The Usogui Network: Defi Incubation Services for BSC Based Startups

Project Reviews / 26.04.2021

Usogui Network is a decentralized finance incubator project launched on the Binance smart chain. The need for incubation services for BSC Defi startups increases significantly as the number of platforms increases monthly. 

Usogui aims to be a highly innovative network ending the general challenges of the Defi ecosystem. Upcoming projects face many challenges that hinder their growth and mainstream adoption.  

Among the issues include high competition from other highly successful Defi projects, lack of proper marketing and development strategies. 

Usogui Network aims to partner with these startup projects providing them with the required skills for effective marketing, development, and optimization. However, how does Usogui work? What are the benefits or features of this network? Keep reading to find out more. 

What Makes Up Usogui Network?

The Usogui network decided to use Binance smart chain (BSC) as its base due to its scalability and favorable gas fees. Therefore, Usogui users will receive services at favorable speed and maximum scalability. 

On top of favorable fee and speed, Usogui instills more features like; 

  • Cloud Analytics Modernization Tools

This Cloud analytics modernization tool helps users to get the maximum value of data. The feature combines multiple resources from other expert projects like Amazon Web Services, Tableau, and other partners to ensure data analytics are convenient for average projects and users.

  • Data Science Acceleration Tools

This tool eases the process of monitoring and getting real-time data. Generally, Usogui’s dashboard has been created with user-friendliness to speed up the users’ access to comprehensive data. 

  • Real Solution to Problems

This platform will offer solutions to problems in real-time, especially for projects which promise success. The idea is to ensure Defi projects provide the best services and receive the best returns. 

Unlike other projects that focus on replacing their competitors, Usogui offers solutions to the existing Defi network, optimizing all Defi projects. 

  • Good Customer Benefits

The customers of the platform will benefit highly from the income-earning opportunities in the platform. By holding $USG, a user will stand a chance to earn rewards in coins. 

How will Defi Projects Benefit from Usogui?

The Defi world will highly benefit from the development of this new system, the Usogui network. This platform will work towards creating highly functional and self-sustaining defi projects in the following three ways;

  • The Incubation Level

The incubation level refers to the development level when platforms are yet to be listed on exchanges. These pre-listing and listing periods are where the projects are most vulnerable to failure; therefore, they need guidance. 

During this period, developers require serious support in various ways, including market, advertisement, advisory, etc. Usogui will offer startups pre and post-listing incubation by advising, marketing, and steering them in the right direction. 

  • Strategic Partnership Level

Partners are vital for the success of any project. Projects with multiple partnerships have a better chance of succeeding in the short and long run. However, getting partnerships is not entirely easy for upcoming projects. 

Usogui, however, will interact with projects on a strategic partnership level. It will help new projects set up good social media strategies that will attract and maintain followership. 

Generally, Usogui will optimize startups on their social media networks like Twitter and Telegram. Similarly, they will help projects search for new associations and sponsorship. 

  • General Contribution Level

The final stage of Usogui’s contribution is on the general level. Here Usogui will help in managing ‘Over the Counter’ sales and the requests from the community. However, unlike in earlier stages, Usogui will not be directly involved with the project at this level.

$USG Tokenomics

The $USG token is the native token of the Usogui network. This token will help power the network and assist investors and everyday consumers in getting benefits through coin rewards. As the platform grows, the $USG token will be getting more utility. 

$USG tokens have a total supply of 1 million tokens, with the amounts for listing set at 300,000. The Token economics of the $USG token are as mentioned below;

  • 400,000 of these tokens representing 40%, will be sold in the upcoming presale.
  • 300,000 tokens, 30% will help in liquidity provision within the network
  • 100,000 tokens, 10% will aid in marketing the platform to reach higher heights
  • 100,000 tokens, 10% aids in development works of the platform, including adding further tools for efficiency
  • 100,000 $USG tokens, representing 10%, will be offered as airdrops 

The Usogui Presale

The platform is already in adherence to its roadmap, having begun the first three stages of the roadmap. On 6th April, the platform launched its token in the BSC ICO listing, and on 13th April launched its official website. Moreover, the airdrop campaign is already underway. 

The next step in the platform is the presale which will be held from 2nd May at exactly 19:00 UTC to the 4th May 2021 on the BSC launchpad. The total $USG going in the presale is $400,000. Each $USG is valued at $0.95; thus, 500 USG tokens will be equivalent to 1 BNB. 

The minimum number of tokens that each wallet should hold is 0.1 BNB, while the maximum is set at 20 BNB. 80% of the tokens collected in the presale round will be locked in liquidity locks.  

After the presale, Usogui will list its tokens on PancakeSwap, BSCs largest decentralized exchange platform. The listing will mark the beginning of a new era in Defi, where small projects will be easily accommodated and nurtured by the Usogui network. 

The Future

Usogui, as aforementioned, aims to be a center for Defi naturing and crypto service provision. However, this platform is still working to give other options like bettings, games, and IFO. Moreover, the platform could introduce lending services and introduce other services based on the ideas from the community. 

This platform will reshape the entire Defi world, providing solutions to the many issues clouding the industry. Investors who want to be part of this platform’s success can purchase the platform’s token during the presale and await the benefits. 

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