The Agharta upgrade of ETC goes live on mainnet

News / 12.01.2020

The Agharta protocol upgrade of the Ethereum Classic occurred on the Mainnet today. It happened in block 9,573,000. Before the upgrade, there was a successful implementation of its test networks, namely Morden, Mordor, and Kotti.

The upgrade was able to achieve the addition of Ethereum Constantinople opcodes to Ethereum Classic mainnet. The upgrade was meant to implement some changesconstantinople bitwise shifting instructions, constantinople skinny CREATE2 opcode, and onstantinople EXTCODEHASH opcode.

The upgrade focused on increasing the interoperability of ETC and making ETC and ETH compatible. Before the upgrade, a notification from ETC Cooperative to node operators directed the latter to update their nodes prior to January 12.  ETC Cooperative also maintained that the upgrade was not “contentious hard fork” but “a routine protocol upgrade”. said the syncing of more than 57 percent of its clients for the upgrade took place while it did not happen for the remaining 42 percent.

According to the executive director of Ethereum Classic Cooperative, Bob Summerwill, concerning the number of nodes running Agharta compatible versions, it is evident that the fork was successful, as anticipated. Parity-Ethereum and Multi-Gethnode upgrades were at a quite high rate while the upgrade of the majority of the Classic Geth nodes did not occur based on recommendation. The nodes that were not upgraded are no longer in agreement.  

Summerwill, concerning the Classic Geth nodes which were not upgraded, assumed that:

“…many of these were run by node operators who spun up new nodes but kept their Classic Geth nodes running until after the hard-fork when they will be later decommissioned.”


Source: Cryptopress.

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