coverage and optimal rewards.  

  • Simple PoS Pool 

Simple PoS Pool is a comprehensive staking and masternode ecosystem that makes staking quite simple and straightforward. The platform is among the most significant shared masternode services that allow users to stake with various coins individually or join a staking pool. The benefit of joining a staking pool on the platform is that coins in a masternode receive a higher stake quickly. Simple PoS Pool is among the best masternode pools with lucrative returns. 

  • Everstake  

Everstake is another exceptional staking and masternode platform ideal for institutional investors and regular crypto stakers. The platform supports staking involving a wide range of PoS coins, including Cosmos, Tezos, and ICON. ROI ranges from 5-20% annually. What’s more, the platform allows you to stake PoS coins without having to run a masternode or joining a staking pool. 

  • Allnodes  

Allnodes is another modernized non-custodial staking protocol hosting over 7000 nodes. Like other masternode services, Allnodes doesn’t have any control over your funds since a wallet address is the only requirement for staking services. Hence, rewards continue to mature as long as the coins stay in the user’s wallet. 

The staking protocol further supports hosting of masternodes and full nodes and brings along a multilayered monitoring system that allows your node to stay online throughout. Monitoring your nodes’ status is made easier courtesy of the Allnodes Bot, displaying Telegram and Slack’s performances.

  • StackofStake 

StackofStake is another unique staking platform that accommodates various features like digital currency exchange, mobile apps, shared masternode pools, and much more. All the coins available on the stakers’ wallet are automatically included in the masternode pool; therefore, there is no minimum or maximum deposit amount preferred. 

Income generation largely varies with the type of cryptocurrency and is circulated immediately after the masternodes increment. Furthermore, the deposit and withdrawal periods take less time to process, usually within less than 20 minutes for both operations. The platform deploys effective security measures like 2FA as StackofStake’s objective of safeguarding stakers’ funds is enforced.

  • Flits Wallet 

Flits Wallet is a decentralized application integrating masternodes and staking for all passive income earners. The primary objective for creating the Flits Wallet is to ensure fast and flexible staking functions while having a storage option for your assets. In that case, the dApp holds a top place among many staking platforms that are in the market today. 

Granting you a wide variety of staking coins is one of many functions of the fantastic wallet. You can host masternodes and have them with you anywhere you go. Furthermore, the wallet provides spending and swapping services. 

The all-inclusive staking platform utilizes its native token, Flits Coin (FLS), as the power behind its ecosystem. Moreover, FLS is available for staking activity and offers a high ROI. Currently, its listing is on several notable exchanges, including Stex and Birake.

  • HashQuark 

HashQuark offers secure, stable, and convenient crypto staking ideal for institutional investors. Staking on HashQuark is reasonably easy and straightforward. Users are required to delegate their tokens to HashQuark supernodes and seamlessly gain rewards. HashQuark features a 24/7 customer care service providing users with real-time updates of their operational nodes. 

Better yet, HashQuark features Staking Cloud-a comprehensive service that allows users to participate in staking by cloud computing. Users can deploy their nodes on any mainstream PoS blockchain with a single click-no technological understanding required on the platform. The platform also features an automated watching over a system that helps users securely and efficiently run the nodes without network upgrades and maintenance challenges. 

Final Word

Staking pools and shared masternodes platforms provide an efficient means of passively earning in the crypto space. You need to delegate your funds to a third party and receive lucrative returns on investment. The staking and masternode platforms discussed in this article have a good track record and have established themselves as trustworthy platforms with outstanding services. 

Earning through staking is shifting the financial focus immensely as mainstream staking platforms continue to develop. The fully automated services stand at a better chance of receiving more stakers considering that the system will perform every activity required. Furthermore, most platforms handle the security issue with caution to avoid any loss or theft an investor may witness.

The protocols highlighted above are just but a few; however, whatever road a venture capitalist wants to go with is the most important thing. Either way, staking seems a profitable option to think and research about before engaging with any protocol. 

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