The Five Best Crypto Portfolio Management Applications

Beginner’s Guide / 28.05.2019

A crypto portfolio is primarily a collection of different investments made by an individual or an organization in the crypto world. The portfolio arises when someone chooses to invest some amount of their wealth in multiple assets like BTC, LTC, ETH, XRP, and many others. However, management of an investment in a single coin is not easy, and as such, management of Crypto portfolios are incredibly complicated. 

Due to the recent developments in the crypto world, new platforms have joined the crypto market to help users manage their crypto portfolio. This write-up will list some of the best portfolio management applications in the crypto world. 


Blockfolio is a crypto portfolio management network designed to provide top reliability and user-friendliness. According to their webpage, the platform has over 6 million users globally, and the numbers are rising with time. 

It currently supports over 10 thousand crypto assets and has been able to connect with over 500 exchanges. Among the features that make this platform top functional and dependable include; 

  • A data back-up and restore option, ensuring the user will not lose their entire trading data.
  • It’s easy to switch between multiple portfolios. 
  • In-built news feature that collects the latest information on Crypto
  • Secret pin option for security enhancement
  • Price notification alerts to help in decision making and taking advantage of market volatility.
  • Easy to connect it to the Slack social network
  • Inbuilt individual crypto charts 


Coinstats is a crypto portfolio tracking application designed to provide top proficiency in the management of crypto assets. It’s among the super convenient platforms available in desktop web, Mac OS, iOS, Android, and Apple Watch.

It hosts almost all the crypto assets existing in the crypto world, an estimated over 8 thousand crypto assets in over 300 exchange platforms. The platform offers features like;

  • Auto Synchronisation of all the crypto exchanges and crypto wallets
  • Personalized news feeds for your account.
  • There is a 24-hour report for the crypto market.
  • Option to receive live notifications in cases of market changes 
  • Detailed analytics on portfolio including prices, profits, or losses
  • Alerts in cases of pumps and dumps
  • Great customer support
  • Coin insights 
  • Coinstats score


Shrimpy is a crypto portfolio management website allowing users to control and manage their crypto portfolio across multiple exchanges. This platform offers top user-friendliness, convenience, and reliability, supporting about 16 exchanges, including Kraken, Binance, Bittrex, and Bitstamp. 

It allows users to build their customized portfolio and continuously rebalance their portfolio. Using Shrimpy, you can access your balances from multiple exchanges on a single dashboard. The platform hosts some of the best features, including;

  • Copy-trading through the social trading option, where users follow expert traders and copy their trading strategies
  • Expert traders get commissions based on followers.
  • There is an indexing tool allowing every user to diversify their holdings using different parameters altogether.
  • It fosters automated trading options using preset algorithms; thus no need for watching the prices 24/7  
  • A backtesting tool with a five-year trading history allowing people to make more profitable strategies


Cointracking is a top functional and reliable Crypto portfolio network, helping users make the right investment decisions. The team behind the application has been working overtime to provide the best application for users. 

The platform currently supports an excess of 70 exchanges and over 9 thousand coins. The exchanges auto-synchronize their data with the platform making it entirely up to date. Using this platform, you can choose to import your data directly from the individual Crypto wallet. 

The platform partners with multiple analytics platforms like Cryptosheets and Intotheblock to ensure users get expanded charts and unique features.

Among the best features in the platform include: 

  • Tax calculator inculcating 12 methods for tax computing
  • Supports imports from multiple wallets 
  • Offers real-time data on prices and trade profits of coins in track
  • Using APIs, you can connect to numerous popular Crypto exchange platforms.
  • Providing the trading chart feature 


Delta is a crypto portfolio tracker launched in 2017 to provide full functionality. The application gives multiple classes of assets and provides some powerful charts to ensure you easily track your portfolio.

It supports numerous Crypto exchanges, allowing you to be on top of your financial management. This platform supports Crypto and other popular assets like stocks, ETFs, Mutual funds, etc. Using this platform, you can view the balances, profits, and losses over time. Moreover, there is an in-depth analysis of your assets. Other features include; 

  • Notifications are live to alert you in case of severe price movements.
  • Supports dozens of wallets and exchange platforms 
  • News updates from Delta direct
  • Set live alerts for BTC Eth and other assets
  • Supports over 7 thousand coins and 7 exchanges

Final Word

Investing in multiple Crypto assets is not easy, and it requires the aid of a good portfolio management platform to make profits. The five platforms mentioned above are the best in the Crypto business, providing solutions uniquely. Some of these platforms are linked with many exchanges and wallets, making it easy to access and manage any coin.

Coinstats supports over 8 thousand coins and over 300 exchange networks, with others like Blockfolio supporting over 10 thousand assets and 500 exchanges. Looking at the features mentioned earlier of the individual platforms, it’s clear that they are the best portfolio management platforms.

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