Stratus: The most Innovative Social Media Ecosystem

Project Reviews / 24.08.2020

The digital world is continuously encompassing new social networking trends and garnering new fanbases. Facebook, for example, has, in recent years, introduced new features that have led to an upsurge in the number of users. There are over 2.5 billion monthly active accounts on the platform. Although vastly used, these platforms still face many challenges, one of them being security.

Apollo fintech is working on launching a social networking platform that will wholly eradicate security concerns. The platform introduces Stratus, a social networking ecosystem that will feature functionalities of all social platforms. Stratus’ debut solves the need for an all-inclusive platform that blends social networking, finance, and security. This platform, which is still in the inception stage, will halt the menace of insecurity and privacy deprivation. 

Privacy and Security 

Privacy is one of the most indispensable features that all social media users need. Everyone desires to know that their data online is shielded from proscribed access. Unfortunately, almost all social media platforms have shared private data with external companies. 

For example, there were accusations that Facebook obtains phone numbers and other data from Amazon, Yahoo, and Huawei. The social media site then used the details to attach different Facebook users in the ‘people you may know’ section. The trading of individual information is a security threat to all online users. The data sold is exposed by other unsafe platforms to steal, hack, or arrange other illegal exercises. 

The Stratus ecosystem, however, completely forbids the sale of private data. All individual data remains exclusive, except that which the owner chooses to share. Account owners can limit the access of other people to the system. 

Moreover, Stratus will guarantee the secrecy of customer data by adding privacy frameworks. All transactions will have an end to end encryption. Other frameworks will accommodate password systems and other biometric identification methods to ensure that no person can access unauthorized private information. 

Stratus unites all social media platforms in one ecosystem. Therefore, extra security is vital to protecting users while switching from one platform to another. Imagine using Facebook and then switching to PayPal. Without adequate protection, criminals can attack one platform and get access to all the other platforms. However, with Stratus’ anonymity, data users will smoothly use the platforms without the fear of loss. 

Apollo Blockchain’s Security

The blockchain hub is vital in Stratus’ foundation. Blockchains are mostly known for immutability, and incorruptibility and that alone is security enough. Stratus is a release of the Apollo fintech, and therefore the Apollo blockchain is at its core. Apollo blockchain is the most prolific, immutable, and incorruptible blockchain of our time. The blockchain presents unique features of security and privacy, which are all merged in the Stratus ecosystems. As such, Stratus will be the most dependable social media platform. 

One Apollo feature that will heighten the security of individual data is the database level sharding. This kind of sharding ensures the user continues using the platform’s services even if one database division is encountering difficulties.

The Apollo updater delivers security updates to every end of the blockchain. This kind of technology will also be a part of Stratus. Regular security updates of the platform will guarantee everyone enough anonymity and zero data breaches. 

Censorship and Freedom of Speech

Some online content laws compel social media platforms to censor content dubbed as illegal. However, most of the dominant social media platforms violate boundaries by censoring, even sanctioned content, which is a fight against freedom of speech.  

Although Stratus features social media censorship, the platform works to incorporate freedom of speech to all individuals. This feature is a massive boost to content creators. It will assure them that their content is safe from censoring. The platform will not censor anything aside from illegal content. What are some of these contents quoted as unlawful?

  • Content that encourages, incite, or advocates for violence or crime. Includes materials that incite violence against women and children.
  • Content that shows or promotes child sexual abuse, including images or videos of a sexually abused child.
  • Content that aids terrorism
  • Footage of actual violence, videos of a killing

Independent Access Functions

Each of the platform’s access functions is independent of the others. For instance, to access Twitter features, you have to go to the main dashboard and select the Twitter function. That recurs in all the other platforms’ features. Independent access is an extra feature that ensures privacy and security from data breaches. 

One of Stratus’ best features is that a user will not require login details for each platform. Just one highly secured password is enough to access all accounts. That eradicates the possibility of forgetting other information.  

TikTok Rising Security Fears

There are escalating fears in the US of the presence of bugging elements in TikTok. President Trump is planning to ban Tiktok in America, owing to the suspicion that it’s a Chinese government tool to obtain US data.

Although the information is unsubstantiated, getting a platform that subdues the prospects of data fetching is crucial. Tiktok lovers will assure the security and privacy of their data after the implantation of TikTok features into the ecosystem.

Parting Shot

Apollo fintech is revolutionizing social media by introducing Stratus, a robust blockchain-based platform that focuses on privacy. Stratus offers extensive privacy features that no other social media platform can parallel. 

This all-inclusive social media platform will give individuals control over all the access to their data. It completely shuns from data selling practices that may have severe effects on individuals’ privacy. Stratus will prove to be the most secure and immutable platform. Internet users should, therefore, be ready for this platform. It’s coming soon, and its promises for security and privacy are worth checking out. 

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