The Swirl Wallet – A Multi-Coin Custodial Cryptocurrency Wallet

Wallet Reviews / 30.05.2021

The Swirl Wallet is an advanced multi-currency custodial crypto wallet designed to simplify the core processes of the average blockchain investor. The platform features a beginner-friendly interface and many other features that make it ideal for new users, such as 2FA support. As such, the wallet has seen growing adoption since its launch in February 2021.

Easy Interface for the Average Crypto User

There are multiple ways in which the Swirl Wallet can help streamline your crypto activities. Since it’s custodial (i.e., you don’t hold the private keys), this multi-currency platform was designed to remove many technical barriers from the blockchain sector and make interacting with other blockchain users a snap. To accomplish this task, Swirl Wallet’s development team has added some unique features that make the wallet stand out from the competition.

The Swirl Wallet interface provides users with a concise and easy-to-navigate control panel. You can see all the relevant details of your holdings at a simple glance. Specifically, you can monitor all the coins you hold and the value of each of your holdings in various fiat currencies. Currently, the network supports USD, RUB, and EUR. This selection is set to expand in the future as the developers continue improving the network.


The Swirl Wallet is geared to privacy-minded individuals. You never need to enter your personal information to open an account or send cryptocurrency globally. Users need to provide an email address to join the platform. In this way, the wallet can provide a high level of anonymity in the market. Privacy is vital in the digital age as hackers have been known to target individual’s wallets in the past.

Protect Your Coins

Of course, no wallet would function as intended if it lacked security. According to the Swirl Wallet website, the wallet integrates enterprise-level security protocols to keep your crypto safe. For example, you can add extra layers of protection via the two-factor authorization (2FA) protocol. 

Two-factor authorization protocols are a popular security measure, and for a good reason. These systems require you to approve any transactions via a mobile code. This code is time-sensitive and expires in minutes. This strategy ensures that you approve all withdrawals from your account directly. 

Users can also secure their wallets utilizing a BIP39 Mnemonic phrase. This phrase is also how you would restore your wallet if your device were lost or stolen. It would be best if you never shared this phrase with anyone. It is highly recommended that you carefully write down and store this phrase if you need it in the future. For users who seek another layer of security, there’s even the option to add a secondary password to your wallet.

Swirl Wallet Fees

According to the Swirl Wallet website, users are charged with fees only on outbound transactions. This fee is set a 2%, which is much lower than many custodial competitors at this time. 


One of the core features of the Swirl Wallet is its multi-coin support. This strategy simplifies crypto investing for new users. The wallet supports some of the top projects in the market, including BTC, BCH, LTC, ZEC, ETH, DOGE, and XMR.

Mobile Support

Users can access their Swirl Wallet on any internet-connected Smartphone, tablet, or PC. You don’t need to download any app to accomplish this task. The Swirl Wallet web platform is designed to support access from all of these devices directly. This feature adds to the overall convenience of the wallet because it saves you time since you won’t need to install your wallet on every device you use. 

Referral System

Currently, the Swirl Wallet team offers some referral rewards to its users. You don’t have to do anything special to sign up for the chance to earn these referral rewards. In the wallets dashboard, there is a referral section. When you click the link, it takes you directly to a referral link. 

There are three levels of referral rewards available to users. These levels increase in commission from 2% to 10% rewards.  The platform also lists all of your referrals for tracking purposes via a chart located on the referrals page. 

How to Get the Swirl Wallet

The first step is to head over to the network’s homepage. In the top right corner of the interface, there is a tab labeled Sign Up. When you click that tab, it will bring you to the registration page. Here, you are instructed to enter a Username, your e-mail address and create a password.

Once you complete these steps, you will need to agree with the Privacy Policy & Terms of Use via the check box and click register. In the next five minutes, you will receive a confirmation email. In the email is a verification link. Click the link, and your wallet is officially ready to go. 

Swirl Wallet – A Convenient Way to Keep Your Crypto Safe

The Swirl Wallet introduces great security features and reliability in an easy-to-navigate package. Both new and experienced crypto users can appreciate the advanced security features and coin selection the wallet supports. Additionally, eliminating the need to download and install an app helps to improve the wallet’s overall usability.

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