Three Awesome Exchanges Everyone Should Try

Handy Tips / 08.08.2019

Cryptocurrencies exchanges are the entire craze in FinTech right now. Since 2017, hundreds of exchanges have been established and crumbled. Large exchanges such as Binance or Coinbase pose great appeal to many users; however, smaller exchanges are gaining up a loyal and big follower base too.

To help the readers balance the task of finding a good cryptocurrency exchange that satisfies their needs and at the same time doesn’t fall back on its promises, we have simulated a list of exchanges that don’t necessarily boast a user base like the large ones, but have an incredible appeal when it comes to user experience and feel. Each of them, has been analyzed, tested and crosschecked by our team to ensure the utmost transparency to the readers.

1. Zebitex

Zebitex is a trading platform built solely for traders with a taste for efficiency and reliability. Being in business since 2016, the exchange has witnessed first hand the infamous bull run of 2017. The Bull run was indeed, as any crypto enthusiast would recall, a grave testing period for all. Exchanges shut down because they couldn’t handle the sudden inflow, scams were coming to light almost every day and hacks seemed to be the industry norm. Surviving a storm like that gives one the experience to get through all futures ones.

A survey conducted by our team showed a shockingly favorable response from the users. The user interface, ease of use, trading tools and security ever compared to the top exchanges in the industry. TradeSatoshi enjoyed a loyal base of traders that rely on its capabilities to fulfill their appetite for a reliable, transparent, instant and capable exchange.

Any trader looks for a few basic characteristics in an exchange. The Exchange boasts good UI, trading tools, low intermediary fees and continuous updating and incredible team of dedicated employees. They work continuously to ensure all the basic parameters are met, and then push boundaries by subtly introducing better and innovative features. The Advanced UI, built specifically for trader with a niche understanding of the market, allows the users to leverage the tools provided to them. They can integrate them with their experience, forming a symbiosis of software and mind in attaining highest utility; while the Basic UI built for the daily users ensure that there isn’t too much information thrown on the user to discourage future experimentation.

In essence, Zebitex offers a single window for all trading needs. With its integration with TradingView, users can analyze the charting patterns with all tools available right on the exchange. It really is a complete package of customer concentration, innovativeness, functionality and approachability.

2. Bitladon

Established in 2017, Bitladon was set up with the motive of acting as a liquidity provider for cryptocurrencies concentrating in and around Netherlands and rest of Europe. It didn’t take long for Bitlandon to gain momentum and accumulate customers in the thousands. One of the main reason behind Bitlandon’s rapid success is the allowance of the Euro for deposits and withdrawals with an incomparable speed.

For starters, Bitladon provides a trading account with a limit unto €100 by verifying your email. Additionally, with complete verification of identity one can reach a limit of €15,000 per week. This allows small-time traders and newbies to get hands-on experience with trading cryptocurrencies.

Bitladon boasts a massive portfolio of 100+ digital currencies, with each being thoroughly scanned and audited to ensure customer safety. One of the best features of Bitladon, as per the customers, is their ability to solve disputes in a relatively fast period. Toll-free number to the customer care is always displayed on the home page so that anyone with a grievance can hit them up right away, something that lacks even among the top exchanges.

As per the Bitladon blog, at any given moment, more than 95% of the total funds deposited with the exchange are stored in an offline cold wallet. This step was taken in response to the numerous exit scams and hacks that buzz the cryptocurrency news periodically and ultimately reducing user trust. Bitladon tries to cement itself as the exchange of the new period my slowly and steadily climbing the ladder and checking all security measures on the way.

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3. SWFT Blockchain

SWFT Blockchain is the first in the line of a new generation of exchanges that connects buyer and sellers directly on a decentralized, peer-to-peer cross-blockchain platform. It is a cross-chain network built to interlink blockchains and facilitates trade on-chain. In essence, SWFT Blockchain does away with the hassles of an intermediary by connecting buyers and sellers directly.

On a traditional exchange, any person willing to trade must first register with an exchange, get done with the KYC documents, deposit funds in the hands of a third party, bear the counterparty risk and finally start with the trade. Nevertheless, with the SWFT Blockchain mechanism, a trade can be executed with a single click. One simply posts a swap requirement, wait for the blockchain to find a pair and have their wallet credited almost instantly. With an average transaction time of 5.6 seconds, SWFT Blockchain sets a benchmark for all future P2P exchanges.

The SWFT Blockchain’s advancements and shortcoming are directly hedged to its native cryptocurrency SWFTCoin (SWFTC), an ERC- 20 token built on Ethereum. The SWFTC is used to settle all internal balances such as fee payment and referrals. It acts as a projection of confidence towards the blockchain. SWFTC is currently listed on OKEx, DragonEx, EtherFlyer, Nuobi, HitBTC, and Credo.

Sudarshan M is a long time crypto-enthusiast. Pulled in by bitcoin early on, it did not take long for Sudarshan to divert all of his academic attention from business studies to blockchain by doing his Masters and eventually pursuing his PhD in the subject.