Quantum Works Introduces a Fairer Gaming Business Model

Project Reviews / 31.05.2021

Quantum Works seeks to integrate two of the fastest-growing tech sectors – blockchain and gaming. The company is hot off a successful seed funding round where it secured its goal of $1 million in under a week. Notably, Quantum Works marks the first time a cryptocurrency was used to launch a gaming studio successfully. 

The funding gained during the event will further the development and marketing of a AAA gaming title and studio. Notably, AAA Gaming studios are the top-tier content creators in the market. Triple AAA titles can take years to develop and cost millions to complete.

For reference, Electronic Arts and Ubisoft Montreal are AAA companies in the video game industry. Quantum Works will be the first studio designed from the ground to integrate decentralized assets within titles. Keenly, the developers hope to compete with these established brands via their unique approach.

Team Expansion

Quantum Works has been recruiting as of late. The project recently secured Jamie Magnus Stone as a team member. Stone has worked on a variety of large projects in his +10 years in the industry. He was nominated for a BAFTA for his short film Orbit Ever After and has been a vocal participant in the sector. Now, his talents will be put to the test helping Quantum Works build its first next-gen gaming title – Project Quantum.

Project Quantum

Project Quantum is slated to be the group’s first release. The game is already under development, according to company documentation. The game is made possible via a strategic partnership with One Pixel Brush. One Pixel Brush is an established digital art studio known for its realistic and inspiring digital artwork. 

Quantum Works intends to utilize the platform’s native cryptocurrency QBIT to drive gameplay. As such, users will be able to earn as they circumnavigate the digital landscape. They will also have the opportunity to trade their earnings for other digital assets.

Project Quantum Game Play

As part of the team’s strategy, gameplay details have been scarce. However, some key aspects are known about Project Quantum at this point. The developers have confirmed it will feature large-scale online multiplayer gameplay. 

The title will have users compete in various treasure hunts. Users will explore the immersive world to discover rare and valuable artifacts. Unlike your traditional games, the treasures uncovered by players through chance or puzzles in Project Quantum possess real value. 

These discoveries can potentially yield huge prizes. Top tier prize levels are set to range from $10,000 to $50,000. This strategy is sure to help drive interests in the title as gamers start to see rewards for their efforts.


Project Quantum is still in its development stages. The game will eventually encompass a vast digital landscape. For now, the developers are programming on the latest gaming engine. Specifically, Unreal Engine 4 is in use as a development platform. However, the title is being built to migrate over to Unreal Engine 5 seamlessly.

The Unreal Engine 5 is scheduled for release later this year. It will be the latest edition of Epic Game’s gaming engines. According to the company, the engine can achieve near photorealism on par with movie CG and real life. This engine will no doubt help provide a better UX.

What Makes Quantum Works Unique

One of the coolest aspects of the Quantum Works platform is the fun way it helps further cryptocurrency adoption. The game operates as an onramp into the market. The platform’s strategy provides gamers with an opportunity to share in the billions that the gaming industry generates and earn their first digital assets. In this way, Quantum Works introduces an educational twist and a fairer gaming model into the sector. 

Quantum Works Mechanics

Quantum Works operates on the Binance Smart Chain. This blockchain features advanced features such as low fees and fast transaction times. Developers and users continue to migrate to the BSC as they explore Ethereum alternatives. This migration is being fueled mainly by the high congestion and fees Ethereum users are currently enduring.

Game Wallet

Quantum Works introduces a 3.5% fee on all network transactions. These fees are crucial to the platform’s functionality because they are what’s used to fund the in-game prizes. Notably, the Game Wallet is already holding +$500,000. These holdings will see major expansion as more users join the network in the coming weeks. 


Users interact with the Quantum Works economy via QBIT. This token serves multiple roles in the ecosystem. You receive rewards in QBIT. It can also be traded or used to make in-game purchases. Notably, QBIT is a BEP-20 token. As such, it’s compatible with other wallets and DEXs in the Binance ecosystem.  

You can get your hands on some QBIT on a couple of well-known exchanges. PancakeSwap, the largest DEX within the Binance network, offers the token to traders. It’s also listed on Bogged and PooCoin Charts. QBIT will see more listing as the project expands. 

Blockchain in Gaming

This latest development falls in line with the overall growing trend of blockchain integration into the gaming sector. Blockchain enables the tokenization of nearly any asset; meaning games can include access to real value. Additionally, these developments create a demand for decentralized gaming asset markets. 

The melding of blockchain and gaming technologies introduces some cool benefits. For example, blockchain game players could potentially take their unique public addresses from one game to another. Another cool advantage is the ability to host live in-game auctions for real assets.  The open nature of the blockchain transparently provides these options. 

History of the Quantum Works

The Quantum Works concept entered the market in 2021. The project’s founder, Fraser Gordon, wanted to create a more democratic and fairer business model for the gaming sector. Unlike some of his competitors, Gordon has taken great care to keep the entire operation regulatory compliant. The firm operates as a registered company. All company executives have undergone full KYC, and the platform has completed a CtdSec Audit.

A Quantum Leap for Gamers

The Project Quantum is set to provide a new gaming experience to users>; it will be interesting to see how quickly the hype spreads once gamers start to hit these giant windfalls. For now, you can find out more about the project here

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