Odinala Network Review: Tokenizing Real-Estate Assets

Project Reviews / 08.10.2020

Blockchain technology has dramatically transformed different sectors resulting in massive benefits. Today, it’s almost impossible to find a sector that has not been influenced by cryptocurrencies or blockchain technology. The finance sector has witnessed enormous transformation as a result of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, which have brought about new financial innovations such as Decentralized Finance (DeFi). Blockchain technology has also greatly enhanced cross-border remittances, trading banking, and foreign exchange.

Another sector that has witnessed remarkable blockchain transformation is the real-estate sector. The sector is predominantly made up of land and its constituents, such as homes, fences, buildings, water, trees, etc. In recent years, real-estate has attracted thousands of investors thanks to its position as one of the most secure long-term financial security for investors. Additionally, real estate has lucrative returns since a property’s value appreciates with time and affords investors a sense of security. 

The entrance of blockchain in the real-estate sector has developed better investment terms for increased profits. Odinala Network is the newest blockchain project entrant in the real-estate sector. The platform manages two of the most disruptive emerging blockchain technologies to tokenize real-estate assets to create investment opportunities for entry of both large-scale and small-scale investors. Odinala Network solves the problem with acquiring real estate assets, including cumbersome registration process, a lack of liquidity, slow transaction speed, and pricing commitments. Here’s an in-depth review of the outstanding Odinala Network. 

Odinala Network

Odinala Network seeks to lead the blockchain revolution in the real estate sector and Decentralized Finance. The platform enables investors to yield real estate profits via a frictionless system encompassing real-world assets tokenized on the blockchain. Real estate investors can leverage Odinala Network to buy into the real estate market through fractional, tokenized ownership viewable on the blockchain. 

By tokenizing property across the globe, Odinala allows a token holder to purchase and retain all legal rights and protections that are provided by traditional ownership of the real estate. To achieve successful tokenization of real estate, Odinala is guided by these five objectives.

  • Enable legally-recognized ownership of a discrete real property asset 
  • Enable all rights and activities associated with traditional ownership, i.e., right to access the property 
  • Ensure that the platform is user-friendly and intuitive to make users seamlessly invest and track return on their assets 
  • Give Odinala holders rights and access to all profits generated by the real property held by Odinala Ltd. 
  • Allow the free transfer of an asset to anyone without restriction. Transfer of real estate property is, however, subject to applicable laws within property jurisdiction. 

Odinala merges two emerging blockchain technologies, i.e., a marketplace and an exchange. Odinala marketplace makes real estate investing seamless for those unable to buy properties in their locality. The marketplace seeks to disrupt the real estate and transportation industry by tokenizing real-world assets such as properties, lowering the barrier to entry, allowing small scale investors to profit from otherwise expensive assets. Odinala Decentralized Exchange (DEX), on the other hand, allows crypto investors to trade crypto assets and access other financial services such as staking, lending/borrowing, and peer-to-peer payments. The platform’s native token, ODN, token, is used for paying trading fees, governance, paying in-app subscriptions, and receiving discounts for tokenized asset investments. 

Odinala Marketplace

Odinala marketplace enables investors to earn lucrative profits from investments in real-world assets tokenized on the blockchain. The marketplace allows investors across the globe to buy into the real estate market via fully-compliant, fractional, tokenized ownership viewable on the blockchain. On the marketplace, holders of the Odinala token are whitelisted for first assets on the platform and enjoy a 5-15% discount on assets. 

Odinala Exchange

Odinala exchange is a revolutionary decentralized exchange that functions to complement the marketplace making it easier for investors to invest in the Odinala ecosystem. This trading platform seeks to push widespread crypto adoption in developing markets by enabling people to use the decentralized application readily. The exchange allows trades to occur directly between users via an automated process. Some of the characteristics of Odinala DEX are: high-speed performance, high trade volume, supported DeFi lending, P2P trading, high reward on platform staking, collateralized lending, completely trustless, and low-cost fees. On the Odinala DEX, traders can also access other services such as staking, peer-to-peer payments, and lending/borrowing. 

Odinala Token

Odinala ecosystem is powered by a utility token, i.e., Odinala token (ODN). ODN carries plenty of benefits, including reduced trading fees and the potential to unlock many in-exchange features plus other amazing benefits. Below are some use cases of ODN tokens. 

  • Pay for fees on the decentralized exchange platform. 
  • Used in the voting events and any modification related to the Odinala Ecosystem 
  • Pay for in-app subscription features.
  • Exclusive access to Odinala airdrops, rewards, and community competitions. 

ODN Token Allocation

A total of 8 Million ODN tokens, with 4.3 million initially circulating. ODN token distribution is as below: 

  • Consensus Rewards — 1 500 000 ODN (18.75%): Allocated for Validators, Hodlers, and Stakers rewards on ODN blockchain.
  • Liquidity and Reserve — 1,000,000 ODN (12.5%): Allocated for exchange needs, such as market-making deposits or Uniswap liquidity pools. Locked until the launch of DEX.
  • Marketing and Promotions — 800 000 ODN (10%):.Unlocked, but the address is available for the public, and any transfers from this wallet will be announced in advance. This will be used to promote ODN token and confirm contract deals with current influencers on our pipeline.
  • Team — 800 000 ODN (10%): Locked until September 2021 after Mainnet release and released annually after that.
  • Advisor — 400 000 ODN (5%): Locked until September 2021 after Mainnet release and released annually after that.
  • Total supply: 8,000,000 ODN 

Team Behind Odinala

Odinala is headed by a team of talented persons with years of experience both in business and the blockchain space. The team is made up of seven experienced and dedicated professionals with thirteen years of blockchain experience. The team is currently non-public but hopes to go fully public before the launch of the marketplace. 

Closing Words

The real-estate sector has not been spared in the crypto disruption. Prior to crypto disruption in the crypto space, real estate transactions were conducted offline and often involved face-to-face negations with the involved parties. Blockchain has brought incredible transformations in the real estate sector, enabling seamless transactions using digital assets. Odinala tokenizes real estate to offer people access to fractional investing in real estate. The platform solves the challenges of acquiring real estate assets and pushes for the widespread adoption of crypto assets. 

Going forward, Odinala Network will ensure the process of investing in the Real Estate market is quick and effortless. Real estate investors will realize a significant return on the investment without necessarily offering the hefty upfront FIAT currency that is traditionally required for property management and development. Join the Odinala revolution today and be part of the change needed in the real estate sector.  

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