OKCoin CEO Tim Byun Appointed as Global Government Relations Officer of OK Group

News / 09.03.2020

OKCoin is a leading fiat-focused digital asset exchange which operates in about 184 countries. The company announced on March 6 that, CEO Tim Byun has been appointed as Global Government Relations Officer (GGRO) of OKGroup. On the other hand, the company’s current Chairman, Hong Fang, has been appointed as CEO, effective March 31, 2020.

Mr. Byun played a major role in creating OKCoin’s US entity. He was also instrumental in the launching of the company’s first US office in Mountain View, California in September, 2017. He again supervised the opening of OKCoin’s US Headquarters overlooking the San Francisco Bay in June 2018. Furthermore, he spearheaded the research into OKCoin’s European expansion in early 2018, leading to the opening of its Malta Office and launching its Euro-book in October 2018.

Byun, being the GGRO of OKGroup, will focus on increasing geographic expansion and maintaining constant dialogues with governments and regulators around the world on behalf of OKCoin and OKGroup.

Byun stated that the crypto industry will become more global and universal with the collaboration of governments that have developed new regulatory frameworks such as Germany and France. He added that, working transparently with regulators and governments will help the crypto industry grow safely and soundly. He mentioned that the new appointment is an exciting one and a rare opportunity for OKGroup to expand its territories.

Byun believes his successor, Chairman Hong has natural leadership skills and experience that can help improve OKCoin and help achieve its mission.

Featured image courtesy of Shutterstock. Source: Cryptopress.

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