The Klever Wallet – Built for the Decentralized Web

Wallet Reviews / 09.10.2020

Klever is a full spectrum blockchain wallet that pushes the boundaries of usability and functionality to new heights. According to developers, Klever can be considered “a trusted gateway for blockchain and the emerging decentralized economy.” The project’s overall goal is to introduce a safe and smart bridge to connect the fiat and crypto worlds seamlessly. Despite the heftiness of this mission, Klever appears to have the approach necessary to accomplish this task.

What Problems Does Attempt to Fix?

Klever’s designers built the platform to rectify many of the main issues facing cryptocurrency investors today. The first concern the platform focuses on is security. Investors need to know that they can interact with the decentralized economy safely that doesn’t expose them to huge levels of risk. Klever utilizes a variety of enterprise security protocols to keep clients cryptocurrencies safe from hackers.

The second issue Klever attempts to tackle is the UX. Many of the wallets in the market today only offer users fundamental functionality. This lack of options can leave investors at a disadvantage compared to newer platforms that provide more ROI opportunities. 

Klever introduces an intuitive interface that enables the platform to provide a safer, faster, and smarter cryptocurrency experience for all users. In this way, Klever allows new crypto users to enter the market in a streamlined manner and easily interact within the market.

How Does Work?

At the core of Klever’s approach to the market focuses on simplifying the most common blockchain-related activities. The platform is laid out in a manner that anyone can locate and execute these functions without any prior technical understanding of cryptocurrencies or blockchain technology. To accomplish this task, Klever relies on a variety of tactics and technologies.

Features of

The main feature of Klever is its Blockchain Wallet. This wallet is similar to most popular wallets in that you can easily send and receive cryptocurrencies in seconds. Klever’s unique technical aspects make it faster and more reliable than the competition. 

For example, Klever offers users more options in terms of cryptocurrencies and tokens. The wallet features access to the entire ERC-20 token sector. There are thousands of these tokens in existence today. Also, you have the same unrestricted access to all of the new TR20 tokens. TR20 is the new token standard for the TRON network. Together, this is a huge selection of tokens for one platform to accommodate.


One of the coolest features of Klever is its staking section. Unlike the competition, you can claim your rewards daily when you stake your crypto on this network. You have a variety of different tokens you can stake. Currently, users can stake TRON and KLV. Notably, KLV has an impressive APR of 16%.

It’s easy to stake your cryptocurrency using Klever. Directly on the main portal of the Dapp Access page, you will see a portfolio tab. Once you click the tab, you get a drop-down of your holdings. Select the desired currency and enter the amount you want to stake. It’s that simple. Your rewards will arrive within 24-hours.

Token Swaps

Another powerful feature available to users is Token Swaps. This protocol enables simple and quick cryptocurrency exchanges. Notably, the platform has competitive rates. In this way, you can save time and avoid using costly centralized exchanges.

Blockchain Browser

The integrated blockchain browser is a feature that makes Klever stand out amongst the competition. This browser was built from the ground up with cryptocurrency integration in mind. Users can communicate with Dapps from both the Ethereum and TRON ecosystems. 

The browser works just like any other web browser. You can access Dapps, CoinMarketCap, Google, Facebook, or any other website you use throughout your day. However, you have many futuristic features that you don’t find on normal browsers, such as direct wallet integration.

Blockchain Portfolio

Keeping in line with its goal to simplify the entire crypto investment experience, Klever features a vibrant portfolio interface. Here you can select your preferred cryptocurrencies to monitor in seconds. All of its market movements display in real-time and in a manner that allows you to ascertain the most critical data at a glance.

Contacts Book

Keeping track of who owns what wallet can be a real pain. This problem only worsens when you handle a large number of crypto transactions daily. Ingeniously, Klever allows you to store all your contacts in an organized manner. The system is very similar to your cell phone but with a twist. You can record details, including the type of crypto the person accepts, with ease.


Users of the Klever platform enjoy maximum flexibility in terms of account listings. Users can seamlessly add as many accounts as they desire at no cost. Additionally, these accounts can include any of the huge variety of supported cryptocurrencies at this time. 

Referral Bonus

Klever is set on becoming the top wallet provider in the market. As part of its aggressive strategy, the firm offers some healthy referral bonuses. Currently, you receive 50% of the fees back from your friends’ Swaps when they are part of your referral network. 

Klever StableCoin

Klever utilizes a variety of stablecoins to provide users with the maximum flexibility and staking options possible. Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies that derive their value from another asset. This asset can be off-chain, such as gold or USD, or on-chain, such as Bitcoin.  

Klever utilizes a variety of stablecoins. The firm has a stablecoin pinned to Bitcoin known as kBTC. There is also an Ethereum version labeled kETH. Just recently, the platform announced another stable coin that will live on the TRON blockchain.

Klever – The Next Generation of Crypto Wallets

Klever represents a shift in the prime features developers include in their wallet Dapps. Moving forward, it will be wise for more wallets to follow in Klever’s footsteps in regards to the browser integration. This feature helps to take the UX to the next level. When it comes to pushing adoption, it’s all about the Dapps. Klever has done their part with this latest release. You can expect to hear a lot more from these developers as the Klever network expands.

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