Registering and Connecting your Exchange APIs to the Shrimpy Application

Handy Tips / 01.07.2021

Shrimpy is a trading bot that allows traders with any level of experience to gain an edge in their crypto trading strategies by automating all the tedious tasks associated with manual cryptocurrency investing.

The platform offers portfolio management services and an API for seamlessly connecting to several exchanges in one platform. You will need to connect your exchange APIs to the Shrimpy application to begin trading on Shrimpy.

Signing up with Shrimpy is quick and easy when you follow the steps below. To begin, you need to sign up for and create an account.

Once registered, hover over your name in the top right corner and click on “Add Account” to connect your preferred Exchange.

Go to the “Exchanges” tab in settings. You will see a drop-down with each of the exchanges that Shrimpy supports, along with text boxes to input the relevant information about your API keys.

Guide for every Exchange Supported on Shrimpy

Every Exchange differs from another, meaning it will generate your exchange API keys quite differently, or it may slightly adjust the information they provide. Due to this inconsistency, it put a guide for every Exchange supported on shrimpy together. You can read through the Exchange of your choice here

Select the Exchange from the list below that you would like to connect to Shrimpy, and you find an easy way to do that.

What is Shrimpy?

Shrimpy is a powerful crypto trading bot founded in 2018. It is focused on automated portfolio management, social trading, and long-term portfolio growth. The shrimpy bot functions through a web-based application that it may access through its official website.

The Shrimpy team formed a platform that makes it easy for you to grow your crypto portfolio in an automated fashion and copy the best traders’ strategies in the market. In addition, Shrimpy allows you to form custom indexes across all connected exchanges and implement a unique trading strategy for each one.

Exchanges Supported

Shrimpy supports several exchanges like Binance,, Bibox, Bitfinex, Bitmart, Bittamp, Bittrex, Coinbase Pro, Gemini, HitBTC, Huobi, KuCoin, Poloniex, Kraken, and OKEx.

Shrimpy has a free version with limited capabilities for those who are just getting started as you mimic the trading of the world’s best traders.

You can connect different crypto trading exchanges to the same platform for those who need professional trading features and earn revenue when people follow your trades.

It is possible to do Portfolio allocation and management of coins simultaneously on a brilliantly designed interface. You can also change your strategies based on portfolio performance efficiently.

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