Paul Veradittakit Airs His Projections on Crypto And Blockchain Problems

News / 05.01.2020

Paul Veradittakit, a Pantera Capital partner, has influenced the digital currency market and blockchain technologies through hedge fund investments and venture capital contributions. Following his recent insights based on significant concepts primarily related to cryptocurrency, he shows his great interest in the crypto market. He is also seen to propose his comments and thoughts on this year’s projections. 

Veradittakit Comments on Cryptocurrency Predictions

From his point of view, he had an in-depth understanding of the major events that happened concerning the digital currency market, elaborating on these happenings that rocked the cryptocurrency market as well as the challenges faced in the blockchain technologies experienced in 2019, basing his current predictions on the quarterly performance and 2020 predictions of the digital currencies. 

Veradittakit’s first comments were in respect to Facebook’s Libra network, where he expounded on the basic facts that would be brought about by its launch, basing his arguments on the issues dealing with regulation as well as data security. In his insights into the crypto market, he also brought up the lawmakers’ concerns in the United States. 

He also shared his thoughts about understanding the BTC market, remarking on its bullish response that would follow the Bitcoin halving scheduled for May this year. Based on his projection on the BTC valued prices, he suggested that the halving event maintain the digital currency’s high values throughout the year. 

His insights were also directed at the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) growth. He commented and maintained his initial thoughts that it would be edified this year following the part played last year. It was among the largest growing areas in cryptocurrency in 2019. Veradittakit’s predictions suggested that more users will be involved in utilizing services such as InstaDapp, Maker, and Compound. He also commented that the locked amounts would increase as the DeFi continues to attract many mainstream customers and enthusiasts involved in the digital currency markets. 

More Details

Based on his review of the crypto predictions he made on the 3rd of January 2020, in his own words, he explained that “We’ve got some high hopes for 2020 – the innovations we’ve seen in the last year enable a diversity of awesome use cases for crypto, highlight some critical areas for improvement, and represent a huge advancement in the technicality and complexity of the industry.”

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