More People are Demanding for Online Courses Related to Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

News / 07.04.2020

The coronavirus pandemic, which has caused social isolation and lockdowns, has got people engaging in online learning. Since they are unable to do their daily routines, they are turning to other things, especially online.

It has been discovered that more individuals are interested in learning about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies; hence, they are signing up for online Bitcoin and cryptocurrency learning courses.

According to Udemy, there has been a fourfold increase in demand for courses related to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency over the previous month. Likewise, on another online learning platform, Coursera, there has been an uptick in classes related to Bitcoin over the previous four weeks, in comparison to the past year.

According to Coursera’s spokesperson, there was 293 percent increase in the total number of enrollments on their platform and a 200 percent increase for courses related to Blockchain and cryptocurrency.

As coronavirus continues to spread, scholars are looking for new ways of learning. According to EdX which offers free online courses by Harvard, MIT, and others, there was a huge increase in enrollments. Lee Rubenstein of EdX said the massive enrolment is totally due to COVID driven. He continued that employees and students need courses and skills.

This does not come as a surprise because online courses are a means to remain productive while indoors. Despite the courses being short people say it would be not be easy to do if life were in full swing. Hence, they are using the current opportunity to learn all they can.

Reports have it that more people are now interested in Bitcoin and crypto trading this period. According to several exchanges, more people signed up for their services last month. For example, Kraken said there was an 83 percent increase in signups last month.

Source: Cryptopress.

Sudarshan M is a long time crypto-enthusiast. Pulled in by bitcoin early on, it did not take long for Sudarshan to divert all of his academic attention from business studies to blockchain by doing his Masters and eventually pursuing his PhD in the subject.