Multisend: The Easiest Way to Send Multiple Ethereum Based Tokens

Project Reviews / 22.02.2021

The Ethereum network is growing, with more people and decentralized applications using it. Currently, with the surge in prices, the platform is gaining fast mainstream adoption. 

However, sending ETH, or Ether-based ERC-20 tokens, is long and complicated, and the process is even more tedious when the Ether has to be sent to multiple addresses. The sender has to repeat the same tedious process over and over again. 

Have you ever wondered how things would be if there were one platform to send all ERC-20 tokens? Well,  Multisend is here to facilitate that.

What is Multisend? is a decentralized application based on the Ethereum network, designed to make it easy for users to send ETH and other ETH-based tokens (ERC-20) to multiple addresses simultaneously. Unlike many other platforms that complicate things, multisend aims to make things extremely easy. 

This platform will help in the sending processes of ETH, especially when ETH is transiting to a newer, better version, ETH 2.0. Using the platform, you can easily select the addresses and complete the change. 

How Does it Work?

Multisend’s working processes are relatively simple. This platform aims to ensure that everyone, including a rookie in crypto, can easily use the ERC-20 tokens and send them. Therefore the whole process involves three straightforward tasks: 

  • Connection of The Wallet

At this point, you connect an Ethereum based wallet like Metamask and ensure it works perfectly well. Connecting the wallet is relatively easy; you only need to navigate the home interface’s top right corner. It’s only after connecting the wallet that all the other processes will open. 

  • Select the Token and Fill the Recipient Address

After connecting your wallet, you need to select the token you wish to send using the given drop-down menu. Currently, there are many tokens supported in the network and massive opportunities for all investors.

After selecting the token, click the ‘Upload CSV’ button. The format of the CSV should follow the example given on the platform. You should write the address in column 1, followed by the value in column 2. 

  • Send and Complete

After you upload the CSV file, you follow by clicking ‘Approve.’ Clicking this button will prompt a wallet transaction to approve the number of tokens you need to send. 

The steps after that are short, you will receive the airdrop summary, and after checking it, you will send the tokens to their respective destinations. Once the token sending process is complete, the screen will display ticks. 

Benefits and Drawbacks of Using MultiSend

Get Ultimate Simplicity

User-friendliness is crucial, especially in financial platforms. As such, the design that Multisend uses is relatively straightforward and offers utmost simplicity for users. 

The dashboard is relatively simple when compared to other crypto services platforms. Even beginner users can easily understand what they need to do. 

Convenient and Faster Transactions

Convenience and speed are important features for any crypto platform. When it comes to convenience, Multisend allows you to confirm your total fee before sending the tokens. Therefore, the user will know the expense for transactions and decide whether to continue with the send action.

You can send tokens to thousands of addresses. However, the maximum number of addresses per transaction is 200. For example, if you intend to send tokens to 600 addresses, you will conduct 3 Multisend transactions. 

This platform also allows investors to choose different amounts and send them to different addresses. Additionally, since you are sending multiple tokens simultaneously, one ends up saving time and energy. 

Test Tokens

This platform comes with an inbuilt system helping you mint your test tokens to test the Multisend functioning.


As of now, the platform has already completed many transactions without failure or delay. The details are highlighted on their Etherscan page, and you can access them before you decide to use the platform. 

The platform also allows you the option of revoking the tokens sent. You can do that by contacting the Multisend team, and they will immediately revoke your sent amounts. 

The Multisend Referral Program

Multisend also gives a referral and affiliate program options, helping users earn some amount of passive income. You need to add your ETH address to the referral page and receive a unique link that you can give to friends. Every time new individuals access the Multisend platform using your link, you earn a reward of 0.02 ETH. 

Wrapping Up

The service that Multisend provides is a new invention in the crypto space. However, with its recent introduction, things will be easy for ETH network users. Using Multisend is simple and only involves three steps: connecting the wallet, adding the recipient addresses, and sending the tokens. 

The benefits of using these platforms are simplicity, safety, convenience, reliability, and cost-efficiency. Moreover, Multisend gives its users the ability to test the tokens before deciding to use the platform. By doing that, the user is sure that the platform will work effectively. Lastly, they have an internal cost calculator, which helps you know how much you will be charged for any transaction.

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