The Best Exchanges for Fiat-Crypto Trades for Beginners

Handy Tips / 17.02.2021

If you want to trade crypto, you will need to find a reliable and secure fiat-to-crypto trading platform. These exchanges differ from crypto-only platforms in their offerings, requirements, and, most importantly, their ability to convert fiat currency to crypto. To accomplish this task, fiat to crypto exchanges must adhere to strict regulatory requirements in most regions of the world.

These requirements can make the signup process a bit more tedious, but it also increases your consumer protections. Today, fiat-to-crypto trading platforms are very popular. With so many options to choose between, it can make a new investor’s head spin. Luckily, you won’t need to take a week off of work to study all the options available. These eleven platforms are recognized for their service and security to the market.

Coinbase Pro

American crypto traders recognize Coinbase Pro as a dependable and secure trading platform. Coinbase Pro is similar to Coinbase but has improved features and a wider selection of coins. Recently, the network expanded its altcoin options to include some popular DeFi tokens. Coinbase’s strict coin addition policy ensures that only top projects ever hit this exchange. 

Notably, Coinbase Pro is regulated and insured. The entire platform was designed to provide an easier and more intuitive trading experience.  The platform integrates a simple order process that allows immediate trading. Best of all, the mobile app offers nearly all the functionality of the web platform. is one of the oldest exchanges still in operation today. The network has faithfully served the crypto community since 2013. Since that time, the network has expanded its features and offers to include items such as instantly purchasing crypto using a debit or credit card. users enjoy the convenience of an interactive mobile app. The app is free to download and simplifies trading on the go. Impressively, also offers a healthy combination of DeFi and advanced trading options, including staking, interest-paying savings accounts, and margin trading with 100x leverage. 


BitPanda is another platform that has earned a reputation as an excellent option for those seeking fiat to crypto trading pairs. The network incorporates various professional exchange products. Notably, most of these options are geared towards European users as the platform was the first regulated crypto exchange in the EU.

This title has helped BitPanda attract a combination of users ranging from newbies all the way to institutional users. As part of the platform’s inclusive strategy, users gain access to a combination of unique features. These options include savings accounts and automatic dollar-cost averaging options. There is also an automatically rebalancing crypto index function.


Poloniex is a fully regulated centralized exchange worthy of your review. The network was one of the first platforms to enter the market. Poloniex was the first crypto exchange to seek regulatory approval from FinCEN. Since that time, the network has continued to expand its features to include more options.

Poloniex users enjoy a simple user interface with an appealing design that simplifies all the most common trading activities. The network supports over 100+ cryptocurrencies and a variety of popular fiat currencies from across the globe. Additionally, Poloniex offers a competitive fee structure and unlimited deposits to its users. 


Luno provides traders with a seamless way to convert fiat to cryptocurrency. The network offers its services via a mobile app that’s free to download on Android and iOS. From this app, anyone can effortlessly deposit, withdraw, and trade cryptocurrencies in a secure manner. 

Part of Luno’s appeal is its low fee structure. The network utilizes a sliding scale to determine your fee rate based on gross trading value. Notably, Luno offers more affordable fees than most centralized options at this time. Additionally, the network’s popularity has helped it to become a hub for traders seeking deep liquidity.

Bithumb Global

Bithumb Global offers all the benefits of the original Bithumb and more. This inclusive fiat to crypto exchange launched in 2019 in response to the growing demands of international clientele. The network incorporates aspects from the DeFi sector to create a unique trading environment for users.

Notably, Bithumb Global offers a nice selection of advanced features to users. You can trade on margin and from leveraged positions. This next-gen exchange also supports EFTs and includes an educational aspect to help improve your ROIs. 


Gemini is another popular exchange for altcoins. Gemini doesn’t offer a huge selection of altcoins, but it does provide a fully regulated and secure trading environment for the  20+ altcoins it does support. This exchange has never been hacked and is the brainchild of the renowned Winklevoss Twins. One of the exchange’s main draws is that it’s licensed as a limited liability Trust rather than an exchange with a Bitlicence.

All Gemini fiat holdings are federally insured up to $500,000. The platform also has a native stable coin named GUSD. This coin is backed by US dollars held at State Street Bank and Trust Company. Users can even place their GUSD into a saving account and earn interest.


Asian investors will find that Huobi uniquely supports their needs. This established exchange is among the top in the world in terms of the trading volume. Consequently, there is an enormous amount of liquidity for nearly every supported asset on this platform. 

In terms of fiat conversions, Huobi is one of the most flexible options in the market. The platform supports 27 fiat currencies via its user-friendly on-ramp. You can also load up your account and buy cryptocurrencies directly with your credit card. In this way, Huobi offers the market a safe and solid trading experience for a wide range of cryptocurrencies.


Bitstamp offers users instant deposit options. You can fund your account with a debit, credit, or bank transfer. This popular platform offers a low and transparent fee structure that makes it ideal for cost conscience traders. Notably, Bitstamp is regulated by the Luxembourg Financial Industry Supervisory Commission (CSSF).

Bitstamp has earned a reputation as a secure trading option for both new and intermediate traders. The network has used its position as one of the world’s oldest exchanges to improve its UX. Today, Bitstamp users enjoy a highly responsive and intuitive trading experience while remaining under the current market consumer protections. 


Kraken is a beginner-friendly centralized exchange that has earned a reputation for reliable trading and security. The network supports small starting capital and features cheaper withdrawal and trade fees compared to the competition. Kraken was the first exchange to carry out proof of reserves audits. As such, it’s one of the most open centralized exchange options for fiat to crypto investors. 

Kraken offers an impressive coin selection to help you further your investment strategy. Notably, the exchange supports a variety of fiat currencies, and deposits are quick. For these reasons, Kraken has become an established alternative in the market.


Bitfinex is another veteran exchange that has earned a positive reputation. Bitfinex has serviced the market since the earliest days of crypto. The exchange entered service back in December 2012 and was one of the first peer-to-peer trading options available to Bitcoin traders worldwide. 

Today, Bitfinex stands as a beacon of blockchain development. The network is one of the longest-running and most liquid major cryptocurrency exchanges available to users. Impressively, you can fund your account using a wide selection of fiat currencies, including USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, and CNH.

Top 11 Fiat Crypto Exchanges for Beginners

Just because you’re new to the crypto trading game doesn’t mean you have to make the same mistakes as your predecessors. Stick to these reputable exchanges, and you are sure to avoid some of the most common pitfalls that new traders encounter. As such, any of the fiat-to-crypto exchanges listed here should be all you need to start your crypto adventure.

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