The Revelation Coin Project: A Full Spectrum Decentralized Ecosystem

Project Reviews / 24.05.2021

The Revelation Coin Project is a decentralized financial ecosystem designed to provide users with a viable alternative to the current financial system. The protocol leverages a custom-built blockchain, multiple tokens, and other advanced decentralized features to provide users with more transparency and efficiency. Additionally, the network integrates a host of popular DeFi features to further user’s ROI potential.

What Problems Does the Revelation Coin Project Attempt to Fix?

The Revelation Coin Project attempts to rectify one of the biggest problems facing consumers today, centralization. The network tackles this issue in multiple ways. For one, the decentralized protocol is designed to improve on the shortcomings of the traditional financial system by providing a more efficient and secure way to conduct business. Also, the developers have gone to great lengths to reduce many of the biggest concerns faced by blockchain investors today.

ETH Gas Fees

The Revelation Coin Project’s developers seek to eliminate many of the issues developers and users encounter on the Ethereum network. Currently, Ethereum is the world’s top DeFi and token launch network. However, the protocol structure is flawed in that it was designed to increase fees alongside network congestion.

Consequently, Ethereum is suffering from record-high fees and slow transactions currently. The Revelation Coin Project introduces a proprietary Proof-of-Stake blockchain to avoid these pitfalls and provide users with more flexibility. The developers create a scalable block mechanism that automatically adjusts the block’s size according to traffic. This strategy improves both fees and transaction times. 

Benefits of the Revelation Coin Project

Revelation Coin Project users gain access to a host of benefits and features. The entire network was built to provide maximum interconnectivity and flexibility for users. The open nature of the protocol enables anyone to participate in the Revelation Coin Project’s network. 


One of the core concerns of the Revelation Coin Project’s development team was to create a secure environment for users. The protocol integrates industry-standard and advanced security measures to ensure the network remains protected from nefarious actors.

How Does the Revelation Coin Project Work?

The technical structure of the Revelation Coin Project is unique in many ways. The project combines a multi-token strategy with a fourth-generation blockchain to offer users a true peer-to-peer trading experience. The REV chain officially launched in May 2021. Its launch marked a major milestone for the project and the development phase of DeFi capabilities. 

REV Coins

The REV coin is the utility coin and cryptocurrency of the network. The total supply of the coin is capped at 20,000,000,000. Users can utilize REV to send value globally in near real-time. The token is also used to pay users staking rewards.

REV Xtras

The Revelation Coin Project introduces a multi-tier token system. Uniquely, the strategy integrates four new tokens with varying supply levels. These tokens are designed to complement the original REV coin and provide users with more scarcity. Here are the four coins currently available:

  • Rev Silver (REVS) – 7,000,000
  • Rev Gold (REVG) – 700,000
  • Rev Platinum (REVP) – 70,000
  • Rev Diamond (REVD) – 7000

REV Wallet

Users can store their REV and REV Xtras tokens in the REV Wallet. This feature provides a clean interface that simplifies some of the core services and features of the network. For example, you can buy, store, trade, and mint coins directly from the wallet. Additionally, your staking rewards are deposited directly into your wallet via smart contracts.

NFT Mint

Uniquely, Revelation Coin Project users can mint NFTs directly from their wallets. NFTs (non-fungible tokens) differ from other token types because they represent something unique. They enable more use case scenarios in the blockchain sector and are considered one of the hottest developments in the market as of late.

Notably, the NFT Mint feature removes the technical barriers associated with NFT creation. The developers seek to empower NFT artists, traders, collectors, musicians, companies, and more to join the NFT revolution in this way.

REV Market

As part of this strategy, the project integrates a market and exchange. Users can trade their unique NFTs for REV coins or REV Xtras using the system. Best of all, the market functions in a non-custodial manner. As such, you remain in control of your assets until they are traded directly from your wallet. 

Consensus Protocol

The REV Chain utilizes a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism to validate the state of the blockchain. This style of decentralized network requires less energy to monitor and secure. It also provides faster and cheaper transactions than earlier Proof-of-Work (PoW) networks like Bitcoin and Ethereum. In the coming weeks, the developers will integrate MasterNodes and MasterNodes Groups into the network. 


In the coming months, REVDeFi will go live. This protocol consists of various popular DeFi services and features. Users will gain the ability to DeFi stake and yield farm tokens. These features enable users to lock their cryptocurrency in a smart contract and receive rewards in return. The main difference between yield farming and DeFi staking is that farming usually has no preset lockup periods. Notably, REV tokens are required to access these services.

NFT Farming

One of the most anticipated features of the network is its NFT farming protocols. NFT farming allows users to earn profits on their NFTs without relinquishing ownership of the assets. This approach enables investors to retain exposure to the market in new ways. 

Community Governance

Another feature that Revelation Coin Project users can look forward to is integrating the network’s community governance mechanisms. Users need to hold REVDeFi or NFTs to gain the ability to submit protocol proposals. These proposals can cover anything from technical upgrades to changes in the fee structure. Every proposal goes up for a vote by other coin holders. The proposals that are approved go directly into service. 

The Revelation Coin Project – A Full Spectrum Decentralized Ecosystem

The developers behind the Revelation Coin Project have combined some of the most sought-after features in the blockchain sector uniquely. Users are sure to appreciate the ability to mint and stake NFTs directly from their wallets. Additionally, the multi-layered coin supply strategy is unique to the sector. 

For these reasons, you can expect to hear a lot more from the Revelation Coin Project in the coming weeks as more features go live. Interested parties can find REV/BTC listed on

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