Splash Network Combines Charity with a Whale-Centric UX

Project Reviews / 29.04.2021

The Splash Network is a decentralized whale-centric DeFi ecosystem and token. The developers have created a unique approach to whale manipulation and combined it with a charitable aspect. The system takes a small portion from every transaction via its charity wallet protocol. These funds are redistributed to community-selected projects. In this way, the Splash Network seeks to support vital charitable organizations while still providing earning opportunities to users.

What Problems Does the Splash Network Attempt to Fix?

The developers behind the Splash Network attempt to combat multiple issues currently facing the DeFi sector. The network integrates a combination of anti-rug pull mechanisms and security practices to keep investors safe. Additionally, the charitable aspects of the project provide it with more utility.

Whale Manipulation

One of the main issues that Splash Network tackles are whale manipulation. Whales are large investors in a project. They hold considerable sway in the price movements. In a normal scenario, whales can be a hindrance to the network. The Splash Network seeks to create a community of good Whales. 

The charitable aspects of the network ensure that whales will be the main helpers. The Splash Network was built from the ground up to help teach investors that taking profits at lower targets in large quantities can be very effective on the main nets.  

Binance Smart Chain Integration

The decision to launch the Splash Network on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) was wise because it eliminates many of the problems plaguing Ethereum DeFi. The technical characteristics of Ethereum’s blockchain are designed to increase fees alongside congestion. Unfortunately, the rise of DeFi has pushed these fees to record height.  

The Binance Smart Chain is a fourth-generation DeFi capable blockchain. The network offers the community a viable alternative to Ethereum’s fees and slow transactions. The BSC offers full support for top DeFi features such as farming, staking, and liquidity pools. It’s also faster and cheaper to use and secure. 

Benefits of the Splash Network

The Splash Network introduces some cool benefits to users. For one, there is the Karma you get from participating in a charitable cause. Also, the project offers a responsive and secure UX. The platform was recently audited by @SolidityFinance and passed with no problems.  

Investor Protections

The Splash Network’s developers have chosen to keep the project’s liquidity locked for 5-years. This strategy provides investors with confidence in the long-term goals of developers. Notably, this anti-rug pull mechanism is one of the best ways to protect investors. 

Community Driven

Another advantage of the Splash Network is its community governance protocol. Users can vote on important updates, protocol changes, adding features, and what charities to donate to. This community can communicate freely via the network’s social media, telegram, and discord channels. You need to hold SPLASH tokens to gain voting rights in the network.  

How Does the Splash Network Work

In the Splash Network, there are Whales and Apes. The project will help take you from an Ape (average trader) to a Whale. There are tutorials to help you learn the strategies and signals that whales seek. Notably, the Splash Network accomplishes three functions during each trade. 


The first function allows holders to earn passive rewards through static reflection. The more SPLASH you hold and the longer you have it in a network wallet, the more rewards you earn. These passive rewards automatically deposit in your wallet. 

LP Acquisition

The second function takes a portion of every trade and automatically generates liquidity locked inside PancakeSwap LP. The locked state of these funds ensures that this liquidity pool will see considerable growth as the network expands. Notably, PancakeSwap is the largest BSC-based DEX in the market. 

Charity Acquisition

The final stage of the process is the charitable aspect. The network takes 2% and sends it to a charitable wallet. This wallet functions as a large smart contract. The community has access to these funds to donate to worthy causes. SPLASH token holders vote to determine what causes the recipients are. 

Exclusive Whale Tools

The Splash Network has some functions that are designed for whales specifically. The developers added a feature called Whale School.  This section features a variety of instructional video tutorials and whale courses. Users can learn whale strategies and their pros and cons. 

For example, there’s access to gems. Gems are new projects with high ROI potential. Whales can use this function to locate the best gems to invest in. There’s also access to researching news and advice on determining the best buys and sells possible for fast profits and the different strategies for long-term investments. To gain access to these features, you simply need to hold a percentage of SPLASH. 


Splash is the main utility token of the DeFi ecosystem. You can use SPLASH to send or receive value internationally. The token is scalable and features low fees. There will be 1,000,000 SPLASH in total minted throughout the life of the project. The Tokenomics of the project designates 2% of all tokens going to charity, 3% going to liquidity pools, and 5% redistributed to the community.  

Splash Network Listed On PancakeSwap

Following the successful close of the firm’s pre-sale, The Splash Network is set to launch its liquidity pool on PancakeSwap. You can track the launch using the countdown timer here

The Splash Network – a Unique BSC-Based Network with Perks

The Splash Network offers users a way to escape Ethereum’s current Gas fee fiasco. Additionally, the network provides regular users with valuable insight into what it takes to think and trade like a whale. Whales are also sure to find the special perks of the platform useful.

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