Paul Veradittakit Discusses Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Issues

News / 05.01.2020

Paul Veradittakit has been contributing to venture capital and hedge fund investments. He is likewise a partner of Pantera Capital. In recent times, he discussed his insight into major concepts related to crypto, and likewise proposed his projections for this year.

He discussed some of the major events that rocked the cryptocurrency domain and blockchain last year and quickly predicted what would happen in 2020.

He first spoke about Libra proposed by Facebook. According to him, Libra will bring forth several conversations concerning regulatory issues and data privacy. He mentioned the testimony of David Marcus against the concerns of the United States lawmakers.

As regards BTC halving scheduled for May, Veradittakit thinks it will bring forth a remarkable bull run in BTC market. He continued that the halving could keep the price of BTC relatively high throughout this year.

He talked about the growth of Decentralized Finance (DeFI). He maintained that it will continue to grow this year as it was one of the largest areas of crypto growth last year. He predicted that more users may use services such as Maker, Compound, and InstaDapp. The amount locked could increase as DeFI keeps attracting mainstream consumers and cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Veradittakit said the growth of Central Bank Digital Currencies will be steady this year as the blockchain sector continues to grow. As regards digital Yuan, he noted that it will point to the way digital assets perform in mainstream use cases, especially on platforms such as Alibaba and Baidu.

In conclusion, he addressed the regulatory issues that projects related to cryptocurrency encountered in 2019. Veradittakit said investors can expect the regulation of technologies that uses zero-knowledge proof, blockchain and electronic digital finance privacy issues and the current rift over the recognition of some tokens and currencies and securities versus commodities.


Featured image courtesy of Paul Veradittakit via Twitter. Source: Cryptopress.

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