PubgSwap: A Digital Ecosystem Driving Growth in Innovative Economies

Project Reviews / 02.11.2020

The blockchain space is a universe of trends and opportunities driving the globe into a smart world. For instance, blockchain introduces many ways of making money, including staking, mining, etc. Moreso, the blockchain is impacting the entertainment sector, with the gaming industry being the biggest beneficiary. Research by Statista shows that at least 23% of people believe that blockchain has significantly impacted gaming through gaming safety. Moreover, another 19% believe that blockchain’s gaming role promotes customers’ trust in online gaming. 

However, although the blockchain universe dominates the gaming industry, it still lacks some basics like in-game payment options for players. A new platform, PubgSwap, is on the rise, revolutionizing the in-game payment system and offering more opportunities in the creative industry. 

What is PubgSwap Coin?

PubgSwap is a digital ecosystem driving innovative economies in the media, lifestyle, fashion, and design fields. This unique platform transforms how communities coordinate projects and engage customers up to the transaction completion level. 

Moreover, the platform aims to provide cryptographically implemented contract systems to revolutionize our daily lives through emerging markets and trends, ultimately fostering growth. Unlike other platforms that don’t deliver on their promises, PubgSwap claims they will ensure it eventually delivers on its set promises, thus bracing the way to dominance in the blockchain business. 

PubgSwap Token

PubgSwap introduces a token, PWAP token, a currency system that allows players to sell in-game items as non-fungible tokens. The primary use of the PWAP token is purchasing and selling NTF. 

A player in need of an item will first acquire PWAP tokens in the exchanges or sell some things. Moreover, they can earn the tokens by leveraging a future planned release feature dubbed the in-game card payment system. The second functionality of the PWAP token is paying for transaction fees

PubgSwap platform sets policies ensuring the assets do not lose value but rather a constant rise in value. 

Presale and Token Distribution

The total number of PWAP tokens in the platform is 2.5 million. PWAP token presale is set to begin on November 3rd, 2020, lasting to November 8th. In this presale period, PubgSwap aims to sell 70% of the tokens, equal to 1.75 million tokens, to the community. 

The platform accepts both ETH and USD payments from ERC-20 supported wallets like Trust wallet and Metamask; therefore, each token will sell at $0.3 or 0.0008 ETH. Investors will receive their tokens in their wallets 24 hours after purchasing; hence, no long waits. 

Ten minutes after the presale’s end, PubgSwap will burn all the unsold tokens, thus bolstering the tokens’ demand and liquidity. Moreover, to enhance the liquidity, PubgSwap will register its tokens to UniSwap

PubgSwap will distribute the rest of the tokens as follows;

pawp token mentrics and distribution

  • 17% of the tokens to team founders
  • 9% will go to reserved funding
  • 3% will go to advisors
  • 1% falls to bounty and campaigns 

PubgSwap Partners 

According to the PubgSwap team, they will partner with several parties, aiming to give even better services. These partners include; 


Tron is a decentralized content protocol revolutionizing the content entertainment business by leveraging blockchain technologies. The Tron network attributes include high scalability, high throughput, and all-time availability, all courtesy of Tron’s blockchain operating system. Merging all those attributes makes Tron the topmost functional blockchain protocol with over 4 million active users. 


OpenSea is the first platform to introduce a peer-to-peer marketplace feature for blockchain-based assets like gaming items. The platform’s developing team is made of experts in blockchain and non-blockchain technologies. 


The Sandbox is a virtual play platform allowing players to own and monetize their gaming experience on a blockchain. This platform betters the gaming experience by embedding the VoxEdit NFT builder, an asset marketplace, and a game maker tool for interactive and constructive gaming. Moreover, gamers can store, trade, and monetize their designs on a blockchain. 


The Xangle project holds accurate information on crypto financed projects, thus providing due diligence reports of crypto projects, including exchanges. This project partnership will bolster investor trust in the platform, thus fostering both Xangle and PubgSwap.


Klaytn is an enterprise-grade global public blockchain project introducing a user-friendly network to millions. It’s characterized by decentralized data, control and governance, low latency, and high scalability. 

The PubgSwap Roadmap

By the end of the third quarter of 2020, PubgSwap had launched the Matic network. The platform allows users to deposit and withdraw ethereum based assets by leveraging the Matic Plasma implementation in alpha Plasa. The Matic addition allows cross-asset swaps between ERC71-ERC20, ERC20-ERC20, and ERC721-ERC721

In the fourth quarter, PubgSwap will launch Airdrop’s functionality. At the start of 2021, the platform will develop the application and blockchain, featuring the gaming and entertainment industry. Additionally, the platform will transition to NFT and yield farming mainnet by the end of the second quarter in 2021. By the end of 2021’s third quarter, the platform will offer business-related services by introducing business platforms. 


The PubgSwap platform’s introduction will drive the tokenization of many services, predominantly in the creative industry, media, fashion, etc. It will merge a token dubbed PWAP, whose main aim will be to act as a medium of exchange for blockchain game players who need to purchase in-game items. Moreover, this token will be a medium for paying the transaction fees in the platform’s services.

This platform is already partnering with other great venues to provide complete services for gamers and token users. By having many partnerships, investors will trust the platform, and the tokens released will have a high liquidity ratio. Interest investors can participate in their presale is starting on November 3rd.

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