Revelation Coin – Liberating the world from the future imposed Payment System

Project Reviews / 07.08.2020

The most widely used form of payment around the globe is the use of both fiat and electronic payment systems, which are governed by Central Banks across the world. The poor policies of governments have resulted in the increasing inflation, which ends up devaluing currencies and, in the end, increasing the cost of living.

It has long been foretold, in several history books, that an era would arise, where the entire world would use one currency initiated by an individual/group presiding over the financial affairs of the globe. This may sound far-fetched, but the products of technology every now and then move us into this period.

Some countries have advanced into the placement of chips under the skin of individuals, through which every data including his/her financial status can be accessed. To counteract this one world order state of currencies, cryptocurrencies were deployed into this world as a digital currency for peer-to-peer transactions, void of any central control. Unfortunately, most of these cryptocurrencies have no clue about the imminent Sword of Damocles that is about to befall the world.

Revelation Coin Project, as the name goes, foresees this future and is putting measures in place to elude this dictatorship control in terms of people’s financial transactions. Still adopting the blockchain technology, this project will bring this vision to life with the use of a complete crypto bartering system made across multiple blockchain networks and accessible through a mobile blockchain system.

What makes up Revelation Coin Project Ecosystem

This project comprises several features, such as: Bartering/Trading System, REV Cross-Blockchain Coins, Mobile Blockchain, which will all contribute to a real mode of payment that is self-sustainable and community governed.

To begin with, the Bartering/Trading system of this project is similar to what our traditional financial systems were used in the older days, but this is modified using blockchain technology, hence reducing any chances of drastic inflation. With a total supply of 20 billion REV Coins another set of coins called Revelation Xtra Coins are being distributed among hodlers of the native coin.

These REV Xtra coins are REV Silver, REV Gold, REV Platinum, REV Diamond, and their supply decreases in the order as written above hence, REV Silver has the largest supply whiles REV Diamond has the least. The Xtra coins will work alongside the REV Coin in the ecosystem, just as we have different denominations of currency and with different values as well.

The distributed ledger of blockchain networks has always been stuck on servers (supercomputers), hence limiting the interaction users can have with it when they want to, no matter where they are. The team has thought it would be wise to bring distributed ledger as close to users as possible, by enabling a mobile blockchain system.

This is one of the incredible initiatives they want to put in place, in order to make the Revelation Coin Ecosystem a truly decentralized one, where everyone can contribute to keeping it secured, through their phone and other simple smart devices. The mobile chain will be designed to host the complete bartering system with plans to allow other tokens to interact with it through smart contracts.

The mass adoption of cryptocurrencies will certainly not come with the use of Bitcoin only, but with the support of other altcoins that have use cases targeting the failing and corrupt traditional systems. In view of this, there is a plan to allocate portions of REV Coins on at least 4 different blockchain networks such as Litecoin, Waves, Tron, SLP networks, in addition to its parent Ethereum network.

For every amount of coins that is minted on these networks, an equal portion of the ERC 20 based will be burnt to keep the total supply of REV Coins the same as always. This idea and its implementation will widen the reach of Revelation Coin Project to other crypto communities, thus enabling everyone anywhere to use it without limiting it to the Ethereum blockchain.

Coupled with all this dedication, the team has advanced to integrating with other platforms to boost the use cases of REV Coin. Currently, it is being accepted by AusChauffeur Racing, GotRektDesigns, AusChauffeur as a payment method, and it’s also working hard to connect with other blockchain solutions to work in achieving this mission. The Revelation Coin Project has always been community-driven, hence looking out for individuals who share similar thoughts of having a truly decentralized cryptocurrency to use as a payment tool in the exchange of goods and services.

What makes this Project Unique?

Community driven has always been the spirit behind this project and it has made remarkable progress since its inception. They have distributed REV Coins through several giveaways and community participation activities. This brings to memory a community singing competition which was organized some time ago and Sam from Brazil, made an amazing tune in support of this project.  They listed on many exchanges as well, even without any form of pre-funding from the crypto community. This is not something you find very common in this industry and this shows how dedicated the team is for the long-term vision of this project. If you are looking to become part of something big, something that will change how the world uses cryptocurrencies to make payments, then this revelation has been unveiled to you today.


Though the inspiration of this project was derived from a religious book, its community is a global one that warmly welcomes every living being of any religion to be a part of. They have put together an ecosystem that consists of a mobile blockchain platform for ease of use, a self-sustainable bartering system as a payment method for its community.

The future of a truly decentralized financial system preparing to forfeit the one-world currency begins with Revelation Coin Project and is being spearheaded by a group of crypto enthusiasts, who are highly experienced in their respective disciplines to make this project a success. Join their active community that is prepared, equipped, and united to overcome the one world financial control that is yet to come.

Connect with them on their official platforms with the links below:

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