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Crypto Interviews / 09.04.2019

PicureEx (PIC) is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency project that makes it possible to share photos and art around the world and receive digital currency for your work. Check out below our interview with the team and join their fast growing community, here.

What led to the creation of The PictureEx Project?

The idea behind PictureEX is to buy, sell and share your pictures as artwork all over the world while enjoying the benefits of the blockchain technology and digital currencies. PictureEX will be the underlying utility token, used for micro payments for the work you will share with people interested in using it.

Can you share a bit about your experience and background?

Tom (38 years old): Family father with experience in Electronics and Project Leading. I have been in to cryptocurrency long enough to see the potential in mass adaption we have with this project.

Shillbill (23 years old): My expertise is Social Media & Marketing; I define myself as hard working person and an avid crypto learner. I joined crypto in 2017 and, everyday, I learn a lot about this new technology and its potential.

B-Chain (25 years old): I joined crypto communities in early 2018. The last months have been a good lesson for me. Crypto is still in its early stages, same as our project, PictureEX. I am trying to do my best to have things done differently than others.

Xiuan (29 years old): I started being interested in cryptocurrency in mid 2015 and invested, two years later, in 2017. I acquired a lot of knowledge about how digital currencies work and how the market reacts to certain news. I believe the blockchain technology and digital currencies will change the way we use and spend money.

Roy (24 years old): I am a sports fan and working in the sports industry; I like to apply the skills acquired at my current job to make our project successful. I am a dedicated perfectionist, transparent, innovative and socially strong. I always felt the need of contributing and help out the projects I have been investing in, and I discovered a new passion, PicureEX, when I joined the team.

What is the biggest USP of The PictureEX Project?

That you can share your pictures rights completely independent from any bank account or credit card, as well as 3rd parties. Everyone will be able to join our solution; even people without a bank account, all you need is a smartphone.

What are the biggest challenges you foresee for the PictureEX Project success?

That we don’t get enough time and trust from the community to build up this idea to a great product and a running business. Another challenge would be to keep up with the big projects that exist. PictureEX will continue to deliver and we know the end goal of the project. Organizations that will nurture their culture and connect it with their strategic direction, values and brand will always have a future.

What are your future plans?

There are many things we could do in the future…Honestly, our priority now is moving to the Quark POS/Mastenode blockchain and finishing the development of our wallet and Masternodes solution we have planned for Q2. We also want to write a more detailed whitepaper as we know the importance of being a professional project. After completing the white paper, we will upgrade our website too. We have more surprises in our bag, we will implement our PictureExchange database and a mobile app too. We will give more details in the upcoming updates.

What is your view about impact of your blockchain solution in the future ?

As we already mentioned, the whole crypto world is at a very early stage. We hope that with our solution we help in the crypto space to be mass adopted. We address to all people, especially to the unbanked or with limited possibilities of earning an income one a global scale. Think about a person who’s living in Africa and takes a picture of a beautiful landscape, he may be able to sell the rights of being used by other with our solution. We think this is an extraordinary opportunity, and is also the reason our project will remain standing.

What services do you wish to integrate on your portal?

Sell and buy rights for pictures and art, since this our main goal. We also plan to implement Atomic swaps within our upcoming app and website so people can pay in other currencies too. We will also listen to our community and give it a voice about the direction of the project.

How will you monetize contributions by your members?

We will have a service fee for providing the platform and payment solution. In this way we can monetize a contribution from our members.

Who are your major competitors?

In the crypto world we have none we would say, outside of course it’s shutterstock

What value of the token can we expect a year down the line?

Wow, that’s a hard question! In this long never ending bear market, we are not even sure what to predict. We hope the community will see a good value in our project. We have enough on the rise to deliver results. Failure is not an option for our entire team.

PIC Coin Tech SpecsCurrently, PictureEx (PIC) is a token based on the waves platform and can be traded here. The team is planning to move it on to their own blockchain solution based on the Proof of Stake algorithm with masternodes integrated. 

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