Raven X Provides Cryptocurrency Donors with More Transparency

Project Reviews / 18.04.2021

Raven X is a new decentralized donation platform that leverages blockchain tech to provide donors with full transparency. As part of the platform’s unique approach, the network automatically sends a small percentage of every transaction fee to the Binance Charity Wallet. This wallet will be used to provide last-mile solutions for impactful social projects. So far, they have succeeded in generating over $154,000 in under 5 days.

It’s this focus on a charity that sets Raven X aside from its competitors. This strategy adds utility to the token, goodwill,  transparency to the process, and lowers costs. Notably, Raven X has already sparked interest in the market. There are currently 4963 Raven X holders. The coin now has a market cap of $3.6 million.

What Problems Does Raven X Attempt to Fix?

The developers behind Raven X attempt to solve some critical problems in the market. The primary concern the project addresses is sustainability. The recent surge of RFI/LIQ tokens in the market has made it difficult to differentiate what projects deserve your investment. The humanitarian aspect of Raven X provides goodwill to all.

Inefficient Processes

The traditional donation channels are complicated, outdated, and expensive. In many cases, most of the funds get spent on third parties, with very little making it to the donor’s cause. Raven X leverages smart contracts to automate the entire process. In this way, the platform eliminates the middleman. In turn, more funds reach their intended donation. 

Rug Pull

Raven X’s team has decided to lock their developer funding for 6 months. These funds are securely stored with DXSALE. Additionally, the project’s liquidity pool is locked for an entire year. These decisions help show the investment community the team’s long-term development goals and to sure up confidence in the project.

High Fees

Another major concern for DeFi users is high fees. Ethereum’s network congestion has created record-high gas fees. Gas is the cost of executing a smart contract on the blockchain. Raven X users avoid these issues because the platform operates on the Binance Smart Chain. This fourth-gen network was built to provide advanced capabilities and scalability to the ecosystem. Ethereum DeFi users have flocked to BSC platforms lately as a way to avoid fees. 

Benefits of Raven X

Raven X introduces some cool benefits to the sector through its unique structure. The platform leverages the transparency of blockchain to provide donors the ability to track their funds to their destination. Users will always know their donations are having an impact using Raven X’s network.


One of the developer’s main concerns when building Raven X was to ensure the safety of all the funds. To accomplish this task, they have gone to great lengths. They recently completed a third-party BSC Scan audit. The platform removes human intervention from the donation process as smart contracts, including team funds, lock all funds, and charitable contributions are all automatically sent.


Another nice feature about Raven X is its deflationary protocols. Deflationary mechanisms provide developers with more control over the project’s token demand. If the token’s value begins to drop, a burn removes some of the circulating supply, which increases the demand. Notably, Raven X has a 2% burn fee on all transactions. 

Passive Rewards

Raven X token holders are entitled to a piece of the network’s earnings as well. There is a 2% redistribution fee that gets split between the community. Raven X holders don’t have to stake their tokens or wait for these fees to be delivered. The fees are immediately reflected in the holder’s balance. 

Good Will

One of the best reasons to participate in the Raven X network is the humanitarian aspect. The platform takes 2% of every transaction fee. These fees are then traded for BNB and sent to the Binance Charity Wallet. You can track the flow of all donations via the Charity contributions tracker

Raven X

Raven X is the main utility token for the network. Users can send value globally using Raven X. The network is censorship-resistant and designed to scale up to meet the needs of its growing community. There are 500 million Raven X tokens in total. This number will decline as the deflationary protocol eventually eliminates more coins. 

How Does Raven X Work

The core protocol of Raven X is the added utility gained from the charitable aspects of the project. Users will be able to go to the network and find reliable projects that have been proven to be valuable to society. Here, users can select where they want their donations to go. The network will feature a host of up-and-coming charitable organizations selected by Raven X after months of due diligence.

Charity Wallet

If you don’t have a particular donation in mind, the network will automatically send your funds to the Binance Charity Wallet. These funds will then be available to projects that are only a few steps away from making a major difference. Since the charity wallet is part of the network’s core coding, it’s set to grow as more users enter the Raven X network. The goal of the developers is to have this charitable liquidity pool fund some life-changing humanitarian efforts globally.  Anyone can view the progress here.

How to Get Raven X

Raven X had a huge success with the DxSale held presale, where the 250 BNB hard cap was filled in 20 minutes. Now, you can only buy it on Pancakeswap and JazzDeFi.

Raven X – Decentralized Donations via Liquidity Pools

You have to hand it to the developers behind the Raven X concept. Donors have long complained about inefficiencies within the current networks. Now they have a way to ensure that their funds are reaching their intended destination. This charitable aspect, combined with the passive rewards offered via the redistribution mechanism, makes Raven X a unique project on the BSC. You can find out more about Raven X here.

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