Mike Novogratz Is Assured Bitcoin Will Continue to Thrive In the Coming Times

News / 02.02.2020

This year, Bitcoin has surpassed many hurdles while performing beyond many people’s expectations. The performance has seen the cryptocurrency impressively move from $7k to $9k, an upsurge that took place only in weeks. At press time, BTC value was standing at the $9,355.88 mark.

In a recent interview, Galaxy Digital’s Mike Novogratz spoke about his assurance that Bitcoin’s price would perpetually rise this year.

Novogratz says the significant size of liquidity spreading around the United States economy combined with the declining USD quality has seen a rise in the need for Bitcoin. He also affirmed his confidence in Bitcoin, which he resonates from the upsurge in Bitcoin price during tension between US and Iran times and the Coronavirus pandemic. Novogratz further stated that BTC has successfully proved that it can be considered a reliable alternative.

He emphasized that Bitcoin could be regarded as digital gold. “We call it digital gold, and we’re putting in plumbing all around the system to allow more and more people to buy it, so it trades much, much better.” He said while backing his support to BTC.

However, in his latest interview, he did not forecast Bitcoin’s value like he previously did during last year’s interview with CNN. In the previous interview, he had predicted a steep rise in the value of BTC towards the end of this year and early 2021, which will see the cryptocurrency break it’s previous high-value records.

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