McDonalds Coin (MCDC) – Trade Fast Food NFTs with the Chance to Win

Project Reviews / 06.04.2021

***This project is not affiliated with McDonald’s Food company.*** 

Mcdonalds Coin (MCDC) is a gamified token on xDai designed to power the DriveThru food trading platform and add some fun to the crypto sector in multiple ways. The project revolves around a community-driven storyline that alters based on the consensus of users. The platform is a parody of the popular stock broker game, Finance Bros. In that title, users can trade stocks to achieve financial freedom. In the McDonalds Coin ecosystem, you trade tasty treats in much the same manner.

The McDonalds Coin project began as a popular meme. Today, the platform stands out for a couple of reasons. For one, MCDC is the first parody art project gamified digital token. In the McDonalds Coin universe, it’s the users who steer the plot. Users direct the story through content creation. Specifically, mixed media such as memes, images, video, written and spoken word all play a role in determining the next plot twist.

Notably, the McDonalds Coin project is not affiliated with the popular fast food restaurant in any way. The platform leverages the popularity of the brand to get an extra laugh out of its users. Since everyone is familiar with McDonalds, the decision to integrate certain aspects of their business model adds to the project’s fun and overall hilarity.

What Problems Does McDonalds Coin (MCDC) Attempt to Fix?

Mcdonalds Coin attempts to solve multiple issues currently plaguing the blockchain gaming market. The developers behind the project wanted to create a unique, community-driven game that would enable new users to join the blockchain sector and participate without any prior technical understanding. 

Gas Fees

The recent congestion of Ethereum’s blockchain has led to record-high gas fees. Gas is the internal price of executing smart contracts on the network. Unfortunately, this mechanism is designed to increase as the network’s congestion rises. This design has led to Ethereum transaction fees reaching all-time highs. 

Today MCDC operates as a cross-chain platform on xDai and is officially on the xDAI mainnet. McDonalds Coin recently migrated their project from Ethereum’s blockchain to xDai to help users avoid these fees. The decision was a major milestone for the network. Today, Mcdonalds Coin is recognized as the first blockchain trading game scheduled for released on the xDai blockchain.  The launch is scheduled for April. The xDai chain is a stable payments blockchain designed for fast and inexpensive transactions.

Benefits of McDonalds Coin (MCDC)

McDonalds Coin users gain some benefits when they participate in the network. For one, they obtain a higher understanding of blockchain products and features. In this way, the project helps to further blockchain understanding and adoption.


The main benefit gained from McDonalds Coin users is simply fun. The entire project was built with a light-hearted spirit. You will enjoy a hardy laugh as you trade fast food items with the chance of potential windfalls. In this way, McDonalds Coin integrates proprietary economics to create an entertaining trading game that can be profitable.

Promote Content Creation

The entire McDonalds Coin project is centered on a desire to promote content creation. The network’s multifaceted approach allows users to interact with the storyline across many different mediums. You can provide a meme, or even a song, to help move the story along. In the end, there are no limits to the creativity that members can express. In the future, developers intend to add an art NFT section and interest-bearing NFTs. This upgrade will enable users to gain APY with collateral and earn interest.

How Does McDonalds Coin (MCDC) Work

Mcdonalds Coin leverages the technical aspects of the xDai blockchain to provide users with a secure gaming experience. Users can farm and trade 8 different tokens with a chance to earn some profits. There are NFTs, game-specific sub tokens, and liquidity pools (LPs) that expand on your ROI possibilities.

The goal behind the game is to trade eight tokens strategically. Specifically, your rewards are based on a combination of factors including the strategic timing and token volume you trade. In the McDonalds Coin universe, all tokens are represented by fast food items. There are burgers, fries, ice cream, and other meals you would find at your local fast food joints.


You can secure easy profits by farming your NFTs on Unifty. Farming is a process similar to staking in that you lock your tokens in a smart contract hosted by the network. The longer your farm and the more tokens you use, the higher your rewards. The main difference between farming and staking is that there are no pre-defined lockup periods for farming.


All artwork is farmed and traded on Unifty using MCDC. Unifty is a popular hub for NFT projects to create custom farms and collectibles. The platform provides CAAS (Contracts As A Service) solutions that enable digital artists to create their own contracts in a streamlined manner. Notably, MCDC created the first iNFTs (Interactive) on Unifty.

McSwap Exchange

The McSwap exchange protocol is how users trade their NFTs on the network. The exchange operates via a “Drive-Thru” where users can select their tokens for trading and purchase. Additionally, McSwap provides the network with a fair coin distribution mechanism. According to company documentation,  the game will be publicly available before April 30th, 2021. Shortly after, users will gain the ability to trade NFTs on their food trading game at the end of Q2. Following Drive Thru’s launch, MCDC developers will add an NFT merch store, monopoly game, and an NFT ticket system for users to submit NFT proposals.

MCDC Token

At the core of the McDonalds Coin ecosystem is MCDC. This native utility token is designed to power the community-driven applications of the platform. The coin can be used to transfer value and may be farmed for additional profits. Notably, the total supply of MCDC is capped at 37,000,000 tokens.

History of McDonalds Coin (MCDC)

The McDonalds Coin project entered the market officially in February 2021. The network was originally built on Ethereum, but after recognizing issues related to the network’s rising gas fees, developers migrated the project over to the xDai blockchain on February 25, 2021. The decision helped the network to provide a better UX with reduced fees.

On March 13, McDonalds Coin was one of the virtual museum’s main exhibits, Pete’s Art House. This well-known gallery is located in Cryptovoxel-Berlin. The exhibit showcased around 50 MCDC themed artworks. MCDC beat out various other food-themed projects including Burger King, Wendys, Waffle House, and more. The event saw art contributed to the industry’s well-known members, including Sloppa, Pope Francis, and Captain Crook.

McDonalds Coin (MCDC) – Fun with NFTs

The McDonalds Coin project demonstrates how NFTs continue to gain in popularity. These unique tokens provide new and exciting opportunities for both users and developers. Mcdonalds Coin is an example of how NFTs can power in-game actions. You can expect to hear more from the McDonalds Coin team as more users become aware of its benefits and features in the coming weeks. For now, anyone looking for a little more fun in their crypto strategy can join the game here

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