StarCurve Review: The Next Generation DEX Aggregator

Project Reviews / 28.10.2020

Recent years have seen a significant rise in the popularity of decentralized finance. Gone are the days, where crypto holders could only depend on centralized exchanges to trade. It is unfortunate that cryptocurrencies, created to function under a decentralized economy, were handled under centralized exchanges. However, now holders can keep true to the original idea of decentralization presented by Satoshi in 2008.

Decentralized exchanges offer the same services as centralized exchanges with the promise of giving you full control over your finances. However, DEXes struggle to provide liquidity for its users, which are losing traders to centralized exchanges. 

StarCurve is a decentralized protocol that uses advanced DeFi Swap interfaces to match user trading pairs. This article will take an in-depth look into Starcurve and all it has to offer.

What is StarCurve?

StarCurve is a DEX aggregator. DEX aggregators are user-friendly layers built over decentralized infrastructures that collect trading data and put them in one place for the user.

The DEX aggregators allow users to trade digital assets worldwide by syncing into multiple DEXes anonymously. Furthermore, these aggregators achieve cross-blockchain compatibility by pulling data from multiple DEX order books and providing traders with the best cryptocurrency prices. 

StarCurve aims to improve the current UI and DEX aggregators for decentralized trading by creating a protocol unlike any other. StarCurve is a fully decentralized protocol with a highly advanced DeFi Swap interface, including a fair fee distribution system and advanced matching engine. 

The main objective of StarCurve is to encourage the mass adoption of DeFi by eliminating the complicated procedures associated with other DEX aggregators. The aggregator helps traders seamlessly process transactions with its user-friendly UI and matching engine for trading. 

Additionally, the aggregator sieves through live exchange rates on several DEXes to present their traders with the best value for their crypto. StarCurves increased usability, and real-time information gives their traders a centralized trading experience on a decentralized platform. Therefore, traders have more reason to perform crypto-asset pair swaps on DEXes and have their orders matched, increasing the assets’ overall liquidity.

Features of StarCurve

User-Friendly Interface

The StarCurve development team continuously improves the UI and matching engine to provide user-friendly decentralized trading. They have prioritized the development of the front end of the platform to make the interface easily usable. The StarCurve interface contains many essential features every trader needs. These include:

Asset Selection

The platform tries to make asset selection as easy and as fast as possible. The trader can switch the toggle above the list to select the asset they want to buy or sell. A trader can also input a contract address to import an asset. The team promises to import more ‘default’ assets later and improve the search option.

Pricing Charts

When traders select tokens they want to buy, the aggregator retrieves the most liquid trading pairs. StarCurve sets the best pairs as the chart’s default, but traders can easily swap to different ones. Currently, the platform has a 1hour and 1day view of chart data. 


The aggregator has a trades list that shows all the recent trades for the tokens users have selected to buy. The platform provides a timestamp that traders can click on to get redirected to the transaction in Etherscan for additional details. All traders can view their past swaps in a trade history table when they log in with their wallets


The trade section will show the best possible match for orders and on which DEX is to execute.

Fee Distribution

StarCurve rewards traders on the platform using its native token, XSTAR token. Every trade placed through StarCurve earns the traders XSTAR tokens that act as an incentive for more trade. These rewards are paid out of the liquidity pool and not minted, keeping the XSTAR supply constant.

Moreover, the aggregator adds a fee to trades conducted through the platform (0.25% per trade). 90% of the fees charged are ultimately used as dividends and distributed to XSTAR token holders. The remaining 10% will go into the upkeep and maintenance of the platform. Besides, all unsold XSTAR tokens get added to the liquidity pool.

StarCurve Liquidity

StarCurve will overcome the liquidity challenge by pooling liquidity from multiple DEXes. By syncing into multiple DEXes, the aggregator increases its chances of trade traffic and matching orders, which increases liquidity.


Historically, trading platforms and exchanges struggle to gain traction and maintain liquidity. StarCurve is an aggregator that promises to solve this challenge by giving traders improved services and access to multiple DEXes. 

The platform encourages DeFi adoption by enhancing usability and giving traders a better chance of fulfilling their orders. Traders have full control of their assets and can trade anonymously in trustless transactions. StarCurve offers a user-friendly interface combined with token rewards that will attract many users and investors.

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