Meryt Introduces a Frictionless and Reputation-Based Protocol

Project Reviews / 29.06.2021

In most blockchain ecosystems, investors who have enormous wallet balances determine aspects such as governance. As a result, the importance of aspects such as effort and skill that serve people in real life were lost entirely for quite some time. Since the world is rapidly developing, it is only fair that organizations adapt accordingly.

Meryt is a blockchain agnostic Digital Organisation (DO) builder seeking to bring blockchain technology (BC) and DeFi to all regardless of their coding background. The Meryt protocol is the true definition of meritocracy, an ecosystem where skills and effort are equivalent to wallet sizes, and merit establishes governance. 

Meryt plans to give back the power to those of you who pour their blood and sweat into their organizations, only to miss out on what they deserve. They introduce a society where your effort dictates your status and what you earn, ultimately making it easier for Digital Organisations to manage on-chain investments. 

That is what Meryt, a new blockchain Protocol, guarantees you! Its mission is to bring decentralization to the masses while rewarding merit. The ecosystem’s native token is the Meryt ($MRT). You will use it for your different transactions on the platform.

Code-Low Code, No-Code

Devs in the blockchain space have somewhat taken away the essence of the technology at large. Instead of putting the technology into use that will subsequently boost adoption, we are stuck in an era of large market caps and a lot of speculation. 

Meryt aims to take back what was once lost, leveraging blockchain technology not only for people to reap profits but also to use it in their everyday lives.

Meryt works in two layers. These are the BUILD and THINK layers. The two layers combine to give you several critical functionalities of a DO. All these without requiring coding or crypto experience:

The BUILD Layer

If you’re a developer, this is the thing for you. BUILD provides you with all the tools you need to develop your decentralized project. Here you get to build new De-Fi modules or improve on existing ones. You may even choose to plug complete fitting modules into your applications.

The THINK Layer

This layer targets any other user besides developers. Its drag and drop framework simplifies your usage of features and products on the BUILD layer.

How Can You Harness Meryt’s Functionalities?

On top of the Meryt Protocol is a no-code solution for non-technical DO leaders. It includes a feature set that powers decentralized teams with the DeFi tools needed to manage on-chain investments. These include but are not limited to Multi-sig wallets, voting mechanisms, staking mechanisms, and identity modules. In doing so, Meryt gives everyone access to Web 3.0 technologies, accelerating the adoption of De-Fi and empowering Digital Organisations to manage their money better and organize themselves.

A few of its critical applications include:

  • Identity management – your wallet distinguishes you anonymously from other users.
  • Sharing Opinions – the module allows DOs to interact with their users through voting, forecasting, staking predictions, among other custom means. 
  • Building Reputations – a system that rewards value in $MRT
  • Collecting Data – allows projects to access data generated both inside and outside the ecosystem
  • Investments – teams use multi-sig wallets and bespoke voting mechanisms to protect assets.

Who Does Meryt Target?

If you are a hard-working crypto enthusiast and feel like your hands’ work is undermined by big-tech financial players, then this is the place for you. 

  • The Builders

These are the developers bridging the divide between Blockchain(BC) technology and its mass adoption. They create low-code, no-code BC solutions that enable users to generate value on Meryt. In addition, they may opt for one-off compensations or royalties for their creations. 

  • The Thinkers

These are the creatives who use BC to change the traditional business models and rethink how we interact. They create DO’s and solutions to cater to specific market needs and problems.

As a thinker, you’d want to be on Meryt because you can use BC tech and Frictionless interactions to create value. Moreover, the platform’s easy code allows you to concentrate on scaling your project. Thus you can raise funds directly from it besides providing value for all active participants.

  • The Contributors

These are the agile users who identify areas where DO can improve. Additionally, they offer their skills for the ecosystem’s further development. Finally, the ecosystem rewards your contribution in both financial and reputation incentives. The contributors’ reward programme is live.

  • The Token Stakers

Meryt rewards you for staking $MRT on others. By doing so, you reduce the token amount in circulation, helping to stabilize its price. This way, your holding increases in value, and you earn a passive income Meryt and Collaboration.

Making The Best of Meryt

You may use the $MRT token to carry out any of the following functions:

Syndicate Investing

Syndicate investing under the DO structure affords everyone investment opportunities regardless of their net worth. In addition, a smart contract binds all the actors eliminating bad actor risk.

Project Funding

The protocol’s Fund function allows you to move significant funds fast, easy, and affordable. It also helps you connect with willing participants readily. Again you and your team engage frictionlessly, allowing you to draw on the wisdom of the crowds.

Meryt’s DO also comes in handy when participating in charity. Its structure gives you total transparency of how charities use your donations. Moreover, it helps you track the decision-making process. This way, you can determine whether or not they’re using your contributions.

The protocol reduces the red tape that impacts employer-employee relations. As such, users can connect with projects within their preference. After that, they can leave after fulfilling their functions. 


Developed by the Pynk team, Meryt is a UK blockchain-based digital organization creator that focuses on increasing blockchain and DeFi adoption by bringing these future aspects directly to people in the most accessible form. Their focus is to leverage decentralization in organizations to ensure everyone in every corner earns what they deserve.

For more information on Meryt, follow them on Twitter and Telegram. Also, find out more about the $MRT token here.

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