Tim Draper Encourages Millennials to Invest in Bitcoin

News / 24.01.2020

Recently, FOXBusiness interviewed Tim Draper, a renowned American venture capital investor. Draper advised Millenials to put their money in Bitcoin to secure their future. He also said that a financial system that is not working anymore got introduced to the millennials from past generations.

Draper also mentioned what Bitcoin could do towards solving their retirement difficulties. He also noted his early investment with Tesla.

Tim Draper on How Millenials Should Invest

Tim Draper, advising millennials how to invest and plan, said that the young generation got situated in history where the global financial system’s future is expanding exponentially. As per him, salaries paid to the millennials do not allow them to pay off their debts. 

Moreover, Draper said, putting money aside, one penny at a time, is currently not realistic. He believes many millennials are renters, not buyers, because of the ineffective conventional financial system. At press time, the Bitcoin’s price declined, although analysts predict the cryptocurrency’s bearish move in the short term.

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