MrWeb Finance – A DeFi Protocol on the Tron Blockchain

Project Reviews / 26.04.2021

MrWeb Finance is a decentralized financial ecosystem. The network integrates a variety of DeFi features, including staking and yield farming. According to the company website, MrWeb Finance intends to offer some of the highest staking/farming rewards in the market. As such, they hope to become more popular in the market soon. 

What Problems Does MrWeb Finance Attempt to Fix?

MrWeb Finance seeks to help new users avoid some common pitfalls DeFi investors encounter. For one, the platform runs on Tron’s blockchain, so it’s much cheaper to operate and far more scalable. For comparison, Ethereum can handle around 13 transactions per second (tps). Tron can handle 2000 tps. 

More scalability directly equals lower fees. For example, Ethereum, the world’s #1 DeFi blockchain, was built to raise its fee to help slow down market use during congestion. This strategy has backfired, and now the entire network is congested with delays and record gas fees. The added scalability provides MrWeb Finance with the ability to scale up to meet customer demand when needed.

Benefits of MrWeb Finance

The development team behind MrWeb Finance has structured the platform to provide users with some significant benefits. For one, the project was built from the ground up with simplicity in mind. Anyone can navigate the platform’s interface. In this way, MrWeb Finance provides a more open DeFi experience when compared to earlier platforms.

Top Rates

One of the biggest draws to MrWeb Finance is the network’s passive rewards. According to the firm’s website, MrWeb Finance will offer the highest staking rewards in the DeFi sector. This strategy is possible due to the lower gas fees and added efficiency of the protocol. These savings get passed on to the user in the form of passive rewards.

How Does MrWeb Finance Work

The MrWeb Finance network leverages Tron’s advanced blockchain to provide users with a host of new and exciting features. Notably, MrWeb Finance integrates the most popular DeFi functionalities under one easy-to-navigate network. Here are some of the features that make this platform attractive to new investors.


Staking is considered a standard feature in today’s DeFi network. Staking is easier than trading because it requires very little research to achieve the desired ROI. You lock your funds into a smart contract for a specific time. When the time is up, your rewards are automatically distributed to your wallet. 

Staking has become so popular because it doesn’t require you to learn trading strategies or monitor the market non-stop like trading. Also, your rewards are based on the amount you stake and the time you lock these funds up. In this way, staking provides far more consistent profits to users than trading. 

Liquidity Mining/Yield Farming

Another popular feature found on MrWeb Finance is Liquidity Mining. Liquidity mining is very similar to staking in that you lend your funds to a large smart contract in exchange for rewards. Liquidity mining differs in that there are no required lockup periods. Users are free to provide liquidity and withdraw their funds without any penalty. 

DeFi Lending

DeFi Lending is on the rise. These peer-to-peer services eliminate the bank and allow regular users to replace it in the lending equation. DeFi lending relies on large liquidity pools. Users provide their assets to the community, and borrows can take loans out from this pool. What makes DeFi lending so great is the liquidity pool ensures that the lender receives their repayment regardless of the borrower’s actions. 

As of late, DeFi lending platforms have seen explosive growth. Lenders appreciate the easy rewards, and borrowers enjoy the streamlined lending process. Best of all, since the entire process is handled via smart contracts, there is never any human intervention required. This automation removes the need for third-party verifications. In turn, the borrower saves on fees and interest, and the lender earns more profits for their participation.


MrWeb Finance will also operate a decentralized exchange (DEX). DEXs are another fast-growing sector of the DeFi community. DEXs are more secure than their centralized counterparts for multiple reasons. Primarily since they are non-custodial. MrWeb Finance doesn’t require you to send your funds to a centralized wallet like Coinbase or Binance. Instead, you hold on to your crypto until the point of trade.

This strategy eliminates much of the motivation and attack vectors suffered by CeFi exchanges. Since there is no large community wallet to attack, hackers have no real incentive to spend the time and effort required to seek out loopholes in these distributed networks.

Token Bridge

Perhaps one of the most important features that MrWeb Finance introduces to the market is its Token Bridge protocol. At this time, Ethereum-based platforms dominate the market. Sadly, this centralization has led the market to suffer high fees and delayed transactions. The Token Bridge protocol will allow users to trade their ERC-20 compliant tokens with TRC-20 counterparts. 

Token Bridges are vital to expanding the DeFi sector because they enable users to interact with multiple blockchain ecosystems seamlessly. They also reduce the price of converting tokens to their base cryptocurrency. For example, currently, if you want to trade an ERC-20 token over to a TRC-20 token, you would need to first convert your token over to Tron, then over to Ethereum, and finally to the token you desire.

AMA Token

MrWeb Finance introduces a new native cryptocurrency AMA. The AMA token serves a vital role in the network in terms of user interactions. Users can stake, yield farm, and lend out this token. It’s also how you pay your fees and receive rewards. Notably, there is only 100,000,000 AMA scheduled for release in total.

Exchange Listings

AMA is already listed on the popular Justswap exchange and XT Exchange will list them very soon. The developers behind the project intend to get the token listed on multiple top TRC-based exchanges in the coming weeks. The more exchanges the token is listed on, the higher the liquidity. Together with the firm’s DEX services, these actions should help to drive AMA demand in the coming months.

MrWeb Finance – A Full Tron-Based DeFi Experience

If you’re tired of paying the ridiculous gas fees found on Ethereum-based networks, MrWeb Finance is worth further investigation. The network is an early comer in the Tron DeFi sector. As such, it represents a budding new market. All those interested in furthering their research on MrWeb Finance can do so here, and you can join their community for further clarification. 

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