The Wall Street Baby Token – Topple Hedge Funds in a Fun Way

Project Reviews / 10.04.2021

Wall Street Baby is an NFT-based platform that allows you to collect meme art in the form of tokens. The platform leverages Ethereum’s blockchain to provide users with secure NFTs and more. Wall Street Baby follows Dogecoin’s footsteps in providing a light-hearted nature via its meme-inspired NFTs and governance-based token. Notably, Wall Street Baby is not associated with Wall Street Bets.

Collect, Trade, and Win

In the Wall Street Baby ecosystem, users can collect and trade rare NFTs. The NFT market has experienced significant growth in the market in terms of market cap and overall value. Already, this year saw some notable milestones for the sector, such as multiple NFTs selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Today, it’s common for NFTs to sell for thousands of dollars. These new-age digital assets are the hottest trend in the blockchain sector currently. Collectors continue to drive the market forward as they hunt out the rarest and most entertaining NFTs available. 

There have been a lot of different themed NFTs to enter the market recently. Kittens, food items, and more have inspired developers in the past. Wall Street Baby was drawn from the popular memes that showcase an infant in a suit. The baby is recognizable because he a sing curl of blond hair. 

Wall Street Baby NFTs

Wall Street Baby NFTs provide a nice combination of scarcity and humor. These tokens can be verified on the blockchain using Etherscan or any other Etherum blockchain explorer. This verifiability helps to prove the scarcity of each token and validity.  

Since many of these tokens are one-of-a-kind works of art, the collection has some scarce tokens. As more users join the community, these participants will increase the demand for these rare collectibles moving forward.

Rare NFTs

Wall Street Baby offers a selection of custom-made NFTs. You can purchase many of these tokens directly with ETH or any ERC-20 based token. Notably, not all tokens are for sale directly. Keeping in line with the scarce nature of NFTs, many collectibles are only available to users who participate in the network at different levels and some that require only luck.

For example, there are scarce WSB NFTs that provide you with some cost-efficient ways to earn them without forking out your hard-earned ETH. Keenly, these tokens provide users the option to purchase these collectibles outright using any ERC-20 or BEP-20 token.

There are reward tokens that you can receive randomly. The developers behind this collectors series haven’t revealed how all of the top cards will be distributed. In this way, there is still a chance for everyone to score one-of-a-kind NFTs.

How to Earn NFTs

If you seek to earn your NFTs for participation, you need to hold a certain amount of the platform’s native utility token, WSB, for a predefined time period. Each card has its own requirements. In most cases, you have a direct purchase price and a way to earn the token. 

For example, if you want to get your hands on the rare Tesseract card, you can get it by purchasing it or holding at least 500 WSB in your wallet for 60 days. You could also earn the token by showing that you have provided at least 500 WSB in liquidity over the last 30 days.

Can’t Buy or Win Them All

Some NFTs are only awarded to the top performers in the network. These NFTs will go to the most consistent network participants across various categories, such as the top liquidity provider, coin holder, and more.

Some NFTs can’t be collected at all. For example, the Elon Musk Dogecoin Tweet card is only awarded and cannot be purchased. There is only one of these cards available in the collection. The same goes for other memorable moments captured on WSB NFTs, like Dave Portnoy yelling at Robinhood’s CEO for shutting down purchases of GameStop stocks.

The WSB Token

WSB is an Ethereum-based token that is compatible with the blockchain’s ecosystem. Users can store the token in any ERC-20 wallet, such as Metamaskt. You can also trade this token on popular Ethereum DEXs like Uniswap

The developers have integrated the WSB token into every process of the network. You receive rewards in WSB tokens. You can also stake the token in any network wallet to become eligible for passive rewards. Additionally, all the network fees are collected in WSB. In this way, the developers have added value to the token by creating more network functionality.  

Community Governance

Wall Street Baby developers wanted to create a community-governed project. As such, the top WSB token holders gain voting rights and access to other limited cool features. Community governance mechanisms are the new standard for DeFi platforms for many reasons. Primarily, these mechanisms help to keep communities organized and cohesive. 

An Educational Twist

According to WSB’s roadmap, the developers intend to introduce a variety of educational resources to the platform in the coming weeks. Users will be able to learn trading strategies, risk management, and other vital information to further their efforts. 

Token Lockup

WSB integrates a variety of token lockups as a way to demonstrate its long-term stance on the project. The developers have agreed to lock up all of their tokens for six months. Additionally, the presale funds have been locked for two years. 

These funds are to remain securely stored within Uniswap liquidity pools. Liquidity locking mechanism helps protect investors from rug pulls by preventing developers from draining the project’s liquidity. They are now more popular than ever.  Notably, the developers choose to go with Unicrypt to accomplish this task. Unicrypt is the top liquidity locking mechanism in use today.

WSB – NFTs + Memes = Good Times

Wall Street Baby integrates a nice combination of top features such as community governance, NFTs, and popular memes. Together these aspects make the collectibles more relatable. Also, the network is hosting a competition to help spur interests. Collect all 13 rare NFTs and also get a chance to win a share of the 50,000 WSB pool

To participate, you only need to hold the proper amount of WSB for a certain time. The developers will issue the NFTs first and then ask the community some questions. The first collector to answer the questions correctly receives WSB tokens, and the first prize is 5000 WSB.  

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