Optimus Exchange: An Optimal Ecosystem for Trading & Listing Digital Currencies

Project Reviews / 23.06.2020

A cryptocurrency exchange is a platform that allows crypto traders to buy/sell digital assets for fiat money or other digital assets. Since the first listing of BTC on Mar 17, 2010, the platforms have seen a high adoption rate on the now-defunct BitcoinMarket.com. Today, there are hundreds of crypto exchanges that cumulatively exceed $272,760,370,839 in market capitalization.

There are many great exchanges in the market today. While new exchanges present many attractive opportunities, only a few are genuine and legal. We look into one of the most promising cryptocurrency trading platforms – Optimus Exchange in the following paragraphs.

What is Optimus Exchange?

As the name suggests, Optimus exchange is a cryptocurrency trading platform whose aim is to give crypto traders an optimal trading environment. Launched on Jan 9, 2020, the project revolves around enhancing cryptocurrency traders’ experience through several functionalities. The platform is open to all traders who yearn for a great crypto trading experience.

Optimus Exchange has a Beta program for rewarding their users. The program gives users a chance to earn OPTX tokens from various campaigns conducted by Optimus Exchange. 

Several tokens are listed on the exchange, including BTC, ETH, NCASH, KICK, NEBL, PBL, and Optimus Exchange’s native token OPTX.

OPTX Token

Built on the Neblio blockchain, OPTX is an NTP1 token and the native token of the Optimus Exchange platform. The token is the main asset of the platform mainly used for paying trading fees on the exchange by investors, pay listing fees of listed tokens by projects, Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) fee, and for token promotion. 

With a total supply of 10,000,000,000,000 OPTX, the tokens can be bought on the platform at 0.00000001 BTC per OPTX. Apart from buying, there are several other ways to get the OPTX token: through participating in Optimus Exchange beta program activities, commission through Optimus affiliate program, rewards from various competitions by Optimus. 

The earned OPTX tokens can be stored in the user’s internal wallet. Optimus Exchange also supports the storage of tokens in any other wallet that supports NTP1. 

Token Listing on Optimus Exchange

Listing crypto tokens has never been easy for projects. Unlike other exchanges that involve a rigorous listing process, Optimus Exchange offers a simple way to list your utility and payment tokens. Optimus requires that the project be backed by a legal adherence document signed by a reputable lawyer. Also, Optimus doesn’t support the listing of security tokens.

Listing prices on Optimus Exchange are the most competitive in the market. Consider the below listing pricing model.

  • Monthly: 50M OPTX / Month / Pair
  • Quarterly: 135M OPTX / Quarter / Pair
  • Yearly: 500M OPTX / Year / Pair

Besides, the exchange requires no financial commitments. Your project also stands a chance to earn OPTX from referring your community through the Optimus partners’ program. 

The process of listing a new token is a simple one that involves the following three steps:

  1. Registration – Involves filling a sign-up form by one of the executive leaders of the project.
  2. Register for token listing – This is also a simple process of filling out the Optimus token listing registration form for utility or payment tokens.
  3. Approval by Exchange – After a registration request is sent, the Optimus Exchange board will vet your project to ensure legal and conceptual requirements are met. If so, the board escalates your project to the next level of approval.
  4. Approval by the community – Optimus traders and shareholders do the final approval through a community vote. The exchange dispatches a list of approved projects for voting. 

Projects with the highest number of votes are picked for listing. Other projects in the list are carried forward for the next voting cycle.

ESO Listing on Optimus Exchange

ESO is a decentralized mobile and PC application with end-to-end encrypted communication. The application, which was created in 2018 by the founders of Clearpoll, Daniel Abela, and Robert Culley, will be launching in July 2020. It has ESOS, an ERC-20 Token with a maximum 70 Million supply, as its main digital asset.

The good news is that ESOS will be listed on the Optimus Exchange. Stand a Chance to win ESOS tokens and giveaways by being part of OPTX: ESOS Airdrop campaign.

Benefits of Trading and Listing with Optimus Exchange

Profitability – Optimus Exchange offers various ways to earn OPTX tokens, which can be sold to profit. Users can profit through trading in an optimal environment, beta program bonuses, referring friends, or rewards from competitions.

Competitive fee – The fee in Optimus Exchange includes the trading and withdrawal fee. The trading fee goes for only 0.1% and 0.2% maker and taker fees, respectively. This fee reduces as your trading volume grows. The withdrawal fee for bitcoin goes for 0.0005 BTC. This fee reduces significantly to less than a dollar (0.00011BTC) for OPTX or Neblio token withdrawals.

Secure transactions – Optimus strives to provide the safest trading and listing ecosystem for its community. The platform uses cryptographic mechanisms for secure transactions and has policies in place for safe storage of funds and tokens.

Wide Range of Trading Options – The platform provides traders with a wide range of trading pairs, including OPTX/BTC, OPTX/ETH, PBL/ETH, KICK/OPTX, NCASH/OPTX, NEBL/OPTX, and PBL/OPTX.

Authors Thoughts

Exchange platforms play an important role in the growth of digital currencies. They act like a marketplace where buyers meet sellers and vice versa. Some, however, act as a ground for fraudulent activities and a haven for hackers

With many exchanges in existence today, due diligence is required when choosing your exchange platform. Factors like security, user experience, and the overall usefulness of a platform in meeting your trading goals are key indicators to a great cryptocurrency exchange.

Few months after its launch and within a few steps into its roadmap, Optimus Exchange has proved its prowess in providing the optimal crypto trading ecosystem. This is currently one of the most vouched for exchange with great profitability, secure transactions, and scalability features. 

Wayne is a Blockchain enthusiast and expert in crypto trading. Currently, he covers trendy issues on digital currencies.