Meet NoleLegends, the Legends for the Tron Community

Press Release / 06.09.2019

The game’s (and the project’s) philosophy is as simple as it’s inspiring: it doesn’t matter how grievous or big a problem may be, the forces of good can always prevail.

NoleLegends is a decentralized application running on Tron’s blockchain. It has a special mystique in that it aims to create a bridge between gamers, blockchain technology, and philanthropy. It seeks to achieve that goal by providing a fun experience that players can thoroughly enjoy while also being something of an educational platform that touches on critical global issues such as climate change and poverty in such a way that it shows how compassion, hard work, and understanding can go a long way in fixing all those situations.

The project belongs to NoleCoin. It’s managing to prove that a state-of-the-art blockchain network such as Tron is so versatile and powerful that it can manage to impact the lives of the planet’s less fortunate people positively.

The project is revolutionary in that it’s the first dApp that aims to use a gaming blockchain platform fine-tuned to benefit charity. It’s a bold and lofty idea. The gaming industry is at its historic heights as we write this, and it’s only growing even further.

That growth has created large gaming companies making billions of dollars and spending them on trivial things. The current spending model is beneficial for nobody (except the gaming firms’ executives). NoleLegends’ model is the opposite in that it seeks to use the in-game profits for charitable purposes directly and transparently through NoleCoin.

A portion of those profits allows for the organization of special events for the community’s players. For instance, the project recently hosted a football tournament using Tron’s network. You can find plenty of pictures and videos from that event. Finally, another portion is used in the game’s development to ensure its success in the future.


The NoleLegends project includes a native cryptocurrency, NoleWater ($AMSK), which went live in December. The token’s initial use case was simple to provide liquidity and means to grant NOLE rewards, the primary token. In the beginning, a NOLE was worth 10.000,00 $AMSK.

The token’s total supply is designed to be 10 billion. So far, 1 billion is out there, and 700 million will reach circulation through airdrops for NOLE holders.

NoleWater will be the fuel powering the game’s economy. As more players join and the community’s internal economy develops, the token’s value is bound to increase.

A green blockchain game

As you start playing to buy seeds from NoleVille’s ruler, a character called Lady Amordad. The seeds allow you to grow your own Legends, feeding them with NoleWater. In this game, legends are anthropomorphized trees that go from seed to sapling, middle age, and maturity until they produce their first fruits.

We hail NoleLegends. It’s a pioneering project that brings philanthropy into the cryptosphere. This is incredibly ambitious and counter-intuitive as cryptocurrencies are usually associated with greed in the minds of crypto-outsiders and cryptonauts alike. It’s bold. It’s brave. It’s trying to go where nobody else has gone before so far.

For more information, visit Nole Legends’ official website. 

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