The eTorox Exchange – An Easy to Follow Guide for New Users

Exchange Reviews / 09.11.2020

eTorox is a regulated cryptocurrency exchange that offers a unique set of investor tools to help large firms take their ROIs to the next level. The platform is best known for its focus on corporate and institutional-grade cryptocurrency investors. As such, eTorox offers a comprehensive product suite that meets all regulatory standards and simplifies enterprise-level investment strategies.

Institutional investors

For years analysts have predicted an influx of Institutional investment into Bitcoin. However, these funds are now just trickling into the market. The lack of a regulatory infrastructure hindered these large firms’ ability to participate without exposing their clientele to regulatory risk. The eTorox exchange designers wanted to create a highly effective, trusted, and secure cryptocurrency trading solution designed exclusively for these institutional-grade crypto traders. In this goal, the developers succeeded spectacularly.

Benefits of eTorox

eTorox introduces a variety of benefits to the market via its innovative approach. The developers took extra care to reduce technical obstacles and streamline the platform’s most vital trading activities. At just a glance, a user can ascertain their investment situation via the platform’s intuitive interface. Best of all, this interface is 100% customizable. 

You can move all aspects of the display, including the order book, market depth, charts, and portfolio allocation, to suit your needs. Features like this are what make eTorox stand out from the pack.

Fully Regulated Cryptocurrency Exchange

eTorox is fully regulated under the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission (GFSC). Exchanges with regulatory approval are more stable and can offer their services to enterprise-level clientele with confidence. In this way, eTorox offers stability on par with market-leading financial service providers.


eTorox features a streamlined, powerful, and robust matching engine that takes crypto trading to the next level. Users enjoy a truly progressive crypto asset trading experience using this platform.

Low Fees

Fees are a big concern for any traders. Day traders, who may conduct hundreds of transactions a day, must take these fees into account to avoid eliminating their ROIs. eTorox introduces a unique taker-maker pricing model that saves investors on fees and provide s these investors with more flexibility.


Get your funds transferred into cryptocurrencies faster and more efficiently. In the past, exchanges have been known to take hours, or even days, to load your fiat funds. Due to the market’s volatility, these delays can hinder your ability to stay up to date with market movements. eTorox leverages SIGNET to offer a near-instant fiat gateway to users.


eTorox provides its users with access to additional liquidity through its credit line feature. This funding is specifically earmarked for investors to use while spot trading. Few other regulated exchanges offer this service currently.

API integration

API integration allows investors to enjoy more flexibility and functionality. You can utilize API protocols to integrate wallets, third party trading interfaces, and even trading bots. You can also use API to provide faster and smoother integration and authentication.


In terms of security, eTorox has gone to great lengths to keep users’ cryptocurrencies protected. For example, the platform introduces a state-of-the-art, military-grade, cold storage CaaS (Custody as a Service) solution that eliminates online threats. In this way, institutional investors can rest assured their holdings stay safe.

How Does eTorox Work

eTorox is available in both a web-based platform or as a mobile app. The network includes a cryptocurrency digital wallet and a web-based exchange trading platform. Notably, eTorox is a centralized exchange. As such, the platform plays an intermediary role between the buyers and sellers of listed crypto assets.

Currently, eTorox offers its users access to a variety of top cryptos. The platform supports 80+ trading pairs, FX,  and commodities. Specifically, you can trade Bitcoin (BTC), Ripple (XRP), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Litecoin (LTC). eTorox also supports a large number of stablecoins coins, including:

  • CADX
  • AUDX
  • JPYX
  • CHFX
  • EURX
  • GBPX
  • NZDX
  • CNYX
  • RUBX

Notably, eTorox’s infrastructure can support tokenized assets as well. Tokenization is one of the fastest-growing techs in the blockchain sectors. To date, developers have tokenized everything from real estate, to debt, to individuals. In this way, the protocol is capable of adapting to developments when needed. 

Additionally, the system supports special order types, including TIF and Iceberg orders. This level of flexibility is meant to accommodate even the pickiest institutional investment community. Interestingly, eTorox doesn’t offer a market order option. Instead, it features a Get Best Price feature.

eTorox Wallet

You can download the eTorox wallet from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. The wallet is impressive by itself. It serves multiple functions. You can easily transfer funds from eToro to eTorox. You can also trade digital assets and purchase cryptocurrencies using a credit card directly from the wallet.

History of eTorox

eTorox entered the market in 2018 as a subsidiary of eToro. eToro has a reputation as an innovator and leader in the field of Fintech. The platform has been in existence for over a decade. Currently, it boasts over 10 million global users. As one of the few regulated exchanges in the market has secured a reputation for compliance and safety.

How to Use eTorox

To utilize eTorox, you will need to be a fully verified account holder on eToro. This process requires that you verify your identity and do all the normal KYC/AML procedures. Once your account is verified, it’s easy to begin trading. The first step is to select the cryptocurrency you want to trade. From here, you will need to choose between the Buy/Sell options depending on your strategy. Next, enter the amount you wish to trade and click Get Best Price. It’s that simple

eTorox – Bringing More Institutional Features to The Market

eTorox is perfect in its timing. The market is finally seeing institutional investors. These investors are sure to appreciate the regulated and transparent nature of eTorox. For these reasons and more, you can expect eTorox to continue to see success.

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