Opinion: Cryptocurrency Experts Give BTC Halving Predictions Amidst Coronavirus Epidemic

Data & Research / 12.05.2020

Crypto experts are predicting a rise in bitcoin price as the Bitcoin mining reward halving unfolds. Experts are not only predicting a bullish impact of Bitcoin halving but also a rise in a new lot of crypto investors in the market. They are basing their predictions on the previous Bitcoin halving that have occurred over the years.

Past Bitcoin halving saw a continued growth of interest from more exclusive groups of Bitcoin investors who were already in the know about blockchain. However, recent years have seen an increase in retail investors, which the experts predict will lead to a bullish trend this year.

Last week saw the BTC price pushing above $9000 only for the price to drop in a weekend and again push above $9000. Experts explain that they view the second rise of bitcoin price in a short period of time as a positive sign as we head towards the halving event.

However, there is uncertainty regarding a bullish breakout as the trade needs to be above $9600 to take out the diagonal trending dating back to December 2017. It’s noted that the BTC price fell by more than 30% in the 2016 Bitcoin halving before rallying up months later. But experts believe that this year’s halving is perfectly timed thanks to the market reaction to the pandemic. Therefore, more people view the coin as a safe haven for investment, and the price is projected to rise steadily over the year.

Bitcoin Halving Amid a Pandemic

The world is experiencing a heavy economic downturn due to the ongoing coronavirus epidemic. As the third halving event is set to occur, the supply of bitcoin is set to have a lower inflation rate than fiat and gold. This could potentially attract global attention as people look for ways to store their values in steady assets. The fact that almost every other asset except bitcoin has suffered a devastating blow due to the effect the coronavirus is bound to spur interest and rise in bitcoin mining.

The health crisis is causing an unprecedented financial crisis, with talk of an upcoming recession alarms. Bitcoin was created to overcome such challenges that are faced with a centralized government. Therefore, the upcoming halving is in a position to generate a lot of buzz and remind the world of Bitcoin’s compelling positive economic attributes. The halving isn’t expected to help in the mainstream adoption of Bitcoin, but it will have a significant impact on bringing in the next wave of bitcoin investors who will be long term holders.

Parting Shot

Each passing halving event generates an increase in bitcoin mining in different capacities. This year’s event will definitely capitalize on the opportunities presented by the changing world while various predictions are leaning towards a bullish halving. Although there is still an air of uncertainty regarding the event, what remains certain is that the pandemic and probable recession, while unfortunate, will work in favor of future Bitcoin adoption.

Disclaimer: This is not investment advice! Please DYOR before investing in Bitcoin.

Wayne is a Blockchain enthusiast and expert in crypto trading. Currently, he covers trendy issues on digital currencies.