P2P Validator – A Popular Crypto Staking Pool For Passive Income

Project Reviews / 02.12.2020

P2P Validator is a popular staking pool that allows users to combine their crypto and split the rewards. The platform continues to gain momentum in the network due to its user-friendly interface and its wide selection of stakable coins. The developers behind P2P Validator sought to develop a pool to protect your assets while generating maximum returns. The project’s end goal is to shift the motivation criterion equilibrium from private concerns to a community-based perspective.

P2P Validator – Staking pool

Staking pools are one of the fastest-growing tech sectors in the market. The introduction of the DeFi market has placed this functionality in the spotlight as of late. Staking pools allow users to combine their staking efforts to gain more rewards. Like the way a mining pool functions, the rewards are split up amongst the pool participants based on their contribution level.

What Problems Does P2P Validator Attempt to Fix?

P2P Validator attempts to tackle one of the most pressing issues facing the market today – How to maximize your staking strategy and streamline the entire process of monitoring multiple staking pools at once? Currently, this task requires a serious commitment on the part of investors. Staking pools are known to alter their reward payouts based on specific criteria. This scenario means that successful staking investors need to monitor the sector for changes continuously. P2P Validator eliminates these issues.

  • Management

P2P Validator is unique in its approach to the market. The platform combines different networks under a single interface to streamline monitoring across various pools. Specifically, the dashboard allows you to track XTZ, ATOM, and KAVA rewards in real-time. You gain the ability to monitor your entire staking portfolio from one easy-to-navigate interface. In this way, you can painlessly stake your assets across the 9+ Proof-of-Stake networks currently supported.

  • Centralization

Even though the DeFi sector is new, there are already signs of centralization emerging. P2P Validator helps to alleviate these concerns by making all of its stakable assets equally accessible to users. This strategy means that P2P investors can effortlessly hop between staking pools with a simple click of their mouse. In this way, investors can pursue a multi-pool staking strategy.

  • Low Rewards

Another issue that P2P Validator attempts to rectify is low rewards. Since staking pools can vary in their rewards based on the participation level and other factors, it’s necessary to continually monitor your staked investments. In a standard staking scenario, you would need to ride out your staking period in the lower-paying pool. P2P makes it easy to see where your pool rewards rank amongst the market. In this way, you can always make an informed decision on what investment offers the highest ROI.

Benefits of P2P Validator

Investors gain significant benefits when they incorporate P2P Validator into their approach. For one, few platforms offer investors the peace of mind gained from this protocol. Investors save hours monitoring their investments because there is never a need to switch between wallets and staking service providers. Consequently, you remain with your finger on the pulse of the market.

  • Easy

The developers behind P2P went to great lengths to simplify the core process. There is no need for special technical knowledge to stake on the platform. Additionally, you can see your projected earnings net of fees in tokens and USD. You can also calculate and compare your income via the live buttons. Investors can leverage advanced rewards report to help to reveal your current APR interest in a stake. 

  • Security

When it comes to DeFi, it’s crucial you only participate in the most secure platforms. P2P was built with maximum security in mind. The P2P Validator platform frequently welcomes third-party auditors to verify the network’s infrastructure security. To date, P2P has an impressive record of 99% uptime.

  • Transparency

All staking activities are visible and transparent using this system. Users have instant access to all the most vital data needed to make responsive investments. You can monitor all financial data on returns, cycles, stake amount, and delegation capacity from a glance at the interface. You can also watch the status of all networks.

  • Quality Selection

P2P has gone above and beyond in terms of selecting only high profitability staking networks. To even be considered for acceptance on this network, you must be a successful and promising blockchain network on the rise.

  • Ledger support

P2P is a hardware wallet compatible staking system. This feature is a massive plus as it means that you can stake directly from your hardware wallet. Currently, the network supports staking and claiming while using a Ledger device.

  • Reward

Notably, P2P has a slew of upcoming contests and rewards for users. For example, there is a stake drop from the Marlin network scheduled for this month. The event will allow you to delegate your XTZ, ATOM, DOT, IRIS with P2P Validator and receive POND token rewards for your efforts. 

How Does P2P Validator Work

Starting an account on P2P is easy. You will need to provide an email and login to get started. Next, you need to fund your account. Once you load your coins, you are ready to begin. Choose a pool to stake in, and the rest is automated. 

History of P2P Validator

P2P Validator was established in 2018. The project’s primary focus is to positively influence the development of Proof-of-Stake technology and improve existing networks. In the future, developers seek to become a leading educational hub and informational source for all things Peer-to-Peer and blockchain. 

In September 2020, P2P Validator announced a grant work project focused on connecting the Polkadot and Filecoin ecosystems by creating an ETL solution. P2P currently has 2790 active stakers. These users have $ 261,773,086+ in total staked assets. Impressively, these assets have paid out $14,373,082+ in rewards to date. 

P2P Validator – Secure Non-Custodial Staking

Staking pools are one of the most exciting DeFi developments to hit the market. Platforms like P2P help to further the adoption of these next-generation protocols and improve investor ROIs. You can expect P2P to see more adoption as the DeFi sector is just heating up. For now, anyone can use this platform to see higher returns.

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