The Top 5 Fiat-to-Crypto Exchanges to Know in 2021

Handy Tips / 20.12.2020

Analysts agree that one of the most significant barriers to cryptocurrency adoption in 2021 is finding reliable and affordable ways to convert your fiat to cryptocurrencies. Unfortunately, converting fiat over to crypto isn’t as easy as trading crypto directly.

The use of fiat currency to purchase cryptocurrencies introduces the need for more regulatory compliance in most regions of the world. As such, users of fiat-to-crypto exchanges need to submit to KYC/AML protocols as these platforms fall under global currency regulations as part of their operating procedures. 

Despite the extra hoops that these exchanges and users must go through, their services are essential to the industry. Consequently, there are more fiat-to-crypto exchange options available to users than in the past. Here are the top five fiat-to-crypto exchanges to know in 2021.


The New York-based Gemini exchange is a popular exchange worth your time. This platform is licensed and registered to provide BTC and ETH exchange services to the public. Notably, Gemini is flexible in terms of fiat deposits. You can use bank transfers as well as credit/debit card payments to load your account. 

Notably, Gemini was founded by Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss. These two brothers are better known as the Winklevoss twins. They were one of the world’s first Bitcoin billionaires. As such, they are keenly aware of whale concerns. Large investors receive discounts on their high-value orders on Gemini.

The platform is recognized as one of the most secure in the market. Users gain assurance and security that their crypto is safe. Notably, the majority of the networks ETH and BTC remain in cold storage until usage. Additionally, all fiat deposits stay in an FDIC-insured bank account to further protect your holdings from loss.


Binance is the world’s top exchange in terms of market capitalization. This platform earned this title through years of quality service. Impressively, Binance was one of the first major exchanges to offer a huge selection of altcoins. The exchange’s notoriety makes new users comfortable using it to trade Bitcoin and store other types of altcoins.

Binance is available on PC, iOS, and Android. The mobile app makes trading on the go simple. Unlike most competitors, Binance is global. You can access Binance’s services all over the world without any geographical restrictions. As such, the platform supports a wide selection of fiat currencies. 

Binance was also one of the first exchanges to introduce a native token. The BNB token streamlines many vital trading activities. These tokens provide trading pairs, and users receive discounts when they use them to pay fees. Consequently, BNB is one of the top tokens in the market at this time.


Kraken has been a significant player in the sector since 2011. Today, the platform is one of the largest Bitcoin exchanges offering fiat-to-crypto conversions in the EU. Kraken users can convert a selection of fiat currency into crypto in seconds. Specifically, the network supports payments via wire transfers made in USD, JPY, CAD, and GBP.

Kraken provides its network with a robust security protocol. This approach includes 2-factor authentication protocols as well as PGP email encryption. On top of this security, Kraken offers advanced trading tools, including margin trading options. 

Kraken continues to be a pioneering force in the market. The platform is a partner in the first cryptocurrency bank to enter the market – Fidor Bank AG. As a partner in this next-generation financial institution, Kraken users gain peace of mind knowing their crypto is safely stored by one of the most reputable names in the market.


Coinbase is one of the world’s top exchanges in terms of market cap. This market leader is secure and provides US investors with a regulated cryptocurrency trading experience. The platform serves a vital role as a significant fiat onramp in the US market. As such, Coinbase users must comply with all AML/KYC protocols.

Coinbase provides various tracking tools and a selection of top digital assets. The exchange features an easy-to-navigate interface that makes it a breeze to monitor all of your investments from one place. Additionally, Coinbase has a quick response time regarding customer service issues.

There is also the added confidence investors gain, knowing that Coinbase is one of the USA’s premier exchanges. The firm’s popularity and reputation help ease new investors’ fears in the market that may be uneasy due to their concerns regarding the unknown risks associated with decentralized networks. As part of the Coinbase network, users are never left out in the cold.


Bitstamp was one of the first exchanges to enter the market. The platform went into service in 2011. Since that time, Bitstamp provides the EU with top cryptocurrency trading features. Consequently, it’s considered one of the oldest and most trusted exchanges in the EU. 

As an EU-based exchange, Bitstamp accepts a nice variety of fiat currencies. Specifically, traders can use Swiss francs, euros, and British pounds to trade for BTC and ETH. The platform’s popularity can be attributed to its advanced trading tools and reasonable fees. For fiat-to-Crypto purchases under $20,000, the network charge a fee of 0.25%. 

Bitstamp takes user’s security seriously. The platform exercises a rigorous security protocol. For example, users gain access to multi-signature technology, 2-factor authentication, and other robust crypto protection measures. Additionally, Bitstamp keeps all passive funds in cold storage.

Top 5 Fiat-to-Crypto Exchanges to Know in 2021

Now that you have more insight into the best ways to trade your fiat for cryptocurrency, you are ready to begin investing in the market. Buying and selling cryptocurrency is easy, but it can prove costly if you decide to experiment with new platforms. It’s recommended only to utilize reputable fiat-to-crypto exchanges to avoid the minefield of scamsters currently plaguing the market. Do this, and you’re guaranteed a safe and efficient on-ramp to the sector

David Hamilton aka DavidtheWriter is a long time Bitcoinist and cryptocurrency journalist. Currently, he has over a thousand articles published on blockchain technology. His expertise and experience makes him one of the most reputable writers in the sector.