Mozart Finance Seeks to Bring You Symphonic ROIs

Project Reviews / 12.03.2021

Mozart Finance is a deflationary yield farming protocol that leverages various technologies and deflationary strategies to create a sustainable long-term DeFi ecosystem. Unlike many competitors in the market, Mozart Finance will live on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Consequently, the network aims to be faster, cheaper, and more capable than its Ethereum counterparts. 

Benefits of Mozart Finance

The main benefit Mozart Finance users will enjoy is the deflationary mechanisms that add to the overall stability of the platform. Through a combination of various token burn mechanisms, Mozart Finance hopes to ensure its network’s longevity better.

Specifically, 1% of every transaction gets burned. Also, the network conducts random weekly burns by the current market conditions. Lastly, all unsold presale and starting liquidity tokens are to be burned. This burn strategy will allow Mozart’s developers to retain maximum control over the platform’s native token value, PIANO.

Higher ROIs

Another major draw for Mozart Finance is their high APRs. The developers have boasted that these rates will be far and beyond the current industry standards. When coupled with the deflationary tactics the platform seeks to employ, Mozart Finance hopes to provide a profitable alternative to the DeFi community.

  • Security

Mozart Finance recently announced intentions to conduct multiple code audits. The developers have already inked a contract with ImmuneBytes to conduct their first audit. The platform promises to conduct more audits before the start of its presale next week.

  • No Rug Pulls

Keeping in line with the developer’s desire to provide a more transparent yield farming option to the DeFi community, the platform integrates some consumer protections. Primarily, the network has arranged to have its liquidity locked for 8-months after the completion of the pre-sale.

  • Cost-Efficient

Another reason why investors could find Mozart Finance attractive is its lower transaction costs. Since the network relies on the BSC and not Ethereum, it’s not subject to the ridiculously high gas fees found on other popular DeFi platforms. As of late, investors have sought out alternatives in the market to avoid these increasing gas fees.

How Does Mozart Finance Work

Mozart Finance leverages the Binance Smart Chain capabilities to accomplish its goal to create a sustainable deflationary DeFi ecosystem. According to its development team, the network will be packed with features that are sure to drive interest as they go live. Here are some of the best features announced so far.

Yield Farming

The core functionality of Mozart Finance is its yield farming protocols. The developers have announced that the platform will offer multiple pools that will provide top APRs to investors. Yield Farming is a better alternative to trading because it doesn’t require an intensive amount of research. You lock your funds in a YF pool, and you receive rewards based on your level of participation. 


PIANO is the native DeFi and utility token for Mozart Finance. This token is designed to serve multiple purposes within the system. You can farm, play games, participate in IFOs, and a host of other cool profit-earning functionalities using this token. You receive rewards in this token as well. Also, you gain voting rights when you hold PIANO


Mozart Finance integrates a community governance system to provide users with more control over the platform’s developments. PIANO holders can put forth upgrade proposals and vote on vital issues on the network. Community governance mechanisms are becoming very popular in the DeFi sector because they provide a higher transparency level to users. 


In the coming weeks, Mozart Finance intends to start a lottery. Users will be able to participate in these games simply by holding a certain amount of PIANO. More details are to be released on this feature shortly.

NFT Support

Another upcoming feature to be on the lookout for is the network’s NFT support. NFTs are a hot item in the market nowadays, with some selling for millions of dollars. Mozart Finance seeks to provide support for this budding industry within its deflationary ecosystem. Users will be able to trade, collect, and create NFTs using Mozart Finance.

Decentralized Betting

Mozart Finance will also venture into the world of decentralized betting. Users will be able to bet on their favorite games and earn tokens win they win. Deflationary betting is another quickly growing sector in the blockchain industry. The decision to provide support for these services could pay off for Mozart Finance.


As part of their inclusive approach to the DeFi market, Mozart Finance intends to support P2P lending protocols. DeFi lending protocols put you in the place of the bank. You can lend out your funds to a lending pool and earn interest for your efforts. Best of all, the protocol is set up in a way that you receive your repayment on time, regardless of if the lender meets their commitments. 


One of the most interesting features to both users and other blockchain projects is the network’s Initial Farm Offering options. IFOs are considered more democratic and transparent than ICOs. As such, they have seen quick adoption by DeFi firms over the last few months.

History of Mozart Finance

Mozart Finance originated as a hard fork from Goose Finance. The platform obtained its unique name because it originates from the same city as the famous composer Mozart. The firm’s pre-sale is set to launch next week. Users can participate using BNB, and early-bird investors receive steep discounts.

Mozart Finance – The BSC Continues to See Growth

Mozart Finance encapsulates the current drive to find Ethereum alternatives in the DeFi space. The platform intends to offer a complete ecosystem that is deflationary and inclusive in nature. Because Ethereum is at all-time highs in gas fees, Mozart Finance could prove a valuable asset moving forward. For now, interested investors can find out more information on the project here

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