Predicting This Week’s ETH Performance

News / 29.12.2019

The ETH/USD price is incredibly moving upwards. The price may rise to above $ 130 and $ 135 to a powerful uptrend. Last week, the price dropped below the support at $ 126. However, the ETH/USD 

The 4-hour price chart reveals that the price got close to the support zone at $ 122 and remained under 100 SMA.

Eventually, the ETH/USD formed its latest low close to $ 123 before the start of an upside correction. The price continued over the hurdle at $ 125. Additionally, a key resistance formed close to the zone at $ 130, leading to a selling trend line with limitations close to $ 130.

Analyzing the ETH Price Chart

The ETH price chart shows that the immediate hurdle over the trend line is close to $ 132 and the 100 SMA. Additionally, the critical hurdle is close to $ 315 and has a high chance of inclining. If an upsurge happens, ETH’s price could rise towards the limitations at $ 144 and $ 150.

On the contrary, the price may incline over the hurdles at $ 130 and $ 132, hence risking a move on the downside, under the support at $ 122 and $ 120. A seller getting a momentum below $ 120 could lead to a breakdown, thus visiting the support zone at $ 105.

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